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  1. JayDeeHobbit

    VPN advice.

    Well Man in High Castle was my first choice of content to watch from Amazon Prime and I just finished watching the last episode of season 1 tonight... then I looked for season 2... no joy. But as far as I can see season 2 was just released on Dec 16th so there just might be a delay getting it...
  2. JayDeeHobbit

    VPN advice.

    Haha... and today Amazon Prime Video Canada went live. Doah! I was searching two days too early. I haven't found any 4k content as yet (4k is what I was really interested in) but I sent customer service an email asking about 4k content availability and plans for the future.
  3. JayDeeHobbit

    VPN advice.

    Haha... it sounds like I bought into something with half-info and got bit on my behind as the main reason I wanted to upgrade my TV was to try the streaming side and their 4k offerings. Oh well the TV is still nice and I will probably take a one month free Netflix sub to test the waters...
  4. JayDeeHobbit

    VPN advice.

    Thanks for the replies. Had no idea VPN was a touchy subject. I had read this news article that got me started on the whole subject: What's a VPN, are they legal and does Netflix care Canadians use them? - The Globe and Mail And I'll be dog-goned but I am now not sure that Amazon Canada...
  5. JayDeeHobbit

    VPN advice.

    I did a site search on "VPN" and it yielded no results (I was shocked) so... first time for everything. I bought myself a new smart TV for Christmas and am just learning the ropes as I started to set it up yesterday. I wanted to setup Amazon streaming and I could find it available...
  6. JayDeeHobbit

    Review my loop

    I've always been against exhausting hot air into the case. The idea has always been to get the hot air out of the case as far as I'm concerned. Sure using colder exterior air will lower the loop temps some but at the expense of the overall temps for everything else. If I wanted to be all anal...
  7. JayDeeHobbit

    Trodas makes front-page news at the 'bot

    Well done Trodas! A career at the UN awaits! (heavy on the waits)
  8. JayDeeHobbit

    No one owes you a living

    I didn't read the whole thread but I'll offer a different perspective from that of the OP. A long time ago (90's) I was working as a programmer analyst and making decent money for that time. (75k a year or so) One guy I was working with was constantly complaining how little he was making...
  9. JayDeeHobbit

    Playing MMO causes my connection to drop.

    I'm using Rogers cable extreme package and cable modem. The problem should be restricted to LOTRO as I don't have a problem with anything else. I'm using the Intel NIC now and have the same problem as when connected to the mobo. It is probably something introduced into the game with the new...
  10. JayDeeHobbit

    Playing MMO causes my connection to drop.

    This is a strange one to me. When I'm playing LOTRO I can play fine but if I alt tab or exit the game I find the connection has dropped. I could've kept playing so the connection is actually up but it isn't... :p Now I say I could've kept playing but after some time in game it will...
  11. JayDeeHobbit

    Remembrance Day

    Lest we forget... Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms Original - Video Dailymotion
  12. JayDeeHobbit

    What happened to the missionary thread?

    I didn't see the original thread so from what I see here... My hopes and prayers are with your friends belgolas. All too often the missionaries or NGO volunteers make for easy targets... they go to help people in need and not to fight.
  13. JayDeeHobbit

    Happy Thanksgiving 2013 everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)
  14. JayDeeHobbit

    New Zealand ads

    The shopkeepers... "They were laughing at my soap... My soap is not funny!" Haha...
  15. JayDeeHobbit

    Precedent setting life sentence for Baumgartner, 40 years no parole.

    I think the families of victims should have a say in what sentence criminals receive. The courts should have a range of possible sentences which fit the crime and the families decide on what they think is appropriate. I live near Woodstock and wen through the whole Tori Stafford ordeal. The...
  16. JayDeeHobbit

    HWC Overclocking Challenge #5: Intel XTU

    I agree Gav! :clap: (now he shall never suspect when I key his Titan! He shall weep saying "My Titan! Who keyed my baby! The scratch is right along the pretty green blinkie lights!" Then he shall slump down in the fetal position murmuring "pretty, pretty ghz pretty..." muahahaaahaa)
  17. JayDeeHobbit

    HWC Overclocking Challenge #4: Unigine Heaven, Red vs. Green

    Jaydeehobbit`s Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset score: 2026.25 DX11 Marks with a GeForce GTX 670 Well my 2026.25 score is rather dismal so I hope I did everything properly. :biggrin: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v689/JayDeeHobbit/HWCbenchie2.jpg~original
  18. JayDeeHobbit

    Sammy Yatim's death will be a 2nd degree murder charge

    Well I think that Tim McLean would have loved to have had this cop on the bus he was travelling on before some nut with a knife decided to make a Happy Meal out of him. The inquiry should show if there has been any previous history of problems with the officer involved. If there isn't...
  19. JayDeeHobbit

    Sammy Yatim's death will be a 2nd degree murder charge

    I believe we really have to give cops the benefit of the doubt. When there is a situation we don't want to deal with we call them in to deal with it. Do you want a broken arm? Neither does a cop. Do you want a knife/bullet in the back? Neither does a cop. Do you want your wife/mother to have...
  20. JayDeeHobbit

    Completed Snef's Purple Chimera

    Just beautiful !

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