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    OMFG - Cryptocurrency mining on HDD & SSD may create ANOTHER shortage!!!

    People will mine on USB flash drives not SSD/HDD, there is zero value gained using anything aside from a bootable USB drive. This is coming from someone who did a large scale project for a mining facility with major vendors. Flash do use NAND chips but I'm sure generation old chips are sufficent...
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    Enabling HDR on NVidia 1XXX cards?

    Pretty much that, If you have another device to test with to determine if its the display or not would help. TCL is the cheaper line of displays and may yield more issues than normal. Would suck if you moved to a new unit and had the same issue. An Android tv box with 9.0 or newer for about 50$...
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    Enabling HDR on NVidia 1XXX cards?

    Are you using 4:4:2 chroma at 10bit when the game operates? its the standard for HDR10 and will fail to activate if something else is set. Also older windows builds have known issues with negotiations of HDR. Game mode may also prevent HDR from occuring as HDR in some older TV models increases...
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    Id agree with that however the 5900x has had numerous drops for backorders, merely using the other product as an additional example. I've yet to check what it was like recently.
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    Hot Deals!!!!!

    MFG warranty is consistent per region and not by retailer unless things are marked as refurbished i.e amazon warehouse deals. I cant remember which models they dropped the warranty from 10 years to 5 but it would be one of those two values.
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    Because the guy answering the phone checking the computer entry showing 0 stock when only backorders have been fulfilled is going to know the technical difference? Again in stock can mean "Shelf" products and not back-orders being fulfilled. You can respond with whatever you want but I'm not...
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    Nvme Sector size?

    If I recall correctly you can define the sector size under the format tab in windows as well as any other utility to format
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    Glad its loved, if people cant exercise common sense to call into a store or walk in to ask then I would think those people don't have a clue how to shop regardless of the item in question. Its like assuming nothing else is in the back at a supermarket when you see an empty shelf yet its the day...
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    ryzen 5600x and 5900x

    5900x is worth retail per region, I'm sorry if people still believe there is a mass shortage or something specific to AMD cpu's. I managed to get two in two weeks from Canada computers and this was months ago. 5600x is below retail by about 10-20% as an influx of users had those on hand while...
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    Ryzen 3000/5000 Overclocks

    5900x with -30 CO yields that range of improvement (12%), minframerates are higher as well for what single core boosts are achieved. Most wont really care about 5-10% in this day and age but gamers (under 4k res) and some various other groups will. I read up on the previous zen chips and...
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    Throwing money at my build - AIO fan replacement

    Noctua/Artic fans yeild some top results, I'm sure some other brands can compete but these two should have better sound:perf ratio's
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    looking for some enterprise SSD recommendations.

    MLC nand some years ago was sufficient to meet enterprise requirements. The only primary difference between what is marketed as enterprise is different thermal throttling curves and cooling and perhaps anti static/shock resistance ratings. The actual writes/TBW is sufficient and most drives will...
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    Seagate reliability concerns

    Specific models of seagate see upwards to 10% rate of failure, if its in your future budget spend the extra 10-20% for hitachi/wd drives. I had 5 seagates of which 3 exhibited issues in under 6 months or failed in under 2 years of light usage.
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    Want to Buy WTB: SSD/NVMe PCI 3/4.0 1/2tb + Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB + Nocuta A15 140mm

    Oops silly me I thought it said 960 heh brain was not awake this morning
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    Want to Buy WTB: SSD/NVMe PCI 3/4.0 1/2tb + Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB + Nocuta A15 140mm

    thx but ill probably just wait until the 970 evo plus drops to 299 again for boxing day or whatever it was for gen3, already have a 2tb pro from some years ago and the difference is negligible. I somehow got the 2tb pro for 270 second hand as well which I wish I snagged a few more when people...
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    Want to Buy WTB: SSD/NVMe PCI 3/4.0 1/2tb + Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB + Nocuta A15 140mm

    added noctua fans for a second build if anyone has extras to punt off
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    Help with $700 PC build

    Buy CPU/RAM/CASE/NVMe used, buy PSU/MOBO new. 20-40% in savings low risk of defective parts. Also way more viable given the budget, 13 years later the cost of your build is the price of one item now adays, I used to have ultra value budget builds in the past getting 2cnd/3rd gen hardware second...
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    Want to Buy WTB: SSD/NVMe PCI 3/4.0 1/2tb + Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB + Nocuta A15 140mm

    bump, expanding NVMe and SSD criteria and added requirements for S21
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    RTX 3080 Ti Is Going to Get NERFED TOO!

    Iikely still to have 16gb based on the video that shows the VIK soldering 2GB chips onto the 3070
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    Ivy Bridge Acer Veriton UEFI bios flash?

    the architecture between win 8 and 10 is quite similar, the worst case scenario is you lose your activation key which costs you 15 bucks for a new one.