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    Powercolor replacement card - faulty gddr5?

    I received my replacement 7970 from them. Unboxed it. Plugged it into my rig and connected the pci-e power cables, plugged in my display, and booted my rig. Right on the ASUS boot screen, vertical lines. The lines stay on the screen all the way to the windows loading screen. After that...
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    Hey, has anybody on here ever done an RMA thru Powercolor for their GPU?...i'm getting artifacts on my 7970 card when i use the latest 13.9 catalyst package (13.152 drivers) and playing battlefield4...going to send it for RMA, but not sure how long it's going to take before I get my replacement.
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    Radeon HD 7970 - installation question

    So I joined the game a bit late and finally bought/installed this massive card. The card is so huge/heavy, that when installed, it leans/bends downwards on the back-side (where the pci-e power connectors are). To counter this, i simply have the pci-e cables/wires "pull" the card back up...
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    Powercolor Radeon HD 7970 - Change TIM?

    So, my gpu maxes out at 73C on benches. I see I have some Arctic Cooling MX-2 TIM just sitting on my desk, taunting me to change the stock TIM. The lazy person that I am, I just want to sit on my a$$ and do nothing all day. So, my question is, has anybody switched their 7970's stock TIM to...
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    Help me decide...

    Really tempted to flip cases... I narrowed it down to two... Which one would you get, and why? 1. Corsair Graphite 600TWM White Edition 2. Corsair Obsidian 650D Will be on air, not water... Let me know! Thanks!
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    Case: NZXT LEXA S Mods: Both top and rear fan-grills have been cut-out and edges guarded with automotive door-trim. Includes: all original accessories, i.e. thumb-screws, drive rails, ssd tray, etc. Also includes two 140mm Thermalright X-silent fans, installed on top exterior; and one...
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    Want to Sell All $old!!!

    1. GIGABYTE GA-870A-USB3 CROSSFIRE MOTHERBOARD PRICE: $old on Craigslist 2. AMD PHENOM II X3 710 WITH UNLOCKABLE 4TH CORE PRICE: $old on HWC to Teddy Boom 3. PATRIOT VIPER SERIES 4GB 2X2GB DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800 7-7-7-20 PRICE: $old on Craigslist 4. GIGABYTE AMD RADEON HD 6870 1GB PRICE...
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    crossfire-related question

    So, I crossfired my 6870 to a 6850. 3dmark vantage graphics score went up around 6000 marks, 3dmark11 score went up 1500+. Games seem to handle well on highest detail settings. But, for some reason, prime95 fails within 3 hours. It was fine before the crossfire. Does crossfire impact my...
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    Recommendations on air purifier?

    Got any recommendations, for someone who is allergic to dust, pollen, smoke, perfume, dogs, cats? Looking for something inexpensive, around the $100 to $150 range...quiet...can filter a room around 15 feet x 15 feet...best for allergies... I went to futureshop & bestbuy...they have a nice...
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    So, who's ready for the end of the world tomorrow?

    Any plans for doomsday?
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    Changing the thermal paste...

    ...soooo, i'm kinda bored...i have a Gigabyte 6870...i have some arctic cooling mx-2 thermal paste... ...do u think the mx-2 is better than the stock paste?...should I change it?...hummm...
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    Forming a corporation - in Ontario

    Anybody formed one before? Just wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are. I checked on the CRA site, but it's not really that clear. Thanks in advance.
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    Completed Minor case mods

    Case: NZXT Lexa S Mod: Removed rear 120MM fan grill. Removed top 140MM fan grills. Removed side-panel fan filter. Benefits: MUCH better airflow, and MUCH quiter. Dropped the system temp by some 5 to 10 degrees. I don't hear the air being sucked/pushed from/into the fan grills anymore...
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    Are all mini-display port to hdmi adapters active?

    Ok, so i've been googling like mad, and couldn't find anything. Hopefully someone here can help, like always, LoL. My HD6870 eyefinity setup that currently works fine: 1 dvi monitor to the dvi port 1 dvi monitor using an active mini-display port adapter 1 vga monitor using a vga-to-dvi...
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    3 monitors vs 1 big monitor

    Hopefully a quick question... I have a Giga Radon HD6870. I run eyefinity on 3 monitors when I game. 19" left; 22" middle; 19" right; total resolution is something like 3xxx X 1024. If I game on 1 big 40" monitor instead, where I can go 1080 resolution, is there any difference with the...
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    Core temp VS CPU temp

    Ok, so i've read a billion articles about this, and now i'm confused as ever. I have a phenom II x3 @ 2.6GHz, with unlocked 4th core & OC'd @ 3.25GHz, running with Coolit ECO & AC MX2 Thermal Paste. Using speedfan, I see CPU temp of 29C to 30C idle. I see CPU temp of 46C to 47C load with...
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    Gallery My new Giga6870

    Crappy pics...but i thought i'd share anyway...this card looks hot...
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    6850 or a 6870

    ok, i've read so much about these two cards, i'm getting totally lost. Should i wait and spend $180 on the giga 6850? Or, should i splurge $240 on the giga 6870? i'm only interested in the giga cards. currently using the 4860. dunno if the performance difference b/w the 6850 & 6870 is worth...
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    Eyefinity setup question

    I tried to google this, but no luck. Hopefully someone here can help me out? Thanks. I have the following: 2 monitors using vga-to-dvi adapter 1 monitor using a dvi-to-mini_displayport adapter contemplating on getting a Radeon HD 6850 card Now, could I use the above equipment to setup...
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    Side panel windows

    Ok, so I have a side panel window, and it's tinted, from nzxt... Is there a way to keep it less dusty? I think it's because of static?

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