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  1. FreeKnight

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake announced

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake announced Give me KOTOR II or give me death! Well I mean I'll still take KOTOR I. I honestly don't care much for Star Wars movies (III-IV, VIII are decent IMO, everything else is .... not), but they've had some solid games over the years and I...
  2. FreeKnight

    GOG added a bunch of old Star Trek games

    https://www.gog.com/partner/startrek GOG revived a bunch of old to old-ish Star Trek PC games. There's a bunch of others they already had that aren't on that page as well. Thought I'd 'FYI' for some of you. I assume most aren't very good, but really don't know much about any of them. The only...
  3. FreeKnight

    Asus vs EVGA Canadian RMA experience

    Was trying to find the old RMA thread to no luck, so I'll just ask here. Has anyone had to RMA a GPU to either company in the last couple years? I know EVGA used to be the gold standard for easy RMAs other than shipping to California, but wasn't sure if Asus has improved their process in the...
  4. FreeKnight

    Psychonauts 2 is out in a couple days. Initial reviews look good.

    https://www.pcgamer.com/psychonauts-2-review/ https://www.ign.com/articles/psychonauts-2-review https://kotaku.com/trees-have-become-the-pokemon-fandoms-ultimate-brain-wo-1847541501 They don't seem to have done much advertising, this slipped completely under my radar. Psychonatus 1 is on my...
  5. FreeKnight

    Steam Announces Steam Deck - A steam equivalent to the Nintendo Switch

    Steam Deck Announced Steam Page Not sure what to think about this yet. It's a good idea, but I already have a swtich and between Gamestream/Steamlink I'm not really looking to get another device. Previous handheld PCs have all fizzled out pretty quickly. If I didn't have a switch I'd...
  6. FreeKnight

    Creating custom PSU cables for SF750

    Considering ditching my O11 Mini and going back to my Ncase now that I've got a NAS and don't need local HDDs. One problem I noticed was that there's a lot of cable to 'stuff' inside an M1 with the factory or the corsair braided cables. Cablemod custom is an option, but it gets expensive fast...
  7. FreeKnight

    First NAS/Plex Server, a couple questions

    I'm considering grabbing either a Synology DS220+ or Asustor AS5202T to use as a NAS and plex server. Use is mostly going to be for Plex and as a network/remote drive. I've mostly got 1080p content, but will probably start using 4K at some point. I will store some records and documents (company...
  8. FreeKnight

    Nvidia announces they're making CPUs

    Nvidia Article Honestly I only skimmed this as it's not a consumer CPU, but it should be big news for some sectors. Seems like it's put a small dent in intel's stock price already too.
  9. FreeKnight

    Reddit user has ants infest his PC

    Apparently it's not that unheard of in parts of Florida. That would be annoying as hell, and hard to know for sure you got all of them out.
  10. FreeKnight

    Lian li Galahad - anyone know what pump it uses

    Now that I have a Lian-li O11 Mini sitting in my office and I'm deciding if I want to use it or not, I'm thinking of throwing a 240 aio in it. I'm considering the Lian-li galahad or the Phanteks Glacier, but I can't seem to find out if the lian li is a Asetek v6 or something else. Anyone know or...
  11. FreeKnight

    Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti delayed again, May release

    Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti now looking at a mid-May launch Not surprising, and availability is going to be shit, but it'd be nice if it was formally released so I can start complaining about not being able to get one ;)
  12. FreeKnight

    Rogers buys Shaw Cable

    Rogers buys Shaw cable Not really news for those of you East of Manitoba, but Shaw is getting bought out by Rogers, so all of Canada will soon have the opportunity to enjoy the horrific service that Ontario's had for years ;):LOL: Wonder how it'll affect resellers using Shaw's network down the...
  13. FreeKnight

    Getting started mining; Eth vs BTC,

    Alright gents, I've gotten my RMA'd 2080ti and it's back in the rig. Seeing as how the PC's on all day while I'm working, but my work doesn't use my GPU much at all (Excel, word, outlook) I think I may finally dip my toe in the mining world. Have a couple of questions off the bat; 1) Eth vs...
  14. FreeKnight

    Optimizing GPU airflow for stock cooler in an NCase

    I've started to think my GPU issues were related to overheating of the Zotac 2080 Ti AMP (possibly). I've put the stock cooler back on instead of the Morpheus II and am going to give it a try. It turns out the card should fit if I'm very careful in the installation after some cable rerouting of...
  15. FreeKnight

    Want to Buy Slim 140mm fan

    Want to see if a slim 140mm fan will work on a C14S, but can't find any for sale on the usual etailer culprits Something like the Prolimatek Ultra Sleek Vortex or a Raijintek Aeolus Has to be both slim and 140mm, a fat 140 (25mm) won't fit and a slim 120mm isn't what I'm looking for
  16. FreeKnight

    Overstuffed Ncase 2.0

    Harvesting my Ncase for the next build, still overstuffed, but with newer hardware. Despite not changing too much, I thought I'd take some photos anyway. Waiting until tonight at the GF wants to see how to build a PC, but I've got the parts out on the table. Almost tempted to use the NR200 so I...
  17. FreeKnight

    Another 3080 Ti leak, this time by gigabyte and some other news

    Tom's Guide Nvidia RTX 3080Ti leak by Gigabyte
  18. FreeKnight

    4790k, Z97 Asus ITX, 2x8GB G.Skill DDR3-

    Now that my ryzen chip is on the way, I'll be looking at selling off the old rig. Roughly averaging the last 8-9 sales on ebay for each I'm looking at; 4790k $175 Asus Z97 mITX $200 2x8GB DDR3-2400 Gskill trident (I think, will have to double check speed/brand) $100 Only flaws are that the...
  19. FreeKnight

    New Case by Lian Li + Ncase ; Sunny Side Up Meshlicious

    Optimum Tech Review That name is all kinds of awful. Meshlicious sounds like a trash pop song, but the case looks pretty interesting. PCI Riser cable is only 3.0 which is a downside, but overall it's an interesting case
  20. FreeKnight

    Shield owners; Using headsets with gamestream/moonlight

    Somewhat related to my headset thread. Have any of you used a headset with the shield for game audio and voice chat? I'd like to play stardew with the GF online, but I'm not sure if that will work with gamestream or not. Most google results seem to be years old so I'm not sure they're valid...

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