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    Want to Buy WTB Intel Xeon X5690

    Must be working condition. Preferrably GTA Meet up or Delivery is fine Thanks,
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    Want to Buy X58 Motherboard

    Prefer Pickup in GTA!
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    Want to Buy WTB AM3 CPU & DDR3 ECC

    Looking for a budget AM3 CPU for an office Rig. Something $30 and below
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    Want to Buy DDR2 2GB DIMM

    Just need a cheap 2GB DIMM around G.T.A area. Trying to help an old system out. Won't be able to use DD22-800. I think around DDR2-533 is fine Thanks.
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    Want to Buy 4 GB DDR2 SODIMM

    Need it for an old Acer Aspire laptop. Pm me if you have. i'd prefer 2X2GB sticks DDR2 SODIMM Thanks.
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    LGA 775 build

    Price check please Want to build new computer but before i do i want to get rid of this Thanks for everyones input! E8400 TRUE 120 Noctua Fan CM 690 - loaded with fans + fan controller XFX 5850 2X2 GB ram Gskill-8500 Corsair 550w modular psu Razer barracuda AC-1 sound card DFI p35-d2RS black...
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    mad pissed off

    still waiting for my card to be shipped.. The person never replies my email or PmS. Said that tracking info will be given like 3 times already.. what can i do
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    HELP Comp Won't Post

    Just added in new sets of Ram (G SKILL 2X2 4GB DDR 1066) , NEW PSU OCZ Z Series 550W, and a new Video card XFX 5770 1GB Current computer spec prior to the upgrade was PSU: CORSAIR VX 450W MOBO: GIGABYTE P35 DS3L CPU: INTEL C2D E5300 RAM: 2X1 2GB MUSHKIN performance series 1.8V VCard...
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    HElp about window XP

    ok i use window XP SP2 When i boot up and log on to windows.. my taskbar goes pitch black and when i open up other stuff like my computer"" or internet explorer all the bars black out.. really strange... it seems like my windows is corrupted?
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    Monitor Problem

    My monitor Samsung930B bought and used for two years with no warranty left just went pitched black as i was using windows. Prior to today about 3 months ago i can hear this buzz noise coming out from the monitor itself. Is the monitor dead??
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    Comp won't Boot up

    Specs: Xeon E3110 DFI LAN Party P35 DK T2Rs Samsung SH-203 DVD/W 500GIG Seagate Barracuate 7200.11 32MB Mushkin Xp2 8500 2x1 Gig Geforce 7600 GS Corsair HX 520W Problem: Ok it started about a week ago when mhen my harddrive keeps crashing on me and my comp goes very slow and keeps having...
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    ROuter switch

    ok so i used linksys's wireless-B router at home and got a bunch of comps lan up to it as well as laptops using the wireless As of today i got the wireless -G router which is suppose to provide faster wireless connection correct?? if so , i would really appreciate if someone give me a walk...
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    Computer Will Post but can't get in any OS MODE

    OK computer can post but keeps rebooting itself when it tries to get into an OS mode I tried pulling out battery already any one can help?? Windows Xp ... SP2
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    got a big problem

    couldn't boot up the system, the fans and everything turn on but no display at all now i've tried the one ram method, swap harddrive method, swap monitor method all these were test and its fine.. from what i think it might be the motherboard video controller since the computer uses onboard...
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    stock cooler problem

    E6750 @ 2.66Ghz stock cooler GIGABYTE p35 Ds3L Mushkin em2 2x1 gb 5-5-5-18 ram corsais vx450w psu xfx geforce7600 256 mb so ok here's the problem the comp was build almost a month now nothing happened until yesterday when i boot up the machine, the stock fan went on and off. and the alarms...
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    so the E8400 are coming im ready for my new build my budget's around 1000 1100 maximum with test here's whats on my mind CPU: C2D E8400 HSF: ACP7 MB: P35-DS3L or DFI LP P35_T2RS -which one would get a better OC RAM: MUSHKIN XP2 6400 3-3-4-10 timing PSU: CORSAIR 620W hx series CASE: CM690...
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    are the E8400 out yet?

    yeah are they out yet? im planning to build a rig as soon as they are available through ncix locally im from toronto canada computers has it for sale as OEM is that good or bad? What oem stand for difference between oem and retail box?
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    about dual channel

    do you still achieve dual channel if you use 4x1 gbkits that all the same ram
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    got a little problem

    Bios readys cpu multipier at 8x while cpuzid saying its 6x i have E6750 c2d GA-p35-ds3L em2 555 12 m ushkin 2x1 gb vx450w psu corsair ect..
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    MY NEW COMPUTER BUILT TODAY NOT BOOTING UP AT ALL I've checked every connection twice and it's still not booting at all seems dead period no sound no power nothing

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