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  1. Herne

    Deepcool DQ650M

    Any experience? Just waiting for Seasonic BF sales and saw these- I believe CWT made?
  2. Herne

    3600 Gaming system

    Hey guys, getting a little closer to a new system. Was aiming for $1500 but it's not a hard cap and I can definitely wait for Black Friday for pieces. Tried to use other advice in this part of the forum. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/36KvV7 UPDATED WITH FEEDBACK AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz...
  3. Herne


    A very old friend got me hooked on this about a week ago. https://lofigames.com/ (but bought on Steam for $30-ish) A review described it well: You’re not the hero in Kenshi. You’re not the chosen one. There’s nothing out there for you to save - other than your own skin. You’re just another...
  4. Herne

    Sapphire - Althon RMA experience

    So one of my two fans on my RX 480 Nitro+ stopped spinning up causing overheating and crashing. Boo. No gaming makes Herne something, something. Sapphire support makes sure that it’s not the actual fan, but the housing or backwards and onto RMA. Enter Althon Canada in Markham. Friendly...
  5. Herne

    Trump bans William Grant & Sons products

    ...because they are a longtime sponsor of 'Spirit of Scotland Awards' which this year was awarded to the man who won't be bullied off his land for Trump's golf course. (Link) He is calling for a boycott. Not short on Balvanie and have a few different Macallans kicking around but I think I...
  6. Herne

    Windows 7 Sleeping NIC

    Anyone have any idea how to stop the NIC from going to sleep? I have already gone to the Advanced-> "the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and disallowed it but it still happens. Interesting part is that if I have something running that is generating network activity...
  7. Herne

    Airport Express-type for Android/PC?

    I like the idea of wireless unit or speakers that can be controlled from a tablet, netbook, etc but not ready to go Apple. AirPort Express units run about $100, yet to find anything interesting on the other platforms for less then the $500 a Sonos system would cost. Anyone moving else having...
  8. Herne

    Samsung R-Series Laptops

    Anyone own one of these, or have experience with them? I have been looking at the R580s with some interest as they pack an i5 with a reasonable GPU just above entry-level in price. Thanks