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    Drop finally getting Sennheiser HD8XX

    A year too late in my case but if anyone is interested: https://drop.com/buy/drop-sennheiser-hd-8xx-headphones/talk?&referer=XL4A98&mode=guest_open#login
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    First attempt at a custom loop. Hard line tubing = bad?

    So I've got an O11 Dynamic en-route along with an EK distro plate that's expected to ship out soon. What's your take on someone that has zero experience with custom loops running with HL instead of SL? Will I be playing with fire in the end? Pun intended. For reference I'm trying to achieve...
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    Want to Sell SOLD

    Sold to local buyer. Thanks
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    Intel rumored to announce 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-S in September

    Source - https://videocardz.com/newz/intel-rumored-to-announce-12th-gen-core-alder-lake-s-in-september As expected, 11th gen will be short-lived and I'm already trying to imagine what the early adopters fee is going to look like.
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    Intel Core i9-11900K tested in Geekbench with 5.3GHz clock speed

    S - https://videocardz.com/newz/intel-core-i9-11900k-tested-in-geekbench-with-5-3ghz-clock-speed Interesting. If these i9's are capable of hitting 5.3GHz on all cores then I'll be very tempted to upgrade. The IPC gain alone (coming from an 8th gen) will be worth it for gaming in order to...
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    Intel Rocket Lake-S prices Surface - Core i9-11900K to cost €600

    Source - https://www.guru3d.com/news_story/intel_rocket_lake_s_prices_surface_at_european_etailers_i9_11900k_to_cost_%E2%82%AC_600.html RIP Intel? You had one job... Looks like I'll be holding onto my 8700K for a while longer unless I can find a 5950X. Maybe smarter to wait until DDR5 goes...
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    How do you guys carry your phablets without looking ridiculous?

    The trend is clear: Smartphones are getting bigger. How do you guys carry these monstrosities that plague the current market? Women have an easier time since they have purses etc. Are guys just SOL?
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    New flat with lots of natural light - OLED a bad option?

    Is burn-in still an issue too or are people fear mongering? How are the black levels on modern QLED TV's anyways?
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    Wi-Fi issues

    Lately my telus wifi has been incredibly unreliable. Every time I get disconnected from 802.11ac the controller will automatically select wireless N instead. It's only after a significant amount of time has passed (if I don't get DC'd again) where it will automatically select AC. It's a vicious...
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    Likelihood nvidia's next gen GPU's launch before cyberpunk 2077?

    The reason I ask is because I'd like to part with my 1080ti sooner rather than later (before the price plummets).
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    Apex Legends

    Anyone playing this? It's addicting as hell. Amazing time for any AAA title coming out within the next couple months :rofl:
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    Dell AW3418DW

    Considering these are frequently going on sale on dell's site, how much would one be willing to pay for these used?
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    High end desktop appraisal

    Lately I've been favoring lounge type console gaming as I've grown older so my PC hasn't been getting much use. How much could I get for all of this? I tried asking on reddit's hardware swap but didn't get any responses. ​ Case - Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX TG (Silver) Processor - I7-8700K...
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    Bug in Windows 10’s Latest Update Might Be Deleting Files, Back Up Your Data Now

    Didn't know where else to post this but thought it was necessary to spread the word. Awareness is key after all :ph34r: Source - https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/bug-in-windows-10s-latest-update-might-be-deleting-files-back-up-your-data-now/
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    Want to Sell Dell AW3418DW 3440x1440 120HZ ultrawide monitor [SOLD]

    Remove this submission.
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    KEF LS50 wireless

    Anyone here demo them before? How are they for near field listening? $3000 seems a bit steep but I hear they (KEF) have an amazing reputation. If anyone knows of a store in Vancouver that has these available to demo, let me know!
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    Want to Buy Any color Samsung note 8, s8, s8+ (unlocked of course)

    Will only deal locally. I'm flexible on price so just offer. Thank you
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    How often do you guys clean your computers?

    I'm genuinely curious to know how often you guys dust the inside of your computers. I wish I knew how to add a poll on this site :doh: LTT makes it so much easier. So, which is it? 1. Once a year? 2. Every six months? 3. Every three months? 4. Every month?
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    Best extender/repeater to pair with telus T3200M

    I'll keep it short, and to the point. My main router is upstairs (master bedroom) and I need better speeds and coverage in the living room, and basement (entertainment area). What would be my ideal solution here? Are most repeaters plug and play or do you need to be network savvy to set them up...
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    8700K and my cinebench score - where to go from here?

    1602 score at 5.0Ghz (1.290v). Ram is stock at 2133Mhz (16gb) because my system doesn't like the XMP configuration (go figure). AVX offset is set to 3. * https://imgur.com/a/EaJZW * https://valid.x86.fr/g93j8w - CPUZ validator. I don't really like the temps I'm getting running IBT and...

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