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  1. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Nothing ATM

    All prices do not include shipping. Local pickup is in Vancouver. Near UBC, but not quite in UBC. All items come with blurry cellphone pictures. Don't like the prices? Make an offer and we can talk.:ph34r: Mushkin 500W power supply. It's black, it's a power supply. Good for powering stuff...
  2. FlyingFish

    Celleron E3200, 6950 2gb and some other stuff

    Whats an E3200 worth these days? (if anything) How about a Powercolour 6950 2gb? It's got the dual bios switch but I've never bothered flashing it. MSI 8400GS. $15 sound about right? 2 x 1 gb of 1333mhz DDR 3. Is $10 too much 1 2gb stick of generic DDR2. $10? 1 1gb stick of Samsung DDR2...
  3. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell The Return of Free Stuff! Dance Dance Revolution Mat for Wii

    Free plus shipping dance mat for DDR. Compatible with Wii, PS2, and Game Cube. Brand new in box, never used. Yours for the cost of shipping. Local pickup in Vancouver. http://i.imgur.com/LxBn8.jpg
  4. FlyingFish

    BF3 Contest: Screw you Quebec, New York, and Florida (In order of warmness)

    Battlefield 3 - Says Thanks Sweepstakes EA is holding a contest as a "thank you" for buying BF3. All you need to do is to play online between Nov 11 and Nov 13. You get one entry per day play each day. Void in NY, Florida, and Quebec. Or you can enter by submitted by sending an email to...
  5. FlyingFish

    MSI GTX 570

    How much do you guys reckon a reference MSI 570 would go for? Is $275 too much?
  6. FlyingFish

    6950 or 570?

    I've looked at the benchmarks, I've looked at the reviews. Now I want to know what you folks think. Upgrading for BF3. Currently running i7 970 6GB G Skill RAM 850W Silverstone PSU GTX 280 I'm going to get either a GTX 570 or a 6950, but I've been in the NVIDIA Camp for a few years...
  7. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Free Stuff!!!!11!!! - GONE!

    All the free stuff is gone for now. Thanks for checking me out:ph34r:
  8. FlyingFish

    what would cause blown caps on a graphics card?

    I picked up a pile of parts from a friend, and one of them is a 7600GT with blown caps. I'll probably fix it if only for the practice, but I'm curious, what would cause the caps to blow on a graphics card? Power problems?
  9. FlyingFish

    Price check board

    Off topic is getting flooded with price check posts. Maybe it's time to consider a board for price checks?
  10. FlyingFish

    Want to Sell Sold please close :-)

  11. FlyingFish

    Price check for GTX 465

    I've got one of those MSI GTX 465 Twin Frozr GEs that can be flashed to a 470. It's back from RMA but I don't really have a use for it right now. Currently flashed to a 465 because I haven't gotten around to it yet. What's a good price?
  12. FlyingFish

    People from MTL I need your help

    So my little sister is heading to Montreal for school in the fall, and she'll need to pick up a few things for her dorm. Since I've never been there, but there are a bunch of guys on HWC who are from there, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good place to buy cheap blankets, towels, and...
  13. FlyingFish

    Phoenix Coyotes purchase bid falls through as potential owner walks

    Hulsizer walks away from bid to purchase Coyotes Looks like they might move soon too. Where to is the question:ph34r:
  14. FlyingFish

    Cheap GPU folding build

    I've got a few spare parts lying around and I'm thinking of building a cheap folding machine to stick under my desk at work. (Hooray for free power!) I plan on just turning it on and leaving it there until it blows up. I've got an Asus 775 motherboard, a GTX 260, a case, an XP license and an...
  15. FlyingFish

    SSD works in one computer but not in another

    I have a toshiba SSD that I pulled out of a Lenovo laptop a while back. Put it in my Asus UL80, but now I picked up an Acer 3820 that I'm going to use. I decided to take the SSD out of the ASUS and put it in the Acer. The Acer won't recognize the drive, and when I pop it in a USB enclosure my...
  16. FlyingFish

    System won't display anything with flashed GTX 465

    Hi all, I have a GTX 470 (was a 465 that NCIX flashed to a 470) which seems to have died. When I try to start up my system, I get a post beep, but the screen stays blank. I switched to a GTX 280 I had and the system works fine. When I stuck in both cards, to try and troubleshoot I was able to...
  17. FlyingFish

    Blackberry Playbook

    Well its out now in Canada and I just picked up mine. Seems pretty good so far, it synchronizes seamlessly with blackberry for email and contacts which is great if you have a blackberry, crap if you don't since there's no built in email application. Anyone else thought of picking one up? Or...
  18. FlyingFish

    And in even more other news...

    Government's defeat sets up election call - Politics - CBC News Get those voter registration cards ready people!
  19. FlyingFish

    OCZ buys Indilinx

    OCZ buys Indilinx, probably has designs on building its own SSD controllers -- Engadget
  20. FlyingFish

    Windows 7 Wont Install Updates

    I've got a friend's laptop that's been giving me grief for a while and it's a headscratcher. To me anyways.:haha: It's a Lenovo notebook running 7 professional 32 bit. When I open up Windows update, it checks for updates but just sits there forever and never finds any. Yesterday it showed some...

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