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    Open source drivers

    AnandTech: AMD's New Gambit: Open Source Video Drivers AMD..Ati same difference. Looks like ATi cards might get a tad better eventually.
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    163.71 Beta

    These ones are the 1st ones i've seen with release notes. http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/163.71/163.71_WinVista_Forceware_Release_Notes.pdf
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    anyone else notice...

    our dollar is at parity with the yanks. so, i went looking for upgrades down south. Core2 Quad 6600 p35 board ([email protected]) gigabyte [email protected] other 3 4gb OCZ ddr2 6400 gold Infonec-$568 NICX-$636 Tigerdirect-$589 newegg=$530!
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    163.69 Whql

    They're out. nvidia's website.
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    Service pack 3 coming

    Tech ARP - ED#55 : Details On Windows XP Service Pack 3 Leaked!
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    catalyst 7.9

    fixes some bioshock issues among other things i guess Drivers & Software
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    163.67 Beta

    it's on nvidia's download page.
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    Silverstone SFF case....that fits an 8800GTS!!

    Silverstone Sugo SG02 » Reviews - XSReviews.co.uk - Trusted Hardware Reviews That's a pretty sweet thing.
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    China hosts nearly half of malware sites - Security - News - ZDNet Asia
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    where'd all my PPD go?

    Seems ever since I switched to the "faster" SMP client my PPD have really dropped. I have these 3 strings at the end of my Fah shortcut -verbosity 9 -forceasm -advmethods There one I shouldn't have with an AMD x2 ?
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    nForce4/500 for AMD driver update

    Version 15.01 Dated July 2/07 Ethernet Driver (v65.74) WHQL SMBus Driver (v4.60) WHQL Installer (v5.52) IDE SataRAID Driver (v9.92) WHQL IDE SataIDE Driver (v9.92) WHQL RAIDTOOL Application (v9.83) SMU (v1.31) WHQLKinda oldish now...new to me though
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    updates for Vista

    Auto update just popped up. The one that caught my eye may solve alot of my problems. An update is available that improves the compatibility and reliability of Windows Vista
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    163.44 BETA official (from nvidia)

    right on their page. the vista's, xp's and 2000 are supported. geforce 6,7 and 8 series.
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    PS3 is a powerhouse!

    It's done 5.5 WU's to my PC's one +1/3. I'll see how the PC does once I switch to the SMP client.
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    162.22 WHQL-Vista32/64

    Right on nVidia's site.
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    163.16 Beta

    Of course at Station Drivers For Vista 32/64 and XP/2000 32/64
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    Catalyst 7.8 out

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    163.11 (not 162.11)

    Sorry about posting a new thread but cant' edit your title so..
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    162.11/162.22 out

    Two new drivers. Both for vista. Neither are whql. the .11's are for geforece 8's the 22's are for 6/7/8/quadro. Botha re at Station Drivers (a site you can't link directly to their files) Station-Drivers Sorry bout taht it's 163.11
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    162.18 out

    For 2000/XP32 No idea how they "handle" Station-Drivers