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  1. Adzsask

    Please close

    appraised on another site.
  2. Adzsask

    EVGA GTX 680 2win 4GB

    Wow noone saw this on here yet??? here she is :) notice the bracket...
  3. Adzsask

    ASUS GTX 590

    My best friend is snagging a 690 in a month or two, what is his old card worth? he wants to sell it to me when the new one comes in,thanks. Has 2 years warranty left at least.
  4. Adzsask

    v7 client keeps failing

    I downloaded the v7 fah control console lastnight SMP&GPU version, and this morning I see the GPU portion failed in the night. Any ideas? it for sure was not temps, CPU peaked @46C, GPU 63C.Was not a failed overclock either all running @ stock settings. I have successfully folded with SMP on...
  5. Adzsask

    I'll let the website do the talking...

    Genpets.com - Bioengineered Buddies! WOW, just wow.
  6. Adzsask

    (Price Check)Corsair XMS3 platimum series 6X2GB RAM kit

    How much is my 6X2GB 1600MHz kit worth? Heres a picture of the RAM Corsair XMS3 12GB (6x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Triple Channel Kit - Aria Technology
  7. Adzsask

    Happy Easter HWC

    Ya I started it , you guy's gonna finish it? :canadianwave: Kids are bouncing off of the walls already, can't wait until 5PM dinner with the whole family hahaha.
  8. Adzsask

    Want to Buy copper GTX 480 WB

    Looking for a new, or used block to toss into my loop, block for Reference 480, PM me what you have and price shipped to S4H-0K1, thanks.
  9. Adzsask

    And everyone kept telling me EVGA boards are garbage

    Well I had some issues with my UD7, and they never properly repaired it, so snagged a cheap EVGA X58SLI Micro on HWC, well it run stock up until lastnight, this little guy has some potential! First OC is rock solid folding stable 3900MHz(yes I know weak, but hey I am working it up) at a cool...
  10. Adzsask

    1366 bundle

    BNIB gigabyte X58A-UD7 (Express RMA'ing current one for brand new board) i7 950 6X2GB 1600MHz 1.65v corsair XMS3 platinum series. Tax return was enough to upgrade my CPU,board,RAM, so looking to sell as a bundle.
  11. Adzsask

    Fat fingers FTW!

    My little cousin took a babysitting course last winter, then babysat all summer to buy a new i-pod touch for herself. Well one day she forgot it was in her pocket, and you guessed it, she broke the glass screen. I got an e-mail, FB message, and frantic phone call from my aunt lol. Grabbed...
  12. Adzsask

    Gigabyte RMA is not so good...

    OK, so I was told by gigabyte RMA dept. if I had not received an update via email by today, then to call back and ask for an update. So that's exactly what I tried to do, now the number is going straight to voice mail, so I try and do online tech support...the site isn't working, so now what ...
  13. Adzsask

    Want to Buy nothing now

  14. Adzsask

    What is my rig worth

    As the title states, what is my rig worth? I would like 3 quotes if possible, a whole rig, whole rig - case, and parted. Having some financial problems (off work for 8 weeks, then fired while on sick leave) Everything under my specs, as well as a few spare parts I have , PCP&C 1KW PSU, H-50 with...
  15. Adzsask

    Greetings from Saskatchewan

    Hello, long time forum junkie, first time here though. Just saying hello, and didn't see a greetings thread so hope this is the right place for this. :canadianwave:

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