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  1. BrainEater

    Here fishy fishy !!! come here fishy !

    Hehe.... I see people leaving in droves again. I have also seen some new people that are serious ! That's cool ! Folding shouldn't be trendy.Those of you that have left, please reconsider folding 24/7. :ROFLMAO: Cheers ta beers !
  2. BrainEater

    -=HWC skis !!=-

    Hello everyone !! So there are some of us that Ski together …...Myself , Sagath, HaDeS,Grinder…. We usually film in 4k....Please don't try to watch this on a shitty screen. -------- Here's a video from this year. Two months or so ago...….. This video is HaDeS and myself at big white...…...
  3. BrainEater

    The Death of the HWC folding team.

    The numbers speak for themselves. Our F@H team is toast. ----------------------- LoTech , stop folding. No matter what I'm taking the points title too....the WU title is mine by a million miles. We're either starting a race and getting more members, or moving on.
  4. BrainEater

    Brewery News !!

    I know some of you have heard this , I thought I would share the good news. Caveat : I'm a Wild Rose Brewery shareholder(was) and an employee. We have accepted the offer from Sleeman Breweries to purchase our company. Wild Rose is now owned by Sleeman Breweries. What does this mean ...
  5. BrainEater

    Support for this site.Pony up fatasses

    Ok so , Harware Canucks is an awesome site. Solid reviews, good friends. ----------- I'm a patron already at a diff site. I'd like to be a patron here. Let's get this site user supported. I have money for a cool site like this. Admins , set it up , I will hammer for joiners, and I've got 50$ a...
  6. BrainEater

    Watercooled skylake xeons

    Hehe. Dual 6144's. cpu:30 setting. 32,000 ppd. :haha:
  7. BrainEater

    2018-2019 folding.

    Wow fellas , we have gone down. I'm back to 1.7 Mppd , the garage heater is on. I'd really love to see some of you back, but perhaps a discussion is in order. From a distributed computing standpoint , do we want to continue with F@H ? ------- I've got one milestone left here.I'll get it in 6...
  8. BrainEater

    1/4 BSPP taps...

    Ok you serious watercooling guys. I am looking for a 1/4 BSPP tap to thread holes in some stuff I'm making. (1/4 BSPP is the actual thread designation for g1/4 watercooling fittings.) I do have a couple leads, but I'm curious if anyone here has sourced one. :thumb:
  9. BrainEater

    Havin problems.

    Ok. Where is a safe download of the latest handbrake ? who is the actual developer of handbrake ? Getting sooo many false positives/warnings/etc.... ------- Related to this , despite the fact that my fancy new Xeons 'should' do hardware h.265 encode/decode , I get black screen...
  10. BrainEater

    Case Mod Project Snowballed !

    I can start this properly now. A good case should be 10% of a casemod. Here ya go : ----- Caselabs magnum sth-10 (custom white) Supermicro X11DPi-NT 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6144 processors 96 Gb Crucial ECC DDR4 2666 Corsair AX1500i 2x ASUS Blu-ray (m-disk) burners 2x raid backplanes There's a 1070...
  11. BrainEater

    *sniff* - a sad day.

    A few of you here have seen my white truck....the f250 with the welder on the back. My heart is broken , but I need to take it behind the woodshed and shoot it. :sad: ----- I bought Trucky for 1 dollar , spent 10,000$ on an engine rebuild and some stuff. I've had 7 good years with it ...
  12. BrainEater

    Parseable Image hosting....

    I have several methods for posting media.I pay for Dropbox,Onedrive and Vimeo. -------- God I miss proper FTP. None of my media parses correctly when I try to post it here (or any forum)....it just shows up as a link. :angry2: ------- Hardware Canucks has been gracious enough to host my...
  13. BrainEater

    Socket P (LGA 3647) waterblocks.(haha)

    My friend Deano asked me if I was watercooling my new build.(FU HaDeS !!!) --- I told him 'Xeons dun need water'. At the same rate , he's not wrong.I'd build a watercooled Xeon Dually just to say I did. - Think anyone on the current watercooling market will ever build a socket p waterblock...
  14. BrainEater

    2017.September .HEDTvs XEON.

    Quick nod to 486 , I copied your title a bit because this is where I am at.I didn't want to crap up your thread. ----- They say Septemberish for the 7920x and above skylake-x 12 core+ chips. sooooo..... I'm curious what everyone thinks about a 12 core skylake-x V.S. 2x 6 core...
  15. BrainEater

    Money no object modular PSU

    It's almost 4 years since I built this 3930k... I am upgrading, and have been outta the loop on high end hardware. What is the BEST 1200-1400 watt, modular powersupply on the market right now? :whistle:
  16. BrainEater

    Work in progress Uh oh !!!

    I smell upgrade ! I just paid a ridiculous amount of money for a Caselabs STH10. in white !! Lowfat, I will probably ask you for help on this build. Skylake-x or skylake server....not sure yet. :thumb:
  17. BrainEater

    Haha , you thought PC's were hard ?!!

    Yea. I've setup LAN parties,built my own gaming machines for 16 years,etc,etc.....This is probably the easiest hardware and networking there is. I now understand REAL pain.(on a small scale haha) ------ In our brewery, we use a 36 head rotary filler/crowner to put beer in bottles. Yesterday...
  18. BrainEater

    Basic rules for fixing things !

    :biggrin: #1: Go slowly. Write everything down , and take pictures. #2: It's already broken , don't worry about breaking it. #3: Calling in an expert is NOT a sign of weakness , it's a sign of wisdom. #4: There is a point where "fixing it" is not worth it. #5: Dirt washes...
  19. BrainEater

    Tag and rename issue ?!!

    I have an annoying problem. I have an album , (legit rip to mp3 , it's my album)... A friend of mine ran it through tag and rename , I'm not sure what changed , but it will NOT play on my car stereo. It shows up as "NA file".....All my other stuff plays fine. I'm not sure what happened ...
  20. BrainEater

    Hey Gamers ! Help us out !

    WE know all you gamers have the latest video cards , Help us out during this holiday season.We are in a folding contest. What is folding you ask ? https://folding.stanford.edu/ ------- Stop by the folding subforum here , or ask for help.We would love to have you on the team ...

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