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    Update your SMP beta client before it expires Oct 1

    The SMP beta clients expire on Oct 1. There is no big change to the Win SMP client ... just an update to the expiry date - it is still v 5.91. Don't confuse it with the v6 text version for windows ... this only support the unicore client. The Linux SMP client is now V6 and this is the...
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    < 3 weeks for HCF folding team to hit the top 500!!!

    WTF all :bananafunky::clap::bananafunky: We are at # 572 atm and it looks likes less than 3 weeks to crack the top 500 in team team rankings :biggrin: Pete
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    Next HCF milestone ... a sprint to 700

    Let's make our next milestone 700 ... according to EOC that is only 2.5 weeks away but we can make it a time trial and see if we can't beat the current 2.4 week projection :biggrin: And if we can pick up a new member or 2 it should give us some good momentum for 600.
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    Countdown - HCF Folding team to the top 2000

    According to Kakao Stats - Team Members - Hardware Canucks Forum, we should be hitting the top 2000 folding teams within a week at our current pace. The 'matching' id was started to match the output of new folders to the team since the offer was made and was to expire after reaching the top...
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    New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!

    Hey guys; Chriskwarren here. I am updating Pete_Scout's original team 54196 thread. Pete was a founding member of our team, who has since passed on. We fold in his honour still, and we continue to use this thread. If you are new to our folding team, please post the following information about...

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