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    New rig... good enough for 8800gts?

    any of that stuff parts you're moving over to a new box? say the motherboard/cpu? and e21XX series dual core Core 2 can be had for $20 more than that P4 based dual core. And run cooler. An lga775 motherboard can be had for under $100 too. Ran out of time to compare them to the price of the...
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    is 7900GTX still good??

    I always hear the other way around that the 640 is the end of the line and the 320 is the star. (since there's very little difference performance wise) Unless those 16 extra shaders pull a rabbit outta their hat.
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    Vista problems.

    Battlefield 2142 comes to mind.
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    939 with AGP???

    what CPU are you upgrading from anyway?
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    Possibility of no PS4?

    yes yes yes. People on this site and other sites like this are a drop in the bucket of PC buyers less than 10% I'd say. Staples/Futureshop. If those craptastic desktops they overpriced didn't sell they wouldn't build them with what they had (7300 SE's, Accelerator 950's, 6100 SE) I've seen a...
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    Vista problems.

    I tried adjusting the auto rwin settings in command prompt. To do so i had to be an admin. It kept telling me in command prompt. Disabled UAC+ defender. Voila I had full control of that.
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    My Next Build.

    that thing looks big.
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    Just Ordered Gigabyte x38-DQ6 @ NCIX

    Congrats. How long was the Mrs in labour for?
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    My Next Build.

    CPU=Core 2 Q6600 Motherboard=Undecided leaning towards DS3L (DS3R if I do RAID) RAM=PC26400 4GB 2nd harddrvie=160-200gb (might RAID with 1st hdd) More of a wishlist than anything. once i get the go ahead AMD might have their quad's out (desktop ones) and we'll see what happens.
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    Just Ordered Gigabyte x38-DQ6 @ NCIX

    There's been 2 BIOS updates for this board so far FYI. F4 is the latest -adds more voltage controls
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    Open source drivers

    AnandTech: AMD's New Gambit: Open Source Video Drivers AMD..Ati same difference. Looks like ATi cards might get a tad better eventually.
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    163.69 Whql

    Release notes http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/163.71/163.71_WinVista_Forceware_Release_Notes.pdf
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    163.71 Beta

    These ones are the 1st ones i've seen with release notes. http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/163.71/163.71_WinVista_Forceware_Release_Notes.pdf
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    anyone else notice...

    OH? That's good to know. The wife was an ebay junkie so she already has a paypal account. This is good news thanks BAL.
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    anyone else notice...

    Ok wow...Direct Canada is really cheap. $478 for all that sans 2gb of the RAM though. 1 per customer. Son of a!....credit card only.
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    anyone else notice...

    duty yes...taxes? It's electronics you don't pay taxes on electronics. So if our dollar breaks $1 US..say $1.10-1.20 you don't think you're gettin' a deal? Also I don't buy things with my credit card here in canada so that don't effect me. Damnit all....can't even make an account there...
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    anyone else notice...

    our dollar is at parity with the yanks. so, i went looking for upgrades down south. Core2 Quad 6600 p35 board ([email protected]) gigabyte [email protected] other 3 4gb OCZ ddr2 6400 gold Infonec-$568 NICX-$636 Tigerdirect-$589 newegg=$530!
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    Windows wont start

    ya that's my guess....tryin' to do it with 4gb in there at once. have one stick in your #1 dimm. then start throwing them in one stick at a time after a successful 1st boot.
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    163.69 Whql

    They're out. nvidia's website.
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    What is the right vista for me?

    you running an xfx card by chance? Tried the 163.69's?