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  1. great_big_abyss

    Lenovo Power Brick

    Puppy chewed the cord to my wife's Lenovo ThinkPad T430. Any idea where to get a new brick?
  2. great_big_abyss

    3570K, 4GB DDR3, Motherboard

    I've got a friend with a 3570K, 4GB of DDR3, and some compatible motherboard. If I were to list it for him on here, how much would it be worth asking?
  3. great_big_abyss

    GTX 1080 vs RX5600XT (vs GTX 960)

    A few weeks ago I replaced my trusty and reliable GTX960 with a used RX5600XT off KIjiji. The improvment in various benchmarks was massive, but I instantly had buyer's remorse, mostly due (I think) to AMD's drivers causing a few unprecedented issues with my computer. I yanked the card out...
  4. great_big_abyss


    What would something like this be worth? It's hard to tell, because it's discontinued, and to my knowledge, no product quite like it is available. I think I paid something like $70 for it new 4 years ago or so. It's good for cooling an 80W TDP CPU under continuous load, in complete silence...
  5. great_big_abyss

    The Longevity of PC Hardware, and The Ethos of Upgrading

    Arguably, the most important feature of a PC is that it just works, and that it performs all the tasks that are demanded of it, whether those demands are light like running MS Office apps and media consumption, or heavy, like AAA gaming titles. For non-PC-enthusiasts, i.e. those people who just...
  6. great_big_abyss

    WD Blue or Samsung EVO SSD?

    Between a WD Blue 2.5" SSD for $69.99 or a Samsung 860 EVO 2.5" SSD for $74.99, both of them 500GB, which is the better option?
  7. great_big_abyss

    Gigabyte RX5600XT FIXED - Benchmarks

    I've got some benchmarks comparing the new card to my old card, if anyone's interested. It's quite a bump in performance. The whole point of this excercise is to set my computer up to do PCVR. I think it's good to go. My 3770k should stretch another year or two now. Alright, I'm trying...
  8. great_big_abyss

    H100X vs H100i Pro XT

    My i7 3770K is currently passively cooled using a GIANT passive air cooler. I'm currently at the TDP limit for that cooler (77W TDP at stock clocks, 80W limit on the cooler). I think I want to try overclocking my CPU in order to squeeze a little bit more life out of my current platform...
  9. great_big_abyss

    Do all sticks of RAM have to match?

    So, this is a stupid question, and I'm pretty sure I know the answer: Can I mix 2x4GB and 2x8GB sticks of DDR3 memory? My current system has an MSI Z77A-G45 with a 3770K and 2x4GB of RAM, I think it's 1600Mhz. I need to upgrade my RAM capacity because I'm getting an Oculus Quest 2 and I want...
  10. great_big_abyss

    GTX 1070 vs GTX 1660Ti

    What's a better deal? A used EVGA GTX 1070 FTW for $290, or a used Gigabyte GTX1660Ti for $360?
  11. great_big_abyss

    Want to Buy GTX 1070, 1080, or 1660 (Ti)

    I'm looking for either a GTX 1070, 1080, or a GTX 1660 Ti My budget is around $300. Anybody have anything laying in a closet they're not using any more?
  12. great_big_abyss

    Is my PC VR Ready?

    So, I'm considering buying a VR headset for family use. We'd use it with the main computer in the house, which happens to be in the living room. I think I've pretty much decided on the Oculus Rift S, partly because of price (it's half the price of the HTC Vive), and also because of the lower...
  13. great_big_abyss

    Want to Buy Sandy Bridge Processor

    I'm looking to buy a Sandy Bridge Processor. i5 or better.
  14. great_big_abyss

    Budget Video Card?

    So my stepson's video card gave up the ghost today. It was an ancient AMD HD7950. It owed us nothing. Was bought new by my brother many years ago to be run in a mining rig, then gifted to my stepson a few years ago after the first crypto-currency crash. I'm searching for a replacement...
  15. great_big_abyss

    What kind of network card is this?

    My MIL's network card gave out. What kind of slot is this?
  16. great_big_abyss

    Free AMD Phenom II 1055T Hexacore Processor GONE!!!!!

    I have a Phenom II 1055T Hexacore Processor that will do nothing but lie around. I'm willing to give it away to somebody who needs it. I'd rather not give it to somebody who is going to turn around and sell it for a profit. Rather I'd like to sell it to somebody who needs it and can...
  17. great_big_abyss

    Phenom II 1055T

    Is there any interest in an old 1055T Hexa-core Thuban, and if so, how much would it be worth?
  18. great_big_abyss

    Want to Buy Sandy Bridge i5

    Want to buy a Sandy Bridge i5 quad core to fit on a Gateway desktop motherboard. Does not have to be a K model. Just any SB quad core i5.
  19. great_big_abyss

    USB3 Header to USB2 adapter

    So, I have a friend with a SandyBridge era Gateway motherboard. It has 2 USB3 ports on the back, but no USB header on the actual board. He wants to buy a Silverstone GD09 HTPC case for it, which only has USB3 on the front panel. Is there a product that will allow him to connect his case's...
  20. great_big_abyss

    Core i5 System Pricing

    I've got a buddy who needs a new computer for casual gameplay and media use, and another buddy who has a system that hasn't been used in years. I need to know what a good price would be to transfer from one buddy to another. It's a core i5 3570K system. NO idea what the motherboard is...