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    Any trustworthy third party cellphone repair shop in Quebec?

    My galaxy S GT-9000m need to have his main PBA replaced. Bell sent it to get a repair estimation and it would cost 250$... That is the price of a new phone! Does anyone know somebody that could repair this phone for cheaper? Is it even doable ? This phone is only 1 year and half old and i am not...
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    Want to Buy AGP4x/8x GPU

    Hello, I am looking for a cheap agp4x/8x that can perform well on my old system like an Ati Radeon HD 4670. Currently running a GeForce4 mx 440. I can pay via paypal Thanks you.
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    Want to Buy AGP GPU + 2x 1GB DDR PC3200 sticks

    Currently using an old motherboard (P5s800-vm) with an Asus Geforce 6200 looking to find the best agp gpu possible. Probably looking to buy an used Radeon HD 3850 512 MB but I am open to offer cause i have actually no idea what to get =D Also need 2x 1GB DDR PC3200 sticks! I have paypal...
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    2x Wireless 2.4ghz Keyboard

    I am actually using an Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard thats using 2.4ghz frequency and i wonder what will happen if i want to use another wireless 2.4gz keyboard? Will it work at the same time? All i see everywhere is 2.4ghz and i doubt there any channel to change like on phone.
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    Need Quiet / Silent Heatsink

    I would like to replace my stock heatsink that came with my Pentium 4 3.2ghz with a quieter one. I am looking at the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus and Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro REV.2. I heared the Heat-pipe Direct Touch are harder to install than normal heatsink. Is this true? Can you recommand...
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    Need Budget PSU

    I've got an old computer that is still running strong for over 5 years 24h/24; Motherboard: Asus P5ld2 CPU: P4 3.2ghz RAM: 4gb DDR2 533mhz 6 HDD, 300GB to 1TB GPU: Asus GeForce 9600GSO (bought like 6-8 month ago) PSU: 420W Thermaltake However, I think the psu is about to die... When the...
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    Sound via HDMI out not loud enough

    Hello, I've build an AMD htpc some month ago using motherboard UD3H from Gigabyte. I thik its the GA-MA785GT-UD3H. My problem is that the hdmi sound output isn't loud enough. I have to turn my tv volume to 100% to be able to hear decently. Normally at 15-20% its loud enough when playing on my...
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    Wifi Extender?

    I just bought a DIR-655 and the wifi range isn't big enough for all my house. Can anyone suggest me a wifi extender that could help get a better wifi strengh signal. I've googled it but I couldn't find anything that is in stock. Products from hawkings/linksys seemed to be popular but most of...
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    Custom Server Build or Acer easystore h340

    I have a htpc that i could turn into WHS. I would install my sagetv server service on it and planning to buy the HD extender to play on tv. I have the nmedia 6000B case, and i was wondering about the heat? This small case can accomodate 5 HDDs. Do you guys hide your server somewhere? The htpc...
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    Need Budget GPU

    I am trying to find a cheap gpu (arround 50$) that is better than integrated GMA 3100 for my cousin's Dell desktop. He is using a 1980x1020 LCD. He doesnt need high end graphic quality. Just enough to be able to "open" game at lowest setting! He can actually play the sims 3 at lowest quality its...
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    HD-PVR & ShawDirect

    I've been using my HD-PVR for 3 weeks and i am very satisfied. However, i've tried to set up my satelite box (Shawdirect HD) to work with the Ir blaster... I've tried running the utility that irblaster come with to find out my box ID but without sucess. Anyone made it work? I know there is...
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    Just curious, what Back-Ups are you guys using with your htpc and LCD TV? My htpc has a 400W Psu, and with the psu calculator said its 188W from the outlet. I have also a shawdirect Hd satellite, HD-PVR, 46'' Samsung LCD that i would like to put on UPS also but now i am confused which Ups...
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    Live TV recording

    I am using HD-PVR as tv tuner + SageTv. Can the constant live tv recording be bad for a drive? Would I notice a difference between Green and Black caviar while watching live tv on my htpc?
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    Raid Questions

    I've all my videos collections on 1x300gb, 2x250gb, 1x500gb, 1x750gb, and 1xusb 250gb, 1xusb 1tb, approximaly 3.3tb data, yet i have never had a disk failed for over 5 years. Still, im a bit affraid that someday a disk will fail. Am i only just lucky since i didnt lose any single disk that i...
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    From P4 640 to core i7 new build =)

    Updated Brainstorming final build =D Current components; Sure parts:Cpu 340$: Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping Quad Core Processor LGA1366 2.66GHZ Bloomfield 8MB LGA1366 -SLBEJ- Motherboard 185$: Gigabyte EX58-UD3R ATX LGA1366 X58 DDR3 2PCI-E 2PCI SATA2 RAID Sound GLAN CrossFireX *IR-$13* Ram...