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  1. marc_0053

    [Appraisal] i7 7700k from Silicon Lottery 5.2 GHz

    Hi all looking for an appraisal for my Silicon Lottery 5.2 GHz binned i7 7700k cpu. According to their Silicon Lottery's statistic is was their top 12% cpus (see link below) https://siliconlottery.com/pages/statistics Cpu is delidded and re-glued using thermal grizzly conductonaut thermal...
  2. marc_0053

    Want to Buy DELETE

  3. marc_0053

    Want to Sell Water cooling gear + Misc.

    Selling the remainder of my extreme cooling and watercooling gear + other misc: 1) ASUS RT-AC66U wireless router for $100 shipped (ASUS replacement unit, never used). https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Networking/RTAC66U/ 2) Swiftech MCP50X pump for $70 shipped MCP50X Pump - Rouchon Industries Inc...
  4. marc_0053

    IWAKI RD-30 Pump & 24DC converter

    Hi, I purchased a IWAKI RD-30 Pump & 24DC converter about 3 years ago from a member on this forum but can't remember if it was @amuseme or not. I deleted all my PMs since 2016 and have no record of the price I paid (think it was around $220-$250). What do you guys think it's worth? I'd love...
  5. marc_0053

    Want to Sell Sold

    All Sold
  6. marc_0053

    Want to Sell [SOLD] ASUS Z270 Apex Motherboard

    Selling a brand new, never used, Z270 ASUS Apex motherboard for SOLD. Originally purchased from amazon.ca and never ended up using it. I have original receipt. EMT payment and ship using Canada Post heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/81118/to
  7. marc_0053

    Want to Sell (SOLD) 2x ASUS GTX 1080Ti Founders edition

    SOLD - Selling 2 new ASUS GTX 1080 Ti founders edition that I originally purchased and open the box for mining LBRY but project never happened. Selling for SOLD each shipped anywhere in Canada. All original packaging and accessories included but no receipt. EMT Payment Heatware...
  8. marc_0053

    Want to Buy Please close

    Please close
  9. marc_0053

    Want to Sell SOLD

    All Sold
  10. marc_0053

    Want to Sell sold

    all sold
  11. marc_0053

    Want to Buy Multiple SSD size 60 - 250 gb

    Hi i am looking to buy up to 5x SSDs in the size range between 60 and 256gb (new or used) shipped to Kingston, Ontario, k7k0e2. I can pay paypal or emt. Heatware https://www.heatware.com/u/81118
  12. marc_0053

    Want to Sell [SOLD] i3 6320

    Selling an intel i3 6320 Delidded and resealed using Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra on CPU die to lower CPU temps for [SOLD]. No box or accessories, just the cpu in the plastic case. I accept EMT payment heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/81118
  13. marc_0053

    Want to Buy Found please close

    Found Please close
  14. marc_0053

    Want to Sell [Sold] DDR4 memory

    Selling the following: 1) 2x4 gb Gskill Ripjaws V 3466mhz cl16-18-18 used for less than 2 hours (sold) Shipping using Canada Post and EMT payment. heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/81118 eBay: marc_0053 on eBay
  15. marc_0053

    Want to Sell ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Z170 Motherboard

    Selling a lightly used ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Z170 motherboard for $425 shipped. Comes with original accessories and box. No receipt. EMT payment Heatware: https://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=81118
  16. marc_0053

    Want to Sell i7 5930k - sold - please delete

    Sold please delete
  17. marc_0053

    Want to Sell EVGA GTX Titan X SC

    Sold ^
  18. marc_0053

    Want to Buy Found

  19. marc_0053

    Want to Sell delete

    Please delete
  20. marc_0053

    Need help with hwbot country cup (gpupi)

    Any folders with multiple 290x willing to help out in the HWBOt country cup by submitting a gpupi 32B score? We (Canada) are competiting with the rest of the world for overclocki g and benching from Nov 1 - Dec 20, 2015. Competition link: OC eSports The download link for gpupi version 2.2 is...