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  1. JayDeeHobbit

    VPN advice.

    I did a site search on "VPN" and it yielded no results (I was shocked) so... first time for everything. I bought myself a new smart TV for Christmas and am just learning the ropes as I started to set it up yesterday. I wanted to setup Amazon streaming and I could find it available...
  2. JayDeeHobbit

    Playing MMO causes my connection to drop.

    This is a strange one to me. When I'm playing LOTRO I can play fine but if I alt tab or exit the game I find the connection has dropped. I could've kept playing so the connection is actually up but it isn't... :p Now I say I could've kept playing but after some time in game it will...
  3. JayDeeHobbit

    Brazil is serious about soccer...

    This might be a bit much though. Soccer fans stone, decapitate referee in Brazil - World - CBC News Referee stabs/kills a player who argues with his call and then the crowd stones the ref and cuts him into tiny pieces... all I can say is... GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLAAAAAA!!! :shok: And if...
  4. JayDeeHobbit

    Overclocking from a NCIX built PC that they have OC'd

    My new Vesta EVO i1 arrived yesterday so that means it's time for me to play with some overclocking. Fail... I'm actually trying to underclock from the NCIX shipped speed of 4.4ghz for the HWC SuperPi contest that requires a 4.0ghz speed for it's maximum. So underclocking from the shipped...
  5. JayDeeHobbit

    What's it worth check. 920+Guerrilla+2x6gb

    I have a i7 920 CO + Gigabyte Guerrilla + 3x2gb GSkill 1600 RAM. Wondering what it's worth as I'm newb at buying or selling used tech.
  6. JayDeeHobbit

    Does the ASUS DGX output 5.1 SPDIF signal?

    Reading the review below there is the following line and I don't know what it means: "The Xonar DGX can't encode digital bitstreams on the fly, limiting multi-channel digital output to pre-encoded tracks" and... "The Xonar DGX might not be able to encode digital bitstreams in real-time, but it...
  7. JayDeeHobbit

    Galaxy rep = assistance?

    My first post of this nature and I hope it's OK and if not please delete. On February 21st I placed an order for a full PC built by NCIX and paid for that day. The order included 2 of these Galaxy cards: Galaxy GeForce GTX 670 GC 1006MHZ 2GB 3004MHZ GDDR5 Dual Fan SLI 2xDVI HDMI DP PCI-E DX11...
  8. JayDeeHobbit

    3D monitor questions.

    I've ordered a new PC and now I'm looking at a 3D monitor to hook it up to. (I have ordered the PC but not a monitor as of yet) I've selected this monitor that Sky did a review on...
  9. JayDeeHobbit

    From Sci-Fi... Is Corsair becoming "The Company"?

    Hehe... in Sci-Fi movies the bad guys are often referred to as "The Company". So much of the PC industry is becoming dominatored by Corsair. In my new rig I will now have: Corsair Dominatored Platinum RAM Corsair AX860i PSU Corsair MMO mouse Corsair K90 keyboard Corsair H100i CPU cooler...
  10. JayDeeHobbit

    GTX 670vs. 680 = worth the extra bucks?

    I'm looking at upgrading from a GTX 570 to an MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC and from the review Sky did this card should perform close to a standard 680. For gaming at 1920x1200 do you think a 680 would be worth the extra $100 or so? The 670 is on sale for $380 right now.
  11. JayDeeHobbit

    Am I getting old or is the i7 920 just that good?

    For a long time I would upgrade every 1 1/2 - 2 years but I've had my i7 920 for 4 years in January and still find no fault with it. I can OC it to 3.6ghz without hitting the voltages and I've never had any stability issues at all in those four years. The newest game I've played is Skyrim...
  12. JayDeeHobbit

    Guinea pig relative of the Mighty Hamster!

    I saw this today... ROFL. :rofl: Want to lower those Folding electrical bills? Embrace the Mighty Hamster lineage! Guinea Pigs Row Tiny Boat - Extended Version - GEICO commercial - YouTube
  13. JayDeeHobbit

    Thermaltake Level 10... any owners comment?

    Been thinking about the white version... it does look sexy. Is the case just a gimmick or is it functional. Does it look as good IRL as it does in pics? Lots of room for a big motherboard and space to work? Any general comments you have on the case would be appreciated. :biggrin: (I...
  14. JayDeeHobbit

    Old 70's sci-fi fan? Are you a square?

    I came across this old sci-fi show tonight. I've only seen the first episode but it looks cool in a lol sort way. :haha: Called "UFO" UFO (TV Series 1970–1971) - IMDb Anyways FYI if you are a fan of this kind of stuff. Screens. 1) SPACE HOTTIE !!! With purple hair of course :bleh: She is...
  15. JayDeeHobbit

    Want to format SSD and re-install Win7 - anything special I need to do?

    As the title says I want to format my SSD and do a fresh install of Win 7. I have an OCZ Vertex 2 120 extended. I have platter drives for storage and the SSD is mainly OS. I've done this dozens of times with platter drives but I'm not sure about the process with SSD if it is any different...
  16. JayDeeHobbit

    SSD reformat and OS install. Should I have used the OCZ utility?

    When I first got my SSD I ran the OCZ utility to initialize it and followed some instructions AKG posted here. Well I replaced my mobo and it has always been my SOP to do a full format of the OS drive and reinstall everything from scratch. BUT... I did a full format from my Win7 disk and not...
  17. JayDeeHobbit

    Should the beaver be replaced as Canada's national symbol? - Outrageous!!!

    Should the beaver be replaced as Canada's national symbol? - Your Community How could such folly even be voiced! As the great Iggy once said - "Rise up! Rise up! Rise up... Rise up! Rise up Canada!..." The history of our great nation is tied to the beaver! Our national identity would be...
  18. JayDeeHobbit

    My first experience with Windows phone activation.

    I've formatted my HDD many times and did numerous hardware upgrades with XP over about 7 years but I had a legit corporate copy on my personal PC so I never had to do any activation. I started using a legit retail copy Win 7 about a year ago and I replaced my motherboard last week so this is...
  19. JayDeeHobbit

    Cart is loaded up but a couple questions.

    I already have a GTX570 and OCZ Vertex 2 120gb SSD and HDD's for storage and I'm using a Corsair HX650 PSU. Primary use will be for gaming. http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=60587&promoid=1366 Antec Kuhler H20 920 Liquid CPU Cooling System...
  20. JayDeeHobbit

    Gaming keyboard suggestions and macro question.

    Am thinking about getting a gaming keyboard for the first time. I have loved Corsair products so I'm looking at this one: NCIX.com - Buy Corsair Vengeance K90 Performance MMO Cherry MX Red Mechanical 20 Key Rollover Gaming Keyboard USB - Others - CH-9000003-NA - in Canada It's very new though...

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