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    Antec Earthwatts 430 concern

    Hi all, I bought the titled Antec power supply for a budget PC i'm building for my friend, however upon installing it I noticed it was missing the CPU plugin. Will it still function without this? Thanks! Wolf
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    Asus P7P55D SATA problems

    Hi all, I wasn't quite sure if this fell more under hard drives or motherboard, but it seems like a SATA problem.While trying to repartition one of my hard disks for a clean Windows 7 install with G-parted, I ran into an odd problem. When both independent drives are plugged into the P55 SATA...
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    Dell Studio 14z Review (Image Heavy)

    Earlier this year I decided that I finally needed a replacement for my venerable T41 Thinkpad. While the system it’s self is just a little more powerful then a netbook, its battery had worn down, and a replacement battery was not economical. So the hunt for a replacement system began. After an...
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    Activating Fallout 3 DLC

    Hey all, I just decided to cash in and buy the Broken Steel DLC for Fallout 3. I downloaded it from the games for windows client. However, much to my disappointment, when I played the game through from my last save before activating the purifier, I was greeted with the same ending cut scene and...
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    Upgrading to Windows 7

    Hey, Ok, so let's say I decide to upgrade the windows vista that's supposed to be installed on my Dell Studio 14z to Windows 7. Would pre-ordering an upgrade copy from bestbuy cover me? Furthermore, would I be able to use all my laptops components (bluetooth, graphic drivers, wireless card, FN...
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    CPU and Memory testing software

    Hey all, I'm trying to diagnose some problems I'm having with my pc, and I was wondering if anyone knows any good software for testing how well the CPU and RAM are preforming? Thanks! Wolf
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    Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and FO3 save profiles

    Hey all, Due to some issues with my windows install, I'm probably going to have to wipe my drive and start over. However, there are some games that I don't want to lose all the save data, mainly my RSV2 and Fallout 3 characters. Can I remedy this by copying the game files onto a external hard...
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    White Macbook Update

    Apple did it again! The White macbook once again was quietly updated with a slightly faster processor @ 2.13 ghz, faster memory@800mhz, and a bigger hard drive (160gb). The faster memory seems like a nice addition. Does this speed bump mean that the unibody macbook really is getting an update at...
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    Nvidia 9400m

    It seems like a pretty good preformace for value "graphic solution" but how many other systems use it besides the macbook, lenovo S12 and the Dell Studio XPS 13?
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    Gaming laptop build

    Hey all, I was wondering what pplz thought of this gaming laptop combo from Tiger Direct OCZ DIY 15.4" Gaming Notebook PC Bundle - Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 2.4GHz, 802.11abgn WLAN, 2GB DDR2, 160GB HDD, DVDRW, 15.4" WXGA+, No OS in Canada at TigerDirect.ca It seems kinda decent, albeit a bit...
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    Gaming woes

    Hi everyone! I've already posted similar stuff over places, but never really got a definitive answer. About a month ago my gaming rig started acting up. Basically whenever I played certain games (mainly source, but also bioshock), the game would start to freeze up after a while. If it did...
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    Dell Studio 1555

    Hey all, I was wondering if any has seen a "legit" review/HWC user review of the Dell Studio 1555. It seems like a pretty aws laptop, but I haven't been able to find much. Thanks! Wolfx25
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    9800gtx+ sc/Nvidia driver issues?

    Hey everybody, Recently I noticed a drop in framerates and even outright freezing in some games. I'm using a Evga 9800gtx+ sc edition. I had a similar problem back when I first got my card, however when I used rivatuner to turn up the fan speed the problem went away. Just recently these...
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    Studio XPS 13 dilemma

    Hey everybody, I'm on the hunt for a laptop to replace my venerable IBM T41. I'm looking for something that's fairly lightweight and powerful, screen between 13 and 15.4 inches, and with a price tag of 1399 and under. So far i've narrowed it down to the following choices Dell Studio XPS 13...
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    PC boot fail

    Hey all, Me and my friend just put together a new build. Upon starting it, it runs through the post checks on the motherboard post monitor, but when it gets to FF(boot) the pc shuts off. Now is this due to a lack of os, or is their a defective part? We've already tried resetting the cmos...
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    E8500 Random underclocking

    Hey all, I recently ran CPUZ and Nvidia system monitor on my system after noticing a performance hit in some of my games. Both reported that the Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 was running at 2.0ghz, as apposed to the regular speed of 3.16 ghz. However, when i turn on my pc, the boot screen reports that...
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    Artifacts in Company of Heroes and Crysis

    Hey everyone, While playing Crysis and Company of Heroes I noticed a certain amount of artifacts appearing on screen. While not enough to significantly disrupt game play, it's still annoying considering my system is good enough to handle these games. I don't think the problem is drivers, so...
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    iMac benchmarks request

    I was wondering if anyone has benchmark results for iMac. 3Dmark06, Pcmark05, Company of Heroes, Crysis, etc.. I've looked on a couple of the Pc magazine websites, and none of them really have a complete benchmark of the most recent release. Thanks! Wolf
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    Windows XP endless boot loop

    Hey all, Upong booting up my pc today, Windows XP became stuck in an endless looping upon booting up. It gets to the Windows XP loading screen, then the pc shuts down, and the process begins again. The only major changes I can think of are that I installed the "Zune" theme for windows. That and...
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    7F bios error and no graphic output

    Hey everyone, I just finished putting together my first pc, it is intended to be a gaming pc. However, upon booting it up for the first time, i got no picture on the screen, and my monitor ( A Benq 17 inch) cited that it had no input. Furthermore, the bios indicator posted a 7F, which means a...

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