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    How much would a 970 strix go for?

    I'm not sure if there is more than one version in vram, I only found 4gb so far.
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    asus 280x top CUII

    It has 1 year of warranty left. I'd like to sell it on ebay but as many of you might know, the box for it is enormous so I have no idea what to do about that. But if it will go for the same amount as it would here with the extra fees that pay pal and and ebay take, then it might be worth to...
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    How much would it go for?
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    Which board is better?

    ASUS H97M-E vs GIGABYTE GA-Z97-HD3P (rev. 1.0) - Motherboards Comparison It's the asus H97M-E vs Gigabyte Z97 HD3P The Asus will cost 90 and come with an Evo 212 heatsink It'll come from a person on the forums, that claims its barely used I have yet to know what the warranty is for it But...
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    asus z87 pro

    It will come with all of it's accessories but of course it's used with no warranty
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    What Indie games did you like?

    This thread will feature all the free indie games that I've played in the past that I've enjoyed. They're all polished excellent games. I usually get mine from Game Jolt Top games - itch.io It would be silly for me not to start off this thread so here it goes, Game Jolt Fight your...
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    Do power phases matter that much?

    I need a new z97 but I'd rather spent as little as possible. My z97 asrock anniversary broke down so I need something new. So if I get an Asus z97 E or a budget msi/gigabyte board, would my OC differ greatly from board to board? At the moment I have a G3258
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    How does one deal with Asrock RMA

    I sent the application from their site to have it processed and got the auto email back saying __________________________________________________________________________ Dear Customer, Please DO NOT reply to this automatic mail. It is just a confirmation that we have received your email. We...
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    Freshly RMA'd z97 anniversary ATX board

    How much would it go for?
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    What z97 board should I get?

    Had a cheap z97 anniversary board by Asrock. the PCIe x1 slots stopped working entirely after I put a graphics card. The Asrock technical help people on the american number agreed I should have it RMA'd. Here in Canada, I called Asrock, they said they only do email:angry2: and via their gmail...
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    Fun thread: Read a Tip, Leave a Tip

    Just write a tip about anything in regards to anything. It could be about cooking, driving, computers, or life in general. They could be serious or silly, it doesn't matter. I'll start: When driving, remember to go with the traffic, and not against it.:biggrin:
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    Want to Buy Mid range graphics card- FOUND

    Don't hesitate to make any offer Update: vid card (I'm looking for HD 5970, 7870 LE (XT), 7950, 280 or 280x, 285) Or anything in that range found!:biggrin:
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    can't post in the buy/sell/trade forum

    I've been a member for quite a bit albeit I haven't been using it for a long while after I posted my build. I came back to post a WTB thread and nothing shows up, what do I do?:sad:
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    Rate My Desktop Parts List

    First time poster here, and first time builder so I hope it'll be a great experience here. The only experience I have was taking apart my laptop many times just to clean it out and replace the thermal paste. [PCPartPicker part list](Intel Core i5-4690K, Phanteks Enthoo Pro - System Build -...

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