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  1. GeezerGamer

    Lian Li PCI-e 4.O x16 riser cable......finally!

    Having a Lian Li case I've been watching and waiting for this. Thought I'd make others aware if they are at all interested. I think I will order one in hopes of having better chipset temperatures on my motherboard. There's about a one millimetre clearance between my gpu and chipset shroud. I...
  2. GeezerGamer

    Miners, scalpers and now Europe!

    So you want a graphics card eh? Well, it would appear Europe wants 20000! Curious if they will be current generation GPU's or next generation or a custom card strictly for the supercomputer purposes? Tough luck for GPU hunters...
  3. GeezerGamer

    Basically a new build! Nice to have a second desktop:)

    My wife is to blame for this and I like it! Yeah, so late last year when waiting on a new CPU to complete a new build I purchased an AMD 3700X CPU with the intent of selling it when my desired processor arrived. It was potentially a long wait for the new CPU while having all the other hardware...
  4. GeezerGamer

    This waiting is STUPID...aka GTX 680 as temporary fix?

    To the point.... Upgrading but kind of a new build with some existing parts being carried over. As a temporary fix would I be able to use an Asus GTX 680 GPU with a Aorus X570 Elite Wifi MB and AMD 3700 CPU? Running a 1080P monitor........again this is just a temporary situation as a Asus 1660TI...
  5. GeezerGamer

    GPU Tweak III

    Beta is out.....cewl? Who's going to try it? https://videocardz.com/newz/asus-announces-gpu-tweak-iii-open-beta-a-monitoring-and-overclocking-tool-for-both-amd-and-nvidia-gpus
  6. GeezerGamer

    Who wants CHIPS? Everyone!

  7. GeezerGamer

    AMD 3600X or XT for sale possibly?

    Hiya, I just want to explore a possibility. I have all the parts to put together a total new build except for a new CPU which I have on Order (AMD 5950X). I was thinking to get an older CPU such as an AMD 3600X or 3600XT to get built. Once I get the 5950 I'd like to sell the 3600X or XT minus...
  8. GeezerGamer

    Win 10 install to dedicated drive?

    With a new build is it a good idea to install Windows 10 to a dedicated drive such as an 250- 512 GB SSD? Or to install to a larger 1Tb partitioned or non partitioned SSD? Thoughts on the matter?
  9. GeezerGamer

    The big AMD GPU reveal.....BANG!

    Big reveal day tomorrow! AMD GPU's, will they give Nvidea a scare? Who's geared towards going AMD? I am but will wait for more info before being sure. Personally hoping for a Aorus 6800 or better? I like what AMD is doing to counter BOT's! Surely stores and online retailers will get stock...
  10. GeezerGamer

    X570 Master with Thermaltake AIO and fans?????

    It confounds me hence my need to ask this.....Will the following be possible? Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL case with X570 Aorus MB and AMD 5950X CPU with Thermaltake 360 AIO and a total of 10 Thermaltake fans(6 intake @ 4 exhaust). I provide links to the Thermaltake products. It's all the 3 pin, 4...
  11. GeezerGamer

    Two or four STICKS?

    Planning to buy a RAM kit soon totaling either 32 or 64 GB's. Most likely Corsair Dominator or Vengeance Pro at 3600MHz. Is it better to configure with two sticks or four sticks? So 4x8 for 32GB's or 2x16 for 32 GB's? These will go into a new build powered by a new upcoming AMD CPU, most likely...
  12. GeezerGamer

    New Kicking Build is on nigh!

    I'm starting this thread in hopes of getting your opinions and sound advice moving forward with a new build. I'm an older gamer enduring an Approx 10 year old gaming build which back then was near top end. After being away from PC gaming for a few years I wanted back in so earlier this year I...
  13. GeezerGamer

    Need info Re: will a 3.0 PCIe GPU card work in an older 2.0 PCIe motherboard???

    I'm sporting an older (at the time a higher end build) 9 year old gaming desktop which was past it's prime years ago! I'm planning a major new build later this year but I would like to bridge the gap until that happens. Being away from PC gaming for a few years I need to get back to it and my...