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    Want to Buy WTB: SSD/NVMe PCI 3/4.0 1/2tb + Galaxy S21 Ultra 512GB + Nocuta A15 140mm

    Items remaining, "NO QLC NAND PLEASE, TLC and MLC only" NVMe PCIe 3.0/4.0 4x 2/4TB let me know brand and pricing, Open box must show drive stats in photo's SSD 1-2TB drives, Open box must show drive stats in photo's (prefer 2x 1TB to raid and a single 2TB) Nocuta A15 140mm Chromax or normal...
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    Samsung 960 PRO 2 TB

    I picked one up to 310, seems like a screaming deal. Under 10k TB of writes and less than 1.5 months of power on hours. I see ebay range from 600-1.2k I would say these would easily sell for 500 or so? Speeds on these things actually max about PCIe 3.0 4x compared to tlc/qlc
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    Want to Buy Laptop latitude or XPS

    Looking for a second hand laptop, should be skylake or newer due to the advancements in power consumption are dramatic for battery life. Previously used a latitude that lasted a solid 8 hours+ comparable to my older laptop from lenovo that would last about 3 hours. Price is subjective to model...
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    Lenovo Ideapad 700ISK 80RU Mobo connector unknown

    I'm currently swapping out a keyboard on my laptop and noticed that there is a secondary ribbon on the original that is quite tiny that is placed. I cannot seem to find any documentation on what functionality the ribbon provides. The board appears to have brightness buttons. The only thing I can...
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    Lenovo Ideapad 700ISKRU

    https://www.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-700-series/Ideapad-700-15/p/88IP7000671 No SSD currently in the device, either adding a 256 m2 drive or 512 2.5inch Id say 700 is a decent release point for the device?
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    May be picking one up, what would be the recommended price given the new line of cpus for a ivy bridge chip? Only reason I'm even interested is convince with my mobo layout and well I still have 32gb of ddr3 ram slammed into the machine. Id say 225? or less? Id say these are on par with a 1600X...
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    i7 6800k + Asus X99-A II combo

    best guess?
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    Want to Buy found

    Found a 3930k locally
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    Ryzen SLI build issue ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F

    I currently have a ASrock AB350 Pro4 of which I realized there is no way im putting two 1080's onto the board without modding the screws that tighten the heatsink to the mobo (possibility to do so or put on the stock coolers which are reference and have annoying fans). Even if I do I would need...
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    Want to Buy LGA 1155

    Believe my z77 GD65 died out on me and is stuck in a boot loop as the debug codes are cycling and there is no post (oddly enough it will post eventually) Looking for any 1155 board in the lower mainland, will do pickup, preferred proof of posting/boot, under 100$, can be micro atx even...
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    Want to Buy GTX 1080/S7 Edge/256gb+ SSD

    MINOR DISCLAIMER: If your trying to sell me something please have the understanding of what the item is valued at being second hand (not what you think its worth), your wasting your time if you think i'm paying near retail for items on a second hand market lol... Looking any of the above...
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    evga 670

    reference card i think non sc/ftw, clocks about 15% OC on stock voltage. 150-200 or 200-250? im guessing around 200 +-
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    Want to Buy WTB:32gb DDR3 8GB dimms/S7/EDGE BNIB/LNIB reciept preferred

    Looking to ditch my S4, also interested in 8GB dimms.
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    Want to Buy PCI 1X wireless network card

    ironically enough i was selling one of these, instead i gave it to a retired disabled chain smoker cause i thought i would never need it again. anyways looking for the above in title, roughly 20$ lower mainland or shipped.
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    Want to Buy GTX970

    any brand will most likely do, and yes im aware that its probably not happening for 2-4 weeks but someone might get a card and fail to be able to return it or maybe i get to snag a review model. just expecting to skip out on taxes since they are basically bnib. local preferred. lower mainland
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    Want to Buy motorola h70 or simular models "dead units"

    if anyone has a dead bluetooth headset h70 model which is short on its lifespan or something similar sized and is certain the battery is not at fault i would be interested in the unit. i currently have a h70 which works perfectly fine except the battery wont hold a charge anymore. i did find...
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    Want to Buy 21-23in any brand monitor

    preferably local, no dead pixels is a must, dont care what size/brand/specs. just need a budget monitor for multitasking. local to lower mainland/vancouver
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    Want to Buy rogers sim card - found

    nvm just bought one locally for 11$ form a rogers store, whatever small investment to unlock the phone for free of charge.
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    Want to Buy windmobile sim card

    lost mine saw someone else asking figure someone might have one lying around and went to mobility or something. winds out of their fing minds wanting 25$ for sim cards, tmobile charges 1$ in the US...
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    Want to Sell razer black widow + ether/wireless card

    Local pickup is preferred, EMT/Cash only, parallel port + ethernet card included with keyboard. 1x Razer Black Widow - 50$ +sh Bought a corsair k90 for red switches +LED backlit. Minimal usage and all keys are fully functional. 1x PCI D-link ethernet card - 5$ +sh Newegg.ca - D-Link...