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    3D printing quote in GVRD

    Not sure if this belongs to OT or BST. I recently got a Nvidia K10 card but it needs active cooling. I found a STL file online and I'm looking for someone in Vancouver area that is willing to provide a quote for printing.
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    No mining for you!

    $1.25M worth of mining machines got crushed after they were seized by the police. All of them were apparently ran on stolen power. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/business-57897444
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    R9-290X with after market cooler

    So my friend's spot on the 3060Ti wait list came up and he passed on it and gave it to me. Now I have a Powercolor R9-290X with a Raijintek Morpheus II that I don't need to use. Wondering what kind of price I should post it up for or split the Reijintek out since I know at least one member here...
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    LG try to bribe and control review direction

    Saw this on my YT feed this morning. HWUB was asked by LG to tailor their reviews according to what LG wants because their last video had some negative parts and LG is afraid it's going to affect them negatively in sales. HWUB classified this worst than Nvidia situation because LG is willing to...
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    Dell being sued for "misleading" claims about Alienware laptops

    Saw this one on Gizmodo. Not sure if the guy has a leg to stand on. He's basically suing Dell for telling customers that their Alienware 9th gen Intel can be upgraded and he got upset because there's no path to 10th gen...
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    Tesla, CUDA, and Windows 10

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this question. I'm looking for a 4GB+ Nvidia card just to do CUDA work. Since I'm not familiar with anything outside of just GPU, I'm wondering if a Tesla card would even be recognized in Windows 10 let alone actually run CUDA code on it.
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    Dell G5 worst than Walmart PC?

    GN basically tore the Dell G5 a new one. I been seeing a few of these Dell pre-build on FB market in Vancouver area. Also didn't realize the Dell version of 1660 TI had such a bad design.
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    It's not gambling, it's Kinder Surprise!

    Why is this a surprise after their asses were dragged in front of a UK commission on gambling? https://www.cbc.ca/news/gopublic/fifa21-loot-boxes-electronic-arts-1.5996912
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    RX580 Recall Scam

    Saw this while watching HUB news video. Apparently there is a recall scam happening (in China?) where scammers are pretending to be the manufacturer recalling RX580 cards and then give the victim back a crapper card saying it's actually better. Somehow related to the hash rate of RX580.
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    Raijintek Morpheus II - when you are too poor to buy a new GPU

    Since I can't beat the bots in grabbing a new AMD GPU, I traded my GTX 960 2GB for a R9-290X 4GB. The only problem is that it's a blower style fan that without MSI Afterburner, it would overheat after a few minutes of gaming. When it's using MSI Afterburner, the blower would sound like a running...
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    Google won over Oracle in Android copyright case

    Final decision by US Supreme court that Google's violation of Oracle Java API is fair use. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-56639088
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    R9 290X black screen after a few minutes

    Since I forgot to stay up to buy a 6700X and wouldn't pay for a 6900X on AMD's website (did actually manage to add one to my cart), I'm bumming an old R9 290X off a friend. After a few minutes of gaming, my machine would black screen (monitors' LCD indicator show no signal) and I need to hard...
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    Canada Computers Website 403 Error?

    Trying to look for a replacement PSU on Canada Computer's website but keep getting HTTP 403 error even after clearing my cache. However, using another computer on VPN connected to Seattle, I managed to get in. Anyone know what's going on with the website or it's just me?
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    McAfee arrested for crypto pump and dump

    He and his bodyguard were arrested for allegedly buying crypo coins, pumping it up on social media, and the dumping them for a $13M profit. Posting in OT since he's no where related to Tech nowadays. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-56300593
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    Sliver Tape on back of LCD Panel

    Anyone know what the official name of those silver / AL looking tape on the back of LCD panels? I'm planning to take apart an older iMac 27 inch 1440 panel because dust got in between the white light emitting part and the actual color LCD panel. The unit has silver tape around the edges as part...
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    NZXT H1 Flaming Review

    Some of you probably heard about the NZXT H1 fire hazard & recall. GN did a test with their old (not fixed) NZXT H1 to see how it could catch fire. Interesting video.
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    Intel getting another CEO

    Swan got the boot. https://gizmodo.com/swan-out-as-intel-gets-its-third-ceo-in-three-years-1846050359
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    Kohler RGB crapper

    https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/6/18170575/kohler-konnect-bathroom-smart-gadgets-numi-intelligent-toilet-ces-2019 They put all this stuff into the crapper yet it's not a zero gravity one. Corsair is probably going to cut a hole in their "gaming" chair and mount it to a crapper to compete now.
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    Appliance Parts Online

    My dishwasher's upper rack slide rail puked up some plastic bits and ball bearings and now having a hard time sliding. Would like to ask community members' opinion on online parts retailers. So far I found 3: reliable parts, have retail stores in Vancouver area so I can go yell at someone if I...
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    Almost 2.5 hours of ranting reviews of AMD B550 and X570 Motherboards

    Just came across this video from Actually Hardcore Overclocking. Just started the video but Buildzoid is going thru all the B550 and X570 boards one by one and doing a quick review. It's just shy of 2:30 minutes hours long.

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