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    Want to Buy LGA1366 EE or X cpu

    Came into a good x58 system to play with, it only has a 920 so looking to see if anyone happens to have a 965EE, 975EE, 980x, or 990x. Might consider a locked chip if nothing unlocked is out there.
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    Want to Buy Cheap bare bones system

    Need a mobo, cpu, cooler, and ram. I would take a PS if it was decent. Friend of mine had his video card die and a lot of other issues he can’t afford to fix (I think it’s a phenom ii of some sort.) He’s a gamer but nothing too demanding. I am gonna give him a video card and an SSD but would...
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    Want to Buy 3770k & higher end 512GB SSD

    Had always wanted to do this CPU upgrade, never got around to it. For the SSD I wouldn't mind a 850 EVO but open to ideas.
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    Want to Sell sold please delete

    So this is the 7970 from the HWC review: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/57368-gigabyte-hd-7970-super-overclock-review.html It's bare box, no accessories, no warranty. It's a beast but I don't have a second (or third) computer anymore so no use for it. Sold
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    SWG is back (sort of)

    The SWG Emulator project went into a stable alpha testing period in June, all the info is up at www.swgemu.com. There is a test server (Nova) and a play/stress test server (Basilisk) Basilisk is subject to unscheduled downtime and there is the possibility of data loss, but the admin team has...
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    Want to Sell Vengeance 1300 headset, S775 mobo

    Note, I am located in the Fraser Valley (Vancouver area). Also not everything in the picture is still available, if not listed, it's sold. Fresh from RMA Corsair Vengance 1300 headset. This one was a RMA for a HS1A. $60 OBO $50 obo $40 EVGA 780i s775 mobo. Tested today, everything is...
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    Want to Buy One or Two Asus DC2 GTX670 or a similar pair of ASUS nvidia cards

    ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II 2GB model GTX670-DC2-2GD5 Looking to SLI, just cuz. I'd buy 2 if I had to, or 2 680's, or something similar maybe 770's?... I figure someone out there will be upgrading to 970's.
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    Want to Buy Z77 sabertooth, 2600k/2700k/3770k, fans, HD, quite a few things

    Hi, I'm looking for the folllowing: A 2600k/2700k/3770k. I don't care about how hard you overclocked it, just please let me know what your results were and what you're looking for it. I would pay more for a "golden" chip. If you hit a wall very low I would probably not want. Don't need cooler...
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    perplexing FAH hard locks

    Been trying to get a second computer worth folding on and am using: Q9450 w/TRUE120 evga 780i mobo, using NB fan, have remounted NB/SB cooler corsair hx520 ps, verified rails to be well within spec 4gb OCZ pc-8500 DDR2 I can get the computer stable at 3.4 without too much trouble, temps are...
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    Reminder about delta 60mm fans

    They spin really fast, do not put finger in. :angry2: Oh, and they're really loud too.
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    Want to Buy Higher end NVIDIA card, 560, 560ti, 448 core, 570, and maybe some lower end folders

    Looking for a good deal, no interest in WC cards, premium payed for warrantiable cards. Need something this week or I'm just going to have to grab the best deal NCIX has on saturday. Would also like some cheaper mid/low end cards for GPU folding too, cards that run cool and don't draw a ton...
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    Want to Buy Reasonably priced s775 quad for folding

    My motherboard compatibility list is as such: Q6600, QX6700, QX6800, QX6850, Q9300, Q9450, Q9550, QX9650 (equivilant Xeon's work as well) I don't need a heatsink, original box, or anything such as that. Will pay EMT or paypal. Thanks! Thanks for the offers of fast dual cores, but I'm...
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    Just thought I'd welcome myself back

    I had major computer problems a while ago and didn't get around to getting anything going again, but I got my PS3 rolling last night, and my new 2500k @ 4.5ghz tonight. Soon as I get a decent video card in this one I'll have that going too, and then rebuilding my older E2140 that did 3.0ghz...
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    Upgrade path from E2140...

    I am super out of the loop and without a decent computer at home so please bear with me... My Abit IP35-E finally bit the dust so I'm left with: E2140 that OC's to 3 ghz easy 2 gb DDR2-800 Crucial Ballistix EVGA 9800 GTX Corsair 650HX (2 years old) I quit serious gaming a year ago, but I...
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    Odds on a worthwhile step-up from 8800GT in the next 90 days?

    I have 4 days left to return/exchange a Evga 8800GT 512MB. I was hoping that signs would point towards a 8800GTX/Ultra refresh by the end of march, but they don't seem to. We may have the 9800GX2, but if it's the price of 2 8800GT's, there isn't much point... I really like high res gaming...
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    Help me choose, 24/27/30" ???

    Due to a deal I'm getting making choosing anything else ridiculous my three choices are: Samsung 245T Samsung 275T Samsung 305T I can't say my pricing, but relatively the 275T is about $100 more than the 245T, and the 305T is about another $200 over the 275T. Monitor will be used for...