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    my kingston ssd had arrived :)))))

    its an 80gb M. (intel x-25m) 3 year warranty so thats why I got it over intel + kingston support rocks. ill upload a pic in a bit.... 439 dollars for 2.5" of speedy goodness :biggrin:
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    freezone elite question

    anyone who has this, is there a plastic protective sheet over the freezone elite faceplate that you peel off. thanks
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    Intel SSD benchmark thread

    Intel SSD (X25-E & X-25M) RAID 0 Benchmarks - XtremeSystems Forums thought people would be interested
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    should i buy these off ebay? (for the hell of it)

    this guy on ebay has 5 36gb raptors on ebay for around 25 bucks each. should i pick these up and make a huge raid 0?:haha::biggrin: so tempted.... hm..
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    Raid O + 1 QnA

    say if someone were to have to 300gb velcoiraptors in raid 0 and then a 640gb backup drive (black) Would it be pointless since when the two velociraptors right it would be slower transfering the data to the 640gb backup drive? In turn it would be a waste? Please reply if I am thinking of this...
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    My NCIX experience

    So here's the story. On the 31st of March I placed an order on NCIX.com for 5 computer components. The total came to around 1600 Canadian dollars. I also made sure I purchased the express RMA for all the components if something went wrong a quick fix could be done. I get the components and they...
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    help me WC a i7 920?

    a couple months down the road im planning to wc a 920. could someone tell me which parts to get what accesories I need coolant, all the parts ect. I have NO idea about watercooling Im a complete noob so if someone could enlighten me. haf 932 case. thanks alow hwc
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    not enoguh screws in raven case? please help fast

    anyone whos got this case did you get enoguh (c) screws to install the powersupply and mobo? I seem to be missing some......... :shok: (Ive had so much bad like with cases OMG) for some reason i also got some screws that arnt labeled in the manual wth?
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    cant plug in front panel usb and firewire?

    just want to make sure on the p6t deluxe mobo when using to video cards blue and white slots you cant plug in the front panel usb and firewires.
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    wires touching mobo? is this ok? thanks!

    thats how i routed the cable for my 9900led cooler. is it ok if the wire touches the capacitors and slightly touches one of the pipes on the cooler? I dont want any mutation/melting of wires:ph34r:
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    quck QnA about cpu cooler

    Im just running a quick bench test on my system the cooler is a zalman 9900 cnps running @ full 2000 rpms. (still quiet quiet!!) the air coming out the back isnt hot and the fins arnt hot the pipes are warm to the touch. I only had it running for about 10 mins? is this a problem or no? like...
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    just my freaking like......

    yah so i got build my rig today with this new antec 1200 case. i test the fans out and guess what the fan leds are different colors then the other leds so there differnt blue shades on certain fans... yay... *back to the store we go* I would deal with it but it looks just plain ugly
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    daddy gotz some new gear!!

    UPDATED!!! MORE PICS HERE!!! I call her "Jesus" (will insert pics on monday-tuesday when i finish ze build) Made some changes from my build thread BTW. Corsair HX1000w 2x EVGA GTX 295 - SLI WD Caviar Black 640gb WD Velociraptor 300gb 22x SATA Samsung Super-Multi Burner ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 X58...
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    what to do with a spair pci slot on mobo?

    I got a sound card so im not sure what to stick in there. no raid card for sure. any ideas?
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    how long does ncix take to ship stuffs?

    everything was in stock. my newegg stuff shipped within the hour its been 3 business days now since i ordered from nicx. ups standard BTW.
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    hAF 932 QUKIE fan qNa

    whoever has a haf with the stock 230 on the top. sometimes when mine slows down it makes a sligh whistling sound for a second? any fixes? anyone elses do this? LMK. there is not cablle hiting it BTW.
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    yes im crazy....

    i7 920 Asus P6t Deluxe V2 GSkill Perfect Storm 2000mhz 7-8-7-21 :shok: WD 640gb Black WD 300gb Velociraptor Auzen X-Fi Forte 2x EVGA GTX 295 SLI 22x Sata Samsung Multi Burner V8 Cpu Cooler w/ thermalfusion 400 paste HAF 932 Case Corsair HX 1000w ran me bout 3450 with taxes shipping ect. Did my...
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    Please help!! questions about have 932 case!!!!!

    ok, hi i just a have some questions about this case I bought 1. how do you remove the black metal plates behind the 5 and a quarter inch bays. 2. do you remove all of them or just the ones in use. 3. there is also a black plate in front of the 230mm fan on the bottom, the red one. DO i remove...

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