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  1. Nademon

    Folded my 9800GX2 half to death! Literally!!

    Just want to confirm what I fear I already know...so here it goes: Ok, so my rig with the 2 9800GX2's has been crunching away happily for quite some time now putting up some decent PPD. This morning I go down to use the computer and I can hear that it's whooshing away as usual, folding...
  2. Nademon

    Can a 4870 be resurrected from a bad BIOS flash?

    Hey all...just thought I'd see if anyone can shed some light on this. I picked up a bricked Sapphire 4870 512mb with the non-reference "Silent Efficiency" cooler on it. It was being sold for $20 with all the accessories in tact...so I figured all the connectors/wires/dongles and such were...
  3. Nademon

    Help Dealing with a Crook and a Bad Trader!

    Hey all, as the title states, I need help in pursuing a bad trader and a crook that has stolen my money (and Barbarossa's money). I'm not sure if this is the right place to post or what the process is, so I'm not listing his name here in case that breaks some rules, but I'm at my wits end. I...
  4. Nademon

    Free innovation cooling 7 carat diamond tim giveaway!!

    FREE Innovation Cooling 7 Carat Diamond TIM Giveaway!! SIGNUPS NOW CLOSED. THANKS TO ALL THAT SIGNED UP. PLEASE REFER TO THE RESULTS THREAD FROM HERE ON. :canadianwave::canadianwave::canadianwave: Please make sure and read at least the first 3 posts before continuing on! ALL POTENTIAL...
  5. Nademon

    Innovation Cooling 7 Carat Diamond TIM Test results thread *NOW ACCEPTING RESULTS!!*

    Innovation Cooling 7 Carat Diamond TIM Test results thread (goes live April 1, 2009) PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY BEFORE TESTING/POSTING YOUR IC7 RESULTS!!! :canadianwave::canadianwave::canadianwave: RESULTS THREAD IS NOW LIVE!!! PLEASE ONLY POST WITH RESULTS WHEN YOU HAVE FULL RESULTS, OTHERWISE...
  6. Nademon

    FS: Rampage Formula and Striker II Formula MINT!

    FS: Rampage Formula and Striker II Formula MINT! (SOLD) MY M.O.: **SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED -All FS items may also be listed on other sites but I will try and give preference (within reason) to HWC members. -No packaging/accessories unless otherwise stated. -I...
  7. Nademon

    FS: Q9550 Used less than 1 month!

    FS: Q9550 Used less than 1 month! (SOLD) MY M.O.: -No packaging/accessories unless otherwise stated. -I never ship first...check my Heat, Ebay, or RFD refs in my sig...I'm solid! -I take good care of all my stuff so you can expect it to work like new unless otherwise stated. -Prices are pretty...

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