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    Samsung intentionally ship laptops with keyloggers?

    Samsung installs keylogger on its laptop computers Samsung responds to installation of keylogger on its laptop computers Wonder why the author was so sure it was installed by Samsung, maybe he did a restore using the recovery partition (or whatever they use with Samsung laptops) and the...
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    Windows Home Server 2011 is Ready for Release

    "Today, the Home Server engineering team signed off the release version of WHS 2011. An exciting milestone which now starts the process to make it available for purchase. Affordable and easy-to-use, Windows Home Server 2011 is the ideal solution to help families keep their important digital...
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    Reliably Erasing SSDs

    Some may find this paper from Usenix FAST 11 interesting: Reliably Erasing Data from Flash-Based Solid State Drives http://www.usenix.org/events/fast11/tech/full_papers/Wei.pdf
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    Microsoft Security Essential v2

    For the MSE fans here, V2 is now available. If it's not being automatically offered -- as was the case with my installs -- you can get it here: Download details: Microsoft Security Essentials New features include: firewall and IE integration, packet filtering for known exploit code, new...
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    Drive Extender v2 Removed from Vail

    Windows Home Server code name Vail Update What the heck are they smoking in Redmond? Guess I'll keep running V1. :sad:
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    Free AV for Mac

    Just in case someone is interested: Free Mac anti-virus - Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac
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    Eyefinity mixed landscape/portrait modes

    Anyone running Eyefinity with monitors in landscape and portrait modes. I'm currently running 2 Viewsonic VP201b (1600 * 1200) in W7, one in landscape and the other in portrait. Card is a single Sapphire HD5670 Ultimate. Thinking of adding a 3rd monitor, probably a NEC EA 231WMi (1920 * 1080...
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    Windows Home Server Vail Throughput

    Anyone care to share their experience with WHS Vail? Just upgraded my desktop and the old system (E8500/4GB) will be used as WHS. Was thinking of going with v2 but I'm getting very low throughput from the system with Vail. I tired both WHS versions (out of box configs) on the system -- Vail...
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    Intel FTC Settlement

    Intel Can't Use Threats, Bundled Prices Under Accord, FTC Says - Bloomberg
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    Outdoor PoE Network Cams

    I'm looking for outdoor PoE network cameras, what I've found so far are the D-Link offerings -- DCS 5610 and DCS 3410. Any recommendation and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Media Players

    Not exactly HTPC but hopefully someone can give me a pointer on this. I've been playing with a WD TV Live, works great for what I needed except that I'm only allowed to place it in a cupboard where it's out of sight. Anyone knows of a media player like the WD TV Live that has a wireless remote...
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    Windows Home Server "Vail" beta

    Anyone have a chance to look at it yet? WINDOWS HOME SERVER | Microsoft Connect (Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong section)
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    Virus Bulletin April 2010 Comparative RAP results

    The full VB comparative is only available to subscribers for now, but here's the result chart from the "RAP" (Reactive and Proactive) test: http://www.sophos.com/images/blogs/gc/2010/04/vb-april-chart-large.jpg For those who are not familiar with the VB methodology, RAP test consist of a...

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