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  1. cwestwell

    Trying to change Cases for ever - THERMALTAKE LEVEL 10

    Check this out.... http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/244/1051244/charlie-loses-heart-thermaltake Crazy stuff...I especially like the no photo's sign in the picture.
  2. cwestwell

    Mixing Manufactures in CF

    I just want to confirm this...I have not found any info saying this is terrible on-line yet but I thought I would post to the masters and see if anyone knows of any issues with this. I am looking to add another 4870X2 to my system I currently am running a Diamond stock card and was looking to...
  3. cwestwell

    BOINC - Rosetta Milestones and Goals

    Someone mentioned we should start a milestones thread....I agree so I have. I think to keep it simple members should create a post that covers the basics and update it upon new info instead of new posts. USER - Cwestwell Highest RAC achieved -4379 Current Average RAC - 3715 Future RAC Goal -...
  4. cwestwell

    BOINC - Rosetta @ Home New Thread

    I thought the Boinc thread was getting a little long in the tooth so I started a new one....maybe our new mod and fellow Boinc'r will create a Boinc Category seperate from the F@H Few updates - Welcome to the Team Phobia good to have you - Looks like the big D will hit the 10K mark pretty...
  5. cwestwell

    Love em or Hate em Inquirer is Throwing HWC a Nod or Two

    For the Second time in 2 weeks I have found a Nod and Link to HWC on the Inquirer...now I know how the INQ and well Charlie can anger up the blood in more then a few users especially any Nvidia Fan's but they are a pretty big site and I find it pretty cool that they have dropped our name a...
  6. cwestwell

    AMD 3.0GHz Quad Unlocked.. is AMD coming back ?

    New AMD Products coming to save the day ?? Phenom II, Athlon X4, oh my… - The INQUIRER Now even though the new AMD line will likely get trumped by i7 I wont lie the prospect of an Unlocked AMD 3.0Ghz Quad Core Phenom II with 6MB of L3 Cache sounds pretty sweet. The main thing I am thinking is...
  7. cwestwell

    ATI 4850X2 finally becoming reality

    Check it out here. Sapphire launches dual HD4850 - The INQUIRER Still nothing rock solid on reviews but it is a step in the right direction.
  8. cwestwell

    Will the ATI 4850X2 drop in time for i7

    I am hoping someone with more insider info then me...perhaps someone who might be on this forum and currently testing or awaiting a shipped 4850X2 .. I have heard unconfirmed rumors that release (NDA expire) will be early November ..I am just surprised so little has surface about this card so...
  9. cwestwell

    Is ATI getting greedy - 4870X2 @ $674 on NCIX

    I have noticed ATI has been resistant to drop it's VGA card prices over the last month or 2. Know I know they came out with a rock solid product and have won back a good chunk of market share due to there 4800 series and it's prices. However I have noticed that as they gain popularity there...
  10. cwestwell

    Microsoft Celebrates Anti-Piracy Day - Apparently Ontario is located in Nunavut

    Wow....So I am reading several stories on Microsoft little "Don't be a Pirate Day" highlighting locations around the world that have done their part either good or bad in the fight against Piracy. Several mentions go out to educational facilities that have helped Microsoft curb Piracy...
  11. cwestwell

    AMD Overclocking ??

    I have been drafted by my old employer to build a few gaming machines only problem is all the parts all already purchased and they are all AMD machines...one advantage they are all AMD X2 5000+ Black edition...the disadvantage I have not overclocked an AMD since my XP2400+ with a pencil mod...
  12. cwestwell

    ATI CAT 8.9 Giant Pile of D1(|{5 ??????

    Ok so I just upgraded my Cat Package last night to 8.9 thought I would see If it squeezed out any extra 3Dmark 06 Points well it did...but What the hell every single game I play now artifacts like mad...and I mean like mad.....first not to bad only a couple green dots here and there but by the...
  13. cwestwell

    Charlie at his best...ahhh yeah

    This was actually hilarious...I found myself laughing several times during reading....It's informative....well written...but to make it better read it in head with a silly Brit accent and suddenly you find yourself sounding like the Reviewer for "Zero Punctuation" The Escapist...which if you...
  14. cwestwell

    Need a solid Over Clocking Ram

    Well I got my builds done for those who followed the work log....I have now reached the FSB limit my Corsair Ram will handle which isn't very much above stock but oh well I have been delaying Ram purchasing for exactly this reason..So I am looking for a 4GB 2-2 Kit and I know Mushkin Redlines...
  15. cwestwell

    No Current Performance Ram to Run on Future Intel X58 and Core i7

    I hope this is more of a safety first approach by Intel... However this makes me very happy I didn't go with a DDR3 setup in hopes of Future use.. Performance RAM will damage your Nehalem - The INQUIRER Now however the article on the other thread showing the benchmarking of the X58 Intel...
  16. cwestwell

    The New Build 1 & 2

    I started my Build in the wrong thread so I will continue in this thread Well I got every part I need today except my 120mm fans which sucks because they will be needed for proper cooling and all of the heat shrink and cable coverings are useless until they all get here....but I will continue...
  17. cwestwell

    New parts and New Build - Sorta

    Well I went to the Post Office on my Coffee Break Today and holy crap my NCIX parts arrived along side my Frozen CPU parts. :clap: This means I have an exiting weekend of tearing apart my current rig...upgrading it and building a second rig. I will be taking my time though and lotsa pics for my...
  18. cwestwell

    ATI 4550 out and reviewed

    Looks like ATI has released yet another GPU intended to dominate the low end entry level and HTPC market. Here is a list of sites reviewing it that I borrowed from Inquirer. PC Games Hardware Legit Reviews Hardware Zone Hot Hardware Guru 3D Neoseeker Hexus.net Anandtech...
  19. cwestwell

    It is official I live at Hardware Canucks

    I activated my account here back in May I cant even remember why....It sat unused for almost 3 months then I found myself back here looking at some review and recognized SKYMTL from the NCIX forum and remembered Holy crap I have an account here why haven't I been using it...So I started reading...
  20. cwestwell

    New build..My ladies PC

    New build...Sorta I will be taking some of my parts and some of the new parts and making 2 separate PC's. One for her homework, her Boinc and games. While My PC will be held over until X58 and i7 What her build will consist of Q6600 - from mine 2GB Corsair XMS2 PC6400 - from mine Asus P5Q Pro...