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  1. r0k0

    R9 nano and R9 Fury waterblocks

    anyone know where i could buy blocks for R9 fury / Fury x and nano ??
  2. r0k0

    Lots of studdering and low FPS in Valheim

    anyone else notice this ? gaming pc is 10700K/32GB/3080 and living room pc is 6700K/16GB/R9 390 both get mad studdering and low fps... like around 30-60fps on my 3080......
  3. r0k0

    HP Proliant ML310e Caddies

    hey, i have a Proliant that i want to add storage and i cannot find any caddies, i have this model from the pictures and would any other caddies fit or i need this specific model ? i've searched Amazon and cannot find the exact model i have.
  4. r0k0

    Want to Buy Please Delete

    need a low wattage 2 core cpu for a Z370 board G4930, Pentium gold xxxx or i3 8100-9100 Thanks
  5. r0k0

    COD MW Lobby crash anyone ?

    for 2 weeks now i've been crashing as soon i get into the lobby, i can let it sit for hours in the first window to choose Cold War, Warzone or Multiplayer, even sit in the option menu for hours.. but the second i click and enter the lobby, i could down 3 and im back into windows. i have tried...
  6. r0k0

    Want to Buy Radeon VII Waterblock

    looking to buy a Radeon VII waterblock. Thanks
  7. r0k0

    Radeon VII Thermal pads thickness

    bought a cheesy VII off someone and its got new thermal pads from maybe EK from research.. anyways i have the oem cooler and want to put new thermal pads but it wasnt making contact from what i saw and want the right thickness for the oem cooler.
  8. r0k0

    Built a Xeon 14 Core :)

    so i've been on the lookout for a big xeon cpu for a while, i've got another twin xeon project waiting on funds for a member here :) i've got a massive deal on a E5-2697-V3 14 Core / 28 Thread with Gigabyte GA-X99-Gaming-5P for dirt dirt dirt cheap. so specs are : Intel Xeon E5-2697-V3...
  9. r0k0

    Computer POST but then Black Screen

    So i've decided to switch my 5700XT into my retro build for mining, it post and display properly, can go in bios and play around all is fine. after the POST before it reaches the windows loading screen, it hangs and stays black.. when i press power turns off instantly, no delay needed. retro...
  10. r0k0

    Minecraft in RTX

    Hey, i've done the insider thing, got in beta with rtx but cannot get to play with rtx on.... what am i doing wrong ??
  11. r0k0

    GPU Mining needed to setup to start mining

    Yes i know its not profitable but i bought 2 setups for 700$ and i've seen with the gear i have i can make 20USD per day which will repay both rigs in a month and a half. first setup : Colorful B250, Pentium G4440, 4GB DDR4-2400, mSATA 120GB, 8x Zotac P106 6GB second setup : Onya B250, i3 7100...
  12. r0k0

    Daughter's Gaming PC

    Hey everyone, so here are the specs of my daughter's pc i just built Intel I3 10100 Gigabyte B460M DS3H 2x 8GB T-Force DDR4-3000 eVGA GTX 970 SC Hynix 512GB NVME Thermaltake SmartRGB 500W Deepcool Gammaxx RED Deepcool RGB Fans Corsair Spec Alpha case. 3 issues with it. NVME Drive is not...
  13. r0k0

    Dead R9 Fury X

    Hey everyone, so i bought a dead R9 Fury X from someone that tried to repaste the GPU and would black screen only after, took the card apart and only thing i could find was this, could it be the cause ? Thanks for the input
  14. r0k0

    HP Z220 Stock cooler replacement ideas..

    Hey everyone, i want to replace the stock intel cooler in my HP Z220 workstation. LGA1155 socket but not the traditional cooler i guess since its a Xeon... i've bought 5 different coolers and none of them fit haha. Anyone know where or which aftermarket cooler fits on that weird layout ?
  15. r0k0

    USB Not working all the sudden..

    Finished building my 2nd folding rig last night and all working great, going to bed i start up RGB Fusion 2.0 and boom... mouse disappears... restart PC, nothing, shut off remove battery and go to sleep, turn on this morning... still nothing. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports aren't working my mouse...
  16. r0k0

    AMD Drivers messing up windows

    Hey guys, when i had my AMD i decided to just remove the chipset drivers and install the intel ones, i've gotten a few issues with usb stuff so i decided to do a fresh windows install and start over. i added all my drivers and when i got to install the AMD drivers, windows crashed, again and...
  17. r0k0

    GPU for folding

    Hey guys, what best to fold between AMD Radeon Vega64 8GB - 4096Cores / 791 Gflops AMD Radeon 5700XT 8GN - 2560Cores/ 609 Gflops i bought my 5700XT for 400 and someone is willing to trade for a Vega64 he's selling 400$. thanks
  18. r0k0

    HP Z800 + 1070Ti

    Hey guys, currently having difficulties trying to install my 1070ti in my Z800 workstation. 2x Intel Xeon X5675 / 24GB Ram / 4x 1TB Raid / HP 850W PSU i bought a 6 pin to 8 pin dongle and starts, post but just stays in the bluescreen at post ( usually blue screen with HP logo ) this pc came...
  19. r0k0

    Dual Quadros not in SLi on workstation

    Hey guys, i have a workstation that used to have a Quadro 6000, i replaced it with a K4000 from my other workstation which houses a GTX 1060 6GB now. so my Z800 now has the K4000 in it since its more recent, makes WU in [email protected] a bit faster than the 6000 and uses less power. i also have a...
  20. r0k0

    Corsair ICUE problems.

    anyone having the same issues as me, my MM800 and ST100 going from my static color back to spiral and icue crashing, making my controls on my M65 not work, have to go back to desktop and restart icue everytime

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