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  1. Omega_Phoenix

    Some kind of ghosting-type issue...

    I had a thread opened a while back about some "tearing" I was experiencing on my one monitor, and after some further observation I realize the issue isn't exactly tearing, more like a ghosting or a memory issue or something. Basically, what happens is for a split second, like a quick 1Hz out...
  2. Omega_Phoenix

    Borderlands 2 Trading Thread!

    **EDIT** I've now, through trading, farming, and occasional luck, acquired every legendary weapon in the game save for one. I'm now strictly looking for JUST the rare heads dropped by Terramorphous, Vermivorous, and BNK-3R. Playing on 360; GT is TheOmegaPhoenix. PM me here or send me a...
  3. Omega_Phoenix

    Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

    Been playing this the last few days. Anyone else playing it? Thoughts?
  4. Omega_Phoenix

    Want to Sell SOLD

    EDIT - OCT 14 2012 4:57 PM EDT - Sold. Thanks guys! EDIT - AUG 29 5:19 PM EDT - Forgot an important detail. Sorry! Hello Canucks! So I'm looking to sell my spare Empire BT Delta paintball marker in order to upgrade to something a little more high-end, and figured I'd drop a note in here if...
  5. Omega_Phoenix

    Tearing issues

    For the most part, any tearing I experience can be remedied by a quick trip to the graphic options section of whatever game I may be running. However, I find that every now and then (probably once ever 10 minutes or so) I get an incredibly large burst of what I assume is tearing, and only for a...
  6. Omega_Phoenix

    Upgrade time!

    So as much as I love the fact that my GTX 550 Ti is smooth as a baby's bottom covered in butter, it's not going to withstand the rigors that, say, the Crytek engine will force upon it. Given a budget of $200-300 (the cheaper the better for the most part) and a preference for nVidia, what would...
  7. Omega_Phoenix

    Keyboard Pants!

    These Pants Have a Built-In Keyboard, May Draw Funny Looks | PCWorld DO WANT
  8. Omega_Phoenix

    New to O/C and Unlocking

    Ok, so I've got an ASUS EVO mobo with a built in core unlocker. I've also got an AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black on it. I've been told, and read about, how my dual core can easily be unlocked to a three or four core. What are the risks of running the built in unlocker? What kind of perfomance...
  9. Omega_Phoenix

    Keyboard suggestions?

    Currently looking for an upgrade to my stock Dell keyboard. I'm an avid gamer (particularily WoW and WoT, but I've been playing LoL and just about any shooter as well) and looking for something somewhat quiet, definitely backlit, but something RELIABLE as well. I've heard horror stories of the...
  10. Omega_Phoenix

    Sometimes can't boot past mobo splash?

    Ok, so Soultribunal got me interested in the forums and he recently set me up with a new build. Works great! However, I've had a problem a couple of times now where rather than booting thru to a usable state, I can't boot past my mobo splash screen (y'know, the whole "press XX for YY" jazz)...
  11. Omega_Phoenix

    RE: The Great HWC Get-together

    RE: The Great HWC Get-together I just wanted to make a post thanking all the HWC members at the RealSports Bar tonight for giving me a warm welcome. I signed up here back in 09 and pretty much just lurked here in my spare time, never posting anything. Getting to know the people behind the...
  12. Omega_Phoenix

    Hello all!

    Hey there guys, a friend referred me to this forum. Said it would be a good learning experience to enhance my knowledge of techstuffs. So... HI!:biggrin::thumb:

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