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  1. shayan288

    Portal 2 Comes Out Tomorrow At 9 AM (PST) (April 15, 2011)

    ... And the main surprise has already been spoiled for me, by some douchebag on Youtube (I was watching a trailer and accidentally looked down) :doh: http://www.aperturescience.com/a/b/c/d/g/h/abcdgh/ There is the countdown link.
  2. shayan288

    Minecraft Servers

    Does anyone here know of any good public Minecraft Servers? Or if HWC has a Minecraft server? that myself and a friend could build and play on. Preferably with minimal griefers and item thieves. (Looking for a survival server) Thanks in advance.
  3. shayan288

    Disabling Crossfire on 5970

    Sup, So I need to disable crossfire on my 5970 running 11.2 drivers for the Crysis 2 flickering problem to stop. I was just wondering how I would go about doing that on this new 11.2 Catalyst Control Center Application. All what I see for the Catalyst A.I. section is Texture Filtering...
  4. shayan288

    Crysis 2 Problems

    Hi, So I had pre ordered Crysis 2 a while back and finally received the download today. I spent 4 hours downloading the game (normal), and then installed it. I also ran the auto-patch and the EA game manager thingy. Anyways, the game won't f*ckn launch. It's driving me crazy :haha: I...
  5. shayan288

    Really Homefront... Really?

    Has anyone seen this? Homefront - House-to-House Combat Video - Xbox 360 - IGN I mean... Christ. I thought the game was going to be awesome and make games like Call of Duty look like garbage. But after seeing the video, I am amazed by how successful they were at hyping up the game for...
  6. shayan288

    Bulletstorm Up For Steam Pre-purchase

    Well, Steam finally put the game up for pre-order: Pre-purchase Bulletstorm™ on Steam Sadly, it's $59.99 (console price). Getting it, or skipping out? The game looks pretty cool IMO, and I think I'll get it.
  7. shayan288

    Large Item Shipping

    Hi, I have been trying to sell a Samsung Monitor (24 inches, so you could image the packaging being quite large) and I had set it to local only because of my fears of shipping such an item to other provinces. I guess my main fear is that I always picture people working at places like canada...
  8. shayan288

    Episodes For Liberty City

    So I just got the Grand Theft Auto 4 Complete Edition from today's Steam Daily sale, thinking that since I already have Grand Theft Auto, I could just use the Episodes For Liberty City Key on my already existing copy of GTA 4, and I would receive the extra GTA 4 in gift form. When I bought it...
  9. shayan288

    Want to Sell *SOLD* Samsung 24 inch 2443BW LCD Monitor *NOW SHIPPING*

    Hey all. I recently got a new 30 inch Sammy monitor, so I will be selling my previous primary monitor: The Samsung 2443BW 24 inch LCD monitor. This monitor is a 1900x1200, and its contrast is 20,000:1. My price is $200 + shipping fees. I have had this monitor for around 2 years, and it is...
  10. shayan288

    Mysterious Gaming Problem

    Hi.. So I have posted about this problem in a few previous threads, but have always included other questions, and often never got this problem solved. Here is my problem: I have owned grand theft auto 4 for the PC as soon as it was availible on Steam, and played it religiously. As a matter...
  11. shayan288

    I was bored...

    Okay so for those of you who have heard of the game QWOP. Check this: imgur: the simple image sharer Took me like 5 minutes, haha.
  12. shayan288

    Wow... *Cries*

    So I this morning I lined up outside NCIX's Richmond Warehouse for 3 hours (black friday clearance), and when I finally got in, I blew 600 plus tax on a Samsung 305T LCD 30 inch monitor. I took it home all excited and stuff, and plugged it in to my computer (HD5970). When I plugged it in, and...
  13. shayan288

    I'm A Bit Confused

    Hi there. So a while back I bought bad company 2 as a retail DVD ROM copy, from NCIX. It was actually my first RETAIL PC game that I had ever bought, because I would only buy games from Steam, and was so used to Steam. I was a bit hesitant at first, but it was way cheaper than the steam...
  14. shayan288

    Black Ops Class/Loadout Thread

    Don't know if this has been done yet. Anyone have any ideas on cool classes? Currently I'm just using an AK 47 with a reflex, with that fully auto pistol thing, semtex, flashbang, hardline, sleight of hand pro, and second chance pro. Also post your cool emblems!
  15. shayan288

    Question About My Direct2Drive Pre-Order

    Hey guys I just pre-ordered Black Ops on D2D with that promo code thing. Iv never bought from D2D in the past and I don't really want to deal with them, I only bought the game because I heard it can be used with Steam. I am just wondering how exactly CAN I use it with Steam. I want to pre load...
  16. shayan288

    Question On a PhysX Card

    I was just wondering. ATM I have a HD5970 and it performs terrible in most games when things like shadow quality (GTA4 and Red Faction Guerilla), blur effects and AA (Dead rising 2), APEX PhysX details in Mafia 2 (obviously this), are turned on. If I put in a Nvidia card like say an 8600gt or...
  17. shayan288

    ATI Catalyst 10.10 Drivers

    So they were released just the other day. Just wondering if anyone has tried them yet. If so, care to share your results? I'm debating whether I should leave my 10.5 comfort zone with my 5970, because everything after 10.5 has been absolute shit for me.
  18. shayan288

    ATI questions RE: PhysX

    Hey there, I switched to ATI about a month ago, and I now have a 5970. When I had my gtx 460, I was playing games that had high demand in physx like Metro 2033, mafia 2, 3dmark vantage (not really a game but still), etc. And now that I have a 5970, all those games dont work for me and when I...
  19. shayan288

    XFX warranty question

    Hi there, I have a 5970 registered with XFX, and I am wondering if I install an aftermarket cooler, if my warranty will be voided.. Thanks in advance.
  20. shayan288

    5970 woes

    Hey all, I had been a Nvidia user all my life, and I had finally decided that I wanted more power than my 460, and switch the the HD5970. I was expecting to max every with a steady 60 FPS at least :haha: ! I must say that I am pretty dissapointed. Almost every game i have played, has given me...