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  1. Mulder

    Want to Buy Nothing at the moment

    hey i am looking for a cheap but functional x58 mobo , this sabretooth x58 is dyeing and I want to just keep this system going until the next intel tock. so if anyone has as an oldschool x58 board siting around let me know..
  2. Mulder

    Want to Buy triple channel ddr3 set 12gb +

    I am looking for a triple channel ddr3 set, i currently have a 6gb set on my board but require a few more gb, new or used as long as its not damaged..
  3. Mulder

    Marvell 9128 Trim

    Does the marvel 9128 support trim? I've been seeing a lot of different views on this and i want to use trim with my samsung 840 pros, I have a 256g and a 128gb drives and have been doing some reading and it seems some people say the marvel controller supports trim some say it does and some say...
  4. Mulder

    8-10 channel 30-50watt rheobus or fan control

    is there any place currently selling decent fan controls in Canada ? I don't need to run a water pump or anything crazy off one of the channels on the controller, I am looking for a controller that has no touch screen or crazy disco lights I am just looking for something clean/minimalist...
  5. Mulder

    Want to Buy LGA1366 motherboard

    I am looking for a decent working LGA1366 motherboard to replace my dead gigabyte x58a-UD7, if anyone has one let e know
  6. Mulder

    Gigabyte x58a-UD7 Boot Loop

    my pc went into standby the other day and would not wake from it so i turned it off and since then its been stuck in a bootloop before the bios or post screen , i've tried everything to get it to reboot. I took everything off the board but one stick of ram the i920 and a video card, i've...
  7. Mulder

    Clean Full Tower

    I am looking for a cleaning looking full tower case that has a door at the front, I really like the look of the corsair 750d but I would prefer to keep the clean look without going to a external dvd/blue ray drives. does anyone know of any cases that look like the 750d or fractal design and have...
  8. Mulder

    2xWD Caviar Black 640 GB or 1x WD Caviar Black 1T

    I was Inline for 2x WD Caviar Black 640GB from NCIX's sale but well it seems I won't be getting these anytime soon, could someone recommend a comparable sized and speed drives that I could run in raid 0. I was looking at the 1 gig WD caviar black but I don't need a 2t raid array and would prefer...
  9. Mulder

    Memory for new board

    Am about to purchase a new board and am looking for some advice on memory, I want a 6 gig ddr3 kit. I am just not sure what to purchase 1600 or 2000? Would it be advisable to go with a cheaper 2000 kit over a more expensive 1600 kit would any overclocking be hindered by the 1600 sticks...
  10. Mulder

    Soo I was looking for a new mobo

    I am looking to upgrade my motherboard to something that has SLI or TriSli and a raid controller but am also thinking of going to a I5 or I7 route. The only reason I am looking to upgrade is I miss Raid 0 and would like to sli in a few months but would also like to keep my board for a year or...
  11. Mulder

    EVGA Stepup

    I curently have 10 days left on my stepup plan and it seems the only card that EVGA has listed that i can "stepup" to is a GTX285. Does anyone know if hte 295 is available to step up to? would it be worth steping up the to the 285? if i could get the 295 is the stepup a huge waste of money?
  12. Mulder

    Fallout 3 goes French

    Would anyone here have any incite as to why Fallout 3 goes french on me when i get the Anchorage bay in game text? I've installed all eng patches and addons.
  13. Mulder

    PCI Express 2.0 vs x16

    Can i run this video card on this motherboard if i can will i see any decrease in performance? also if any can recomend a better card for my system or anything go ahead. Video card BFG GeForce GTX 280 Video Card - OC Edition, 1GB GDDR3, PCI Express 2.0 x16, SLI Ready, (Dual Link) Dual DVI...
  14. Mulder

    Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme

    Does anyone know where I can find what liquid Thermalright uses in there heat pipes?
  15. Mulder

    OldSchool kit for X3350

    I have an oldschool water cooling setup from CPUFX. I used it to cool a a VP6 board with dual P3 750's @1GHZ+ on TEC's that and it worked well with an old MSI Pro266TD LR Master with dual tualatins and DDR RAM overclocked and TEC cooled.Could this setup cool a X3350? This setup handle two 80watt...
  16. Mulder

    Game Pad

    Does anyone have any recommendations on a cheaper game pad? preferably something from Zellers or Walmart. I am looking for something to play roms with not something to replace my mouse and keyboard for FPS. I was going to mod one of my old Xbox controllers but apparently the driver is flaky...
  17. Mulder

    Silverstone Zeus 750W

    Does anyone know anything about this PSU? I need a new psu for a quadcore system, hopefully something that will last me a few years. Silverstone Zeus ST75ZF 750W ATX12V 24PIN Power Supply W/80MM Fan Active PFC Quad SLI Certified - DirectCanada
  18. Mulder

    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L No Signal To Monitor

    I received my pc parts this week and just tried to get it up and running for the weekend only to find I can't get a signal from my pc to my monitor. I had it in my case already too go and got no love so I've taken it from the case set the mother board on my desk on a piece of card board. all i...
  19. Mulder

    New Case Needed

    I recently purchased a Thermalright 120 ultra only to find that my case isn't wide enough to house the heatsink. What i am looking for in a case is that it have 120mm cooling fan holes and that it's under $100. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Would the thermalright 120 fit inside one of...
  20. Mulder

    Thermalright ULTIMA-90 Thermalright Ultra 120

    Is anyone here using either the Thermalright ULTIMA-90 or the Thermalright Ultra 120 on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L or similar motherboard? Are these heatsinks heavy for these boards? do they come with the under the sockets supports or do i need to purchase the BOLT-THRU Kit for Ultra 90, Ultra...

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