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  1. LionRed

    8.8km Bridge with airFiber 5XHD's

    Till recently I was only able to get 10Mbps down and 1.0Mbps up. A friend in town got fiber recently, and has a clear los to my house on the coast. He's allowed me to mount a dish on his roof. The ONT has 4 connections....so I setup an account in my name for one these connections and ran the...
  2. LionRed

    Call of Duty: WWII locking Ultrawide users to 80 FOV

    https://community.sledgehammergames.com/t5/Sledgehammer-Games/Call-of-Duty-WWII-Pre-Download-Begins-Tomorrow-on-Steam/ba-p/10449084#M259 Bugger!
  3. LionRed

    Intel's Atom C2000 chips are bricking products

    Intel's Atom C2000 chips are bricking products – and it's not just Cisco hit • The Register
  4. LionRed

    Ebola - Anyone starting to get a little worried?

    Watching and reading the news - I can't get away from the feeling ---- this thing is playing out just like you see at the beginning of a zombie or virus plague movie. :shok: Just wondering if anyone is starting to get a little nervous, worried or concerned ?
  5. LionRed

    Virus Scanner

    I am curious - Past or present and or find on a friends computer (you are trying to "fix")- What virus scanner do you find is the most annoying to use?
  6. LionRed

    Rackstuds? For rack mount equipment.

    Thought some might find these useful? If they haven't heard or seen these already.... Rackstuds? : The smart rack mounting system
  7. LionRed

    What game are you currently playing? (Screenshots if possible pls)

    I am curious to know what others are playing. Perhaps find a gem of a game someone else is playing that we did not even know existed. Please name the game and try to provide a screen shot. Rome Total War 2
  8. LionRed

    Dell 3007WFP Screen Flickering

    For months (a lot of months), this intermittent flickering has been going on. Today I managed to finally capture it on video. For the most part it isn't a huge deal as the flickering only last for a few seconds and only happens every so often. It also helps that it is the secondary monitor on...
  9. LionRed

    COD - Ghost ----metacritic user rating

    So far it is 1.8 after approx 300 users rating - Read User Reviews and Submit your own for Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC - Metacritic Lol I can't wait to see the official game reviewers rating (grabs popcorn).
  10. LionRed

    EA cancels Command & Conquer

    Nooooooooo Damnnnnnnittttt!!!! Electronic Arts cancels Command & Conquer | Stuff.co.nz "Your feedback from the alpha trial is clear: We are not making the game you want to play," a rep for developer Victory Games wrote in a blog post published this afternoon. "That is...
  11. LionRed

    New Zealand ads

    I'll add more NZ ads ...as time goes on. A couple for now.... Blazed - Drug Driving in Aotearoa -Blazed - Drug Driving in Aotearoa - YouTube Shopkeepers (drug driving ad) - Shopkeepers (drug driving ad) - YouTube
  12. LionRed

    Rome 2, another game with no sli or crossfire support

    Seems Rome 2 does not support sli or crossfire. :sad: First COH2 and now Rome 2....the only connection I see is Sega connected to these games. How can they possibly think not having duel card support is a good thing? I can only wonder if they have to pay some kind of licensing agreement to be...
  13. LionRed

    Triple Sli GTX 480's...upgrade?

    Just wondering if the performance difference going from triple GTX 480's to a single GTX 780 for gaming, is worth it. Or should I hold out for one more generation? I realize the drawbacks of the 480 -In the heat, noise, and very Power Hungary! But ...I just want to know how much (perhaps not ?)...
  14. LionRed

    Computer Upgrade 2013 suggestions (?)

    The i920 system I have is starting to feel its age...time for an upgrade. Just looking for some or feedback, suggestions/alternative parts maybe? So far I am thinking along the lines - CPU - Intel Core i7-4770K (most likely will want to oc this chip a little) Motherboard - Gigabyte...
  15. LionRed

    Rampant Apache website attack hits visitors with highly malicious software

    This is kinda scary... Rampant Apache website attack hits visitors with highly malicious software | Ars Technica "the malware that Darkleech pushes is a "Nymaim" piece of ransomware that demands a $300 payment to unlock encrypted files from a victim's machine. Other malware titles that get...
  16. LionRed

    ASRock FM2A85X Extreme6 FM2

    Should this MB have any issues supporting 3TB Western Digital Red HD's? Only ask because my older Gigabyte x58 Extreme MB would not recognize the 3TB Red's (no bios updates for the MB either, to support them).
  17. LionRed

    Company of Heroes 2 - No crossfire or sli supported.

    Crazy to think in the 21st century... Company of Heroes 2 "We're adding this to our Techincal FAQs to clear up confussion. Q: Does CoH 2 Support SLI/Crossfire? A: Crossfire and SLI owners are fully supported to run Company of Heroes 2 with the latest drivers and application profiles...
  18. LionRed

    League of Legends 300 to 400ms is not that bad?

    Basically my latency has doubled when playing Lol (League of Legends) from 180-200ms normally to 300-400ms. It has been like this consistently for the last 4-5 days. "300 to 400ms is not that bad" Perhaps I am wrong, but isn't 300-400ms pretty bad?
  19. LionRed

    Not much to be excited about in computer parts

    Perhaps I am wrong? I am still using my i920's with 3 gtx 480's. I know it sucks a lot of juice...but it plays games I have on max settings (besides...been out golfing more than gaming). The last major upgrade I did was to ssd drives on all my computers. The last few years, I just haven't...
  20. LionRed

    Man Rules

    Some are pretty funny :rofl:....not sure my wife will find it funny:angry2: Sorry it is all in caps....got it off my fb (share). "MAN RULES AT LAST A GUY HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO WRITE THIS ALL DOWN FINALLY, the guys' side of the story. ( I MUST ADMIT, IT'S PRETTY GOOD.) WE ALWAYS HEAR...