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  1. Cannon Fodder

    Well, let's DAMN SURE hope this is the case!!!

    GPU shortage easing??? - https://www.tomshardware.com/news/gpu-europe-price-drop-shortage-easing
  2. Cannon Fodder

    OMFG - Cryptocurrency mining on HDD & SSD may create ANOTHER shortage!!!

    GEEZ, it's bad enough you can't buy a DAMN GPU, but now THIS!?!?!? :rolleyes: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/hard-drive-ssd-shortages-imminent-if-new-cryptocurrency-blooms
  3. Cannon Fodder

    Want to Sell [SOLD] Umidigi A3S Cell Phone BNIB - $110

    I have a Umidigi A3S cell phone, BNIB, for sale. In need of a new phone, back in March, I ordered this from China, hoping it would arrive in a somewhat timely fashion, but unfortunately, this phone fell into a logistics black hole somewhere. Thinking it was probably lost, I ordered another...
  4. Cannon Fodder

    Want to Sell SOLD - Two Dell Optiplex 390 Motherboards c/w CPUs & I/O Shields

    I have a Dell Optiplex 390 motherboard for sale, with an i5 2400 CPU installed. I got three of these boards from another HWC member recently, and am reselling two(only 1 left now) of them. The previous member hadn't tested them, wasn't into shipping, and didn't have the I/O shields, so I've...
  5. Cannon Fodder

    Hockey fans - did you know about this!?

    This forum sure hasn't seen much activity for quite a while.... kinda odd, considering this site is called, Hardware CANUCKS!!! Anyway, I read this article a couple days ago, and although I suppose I probably shouldn't have been, I was rather surprised to see that some of the rings have already...

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