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  1. Nexitus

    AMD 'Bulldozer' gets an Update from Microsoft.

    Link to article: AMD 'Bulldozer' gets an Update from Microsoft. | techPowerUp Now, will this change anything in terms of performance?
  2. Nexitus

    Want to Sell Networking Gear!

    Hi, For Sale: RouterBoard 750GL - $ 20 RouterBoard 250GS - $ 20 Terms of Sale. 1) All sales are final 2) Payment Method: EMT 3) All prices include shipping. Unless otherwise stated. 4) Once payment has been received I will ship the item via Canada Post Expedited and provide a tracking...
  3. Nexitus

    Crosshair V Issues

    Hey guys, So I got my Crosshair V almost 2 weeks ago, and didn't have a chance to test it until now. The setup: X4 955 BE Crosshair V 4 x 4GB Mushkin Silverline 1333MHz DDR3 GTX 460 768MB So everything is plugged in (triple checked) correctly. I turn it on for the first time, it fails to...
  4. Nexitus

    Moving RAID Controller

    Hey guys, I am using a 3ware 9650se with a 4x1TB RAID5. I will be moving the RAID controller and associated drives from a P55A to a 990FX motherboard. I was wondering if there should be any foreseeable reason why the new computer would not be able to recognize the RAID5 that is already setup...

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