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    Corsair Force Series LE 480GB ?

    Hi. The above mentioned is currently on sale for $139.99. I cant seem to find much about it and very few reviews. Anybody have any experience with this drive ? Thanks.
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    Finally Making Jump to SSD, Need Help !!!

    Like the title says. I'd like something that's fast but doesn't have to be blazing. Going to use it mostly for OS, a little bit of gaming and surfing. Movies and music will be on another regular drive. I'd like to get get it at NCIX. They have a bunch on sale so what would you recommend ? Thanks...
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    This Kingston drive ok for $99?

    Kingston 120GB Solid State Drive Kit (SV300S3B7A/120G) : Solid State Drives - Future Shop Hey just wondering if this would be a good choice. I usually don't get hardware at FS but this is on sale for $99. Sale ends today.
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    Stompin Tom has passed away

    Yahoo! News Canada - Latest News & Headlines Will never be forgotten, especially by hockey fans.
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    Gasoline prices on the rise again.......

    Gasoline prices spike before Easter weekend -  News - MSN CA We're not getting much help (I mean any !!!!!) from our federal and provincial governments.
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    Trudeau wins !!!

    Trudeau stops Brazeau in charity bout -  News - MSN CA All week I heard on a local radio station CFRA (pro-conservative) that Brazeau was gonna give Trudeau a beating. Good to see it was the other way around. And the most important thing is lots of $$$$ was raised for charity.
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    Canada, the world's next superpower ???

    Is Canada the world's next superpower? – Erin Burnett OutFront - - CNN.com Blogs Interesting.
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    Whitney Houston died today....48yrs old

    Singer Whitney Houston dies at 48 - CNN.com
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    Bell to stop throttling

    About friggin time !!!! Bell to stop internet throttling -  News - MSN CA
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    Very sad story

    This brought me to tears. Puts things in perspective. 3 drown in rescue attempt in Quebec river -  News - MSN CA
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    Anybody play this ???

    Out of the Park Baseball: Home I haven't played it in a few years now but I'm thinking of getting back into it. The latest version is OOTP 12. Anybody playing?
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    Toshiba A350-O4T laptop

    Lookingt at possibly selling my wife's Toshiba laptop. Probably getting her a IPAD 2 for Christmas. It's in great condition except that the left arrow key at the bottom right is broken. The top plastic part is off but it still works by pressing it. Just haven't gotten a chance to get it...
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    Back after surgery

    Just getting back home from the hospital. I went in on Wednesday for emergency surgery. I had my gallbladder removed. I had my appendix out a couple years ago but this was much worse. So what body part is next ?!?!
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    Been awhile, getting back into it. Need help !

    Like the title says. Probably over a year since I last folded for any length of time. With Dan gone :sad: I figure the team needs a new "slow but sure" folder. Currently using a 955BE on a MSI 790FX-GD70 with 4 GB GSkill ram. I have a bunch of video cards I can use: Gigabyte GTX260 core216...
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    Recommend me a new router please !

    Looks like i need a new router. My current one (DLINK DIR-655 Extreme N) keeps dropping. I read that many people have had that happen. Some even after just a few months. I've had mine for nearly 3 yrs so not bad I guess. Need a good one since the router will be in the basement and both rigs are...
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    Flyers trade away Richards and Carter

    Huge trades for Philly Flyers ship out Richards and Carter, sign Bryzgalov Now they can sign Bryzgalov. I hope he sucks. I wasn't surprised about Carter but I was with Richards. I guess the rumours he and Pronger didn't get along were true. Next captain - Chris Pronger.
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    Going to P67

    I'm going to be selling some of my AMD stuff and moving to P67. Looking to spend $225 or lower for the board. Probably will get 2500K to go along with it. Recommendations?
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    Are the NHL owners stupid ???

    Report: Bettman got five-year extension with NHL last fall Mr. Know Nothing About Hockey got a 5 yr contract extension. What a joke !!!! There's 8 or 9 teams that are for sale or trying to add partners. Phoenix is a disaster off the ice. Many many things he had a hand in and not in a good way...
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    Want to Sell All items sold, more items coming !!!

    All items in good condition and tested ok. Prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. I accept EMT only or cash in person. I ship Canada Post. Ultra X3 1000W PS - sold to InurHome WD drive 500GB (AAKS) - WD drive 640GB (AAKS) - sold to Taichan WD drive 750GB (AAKS) - EVGA 9800GTX+...
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    Former great Expos passed away

    Woody Fryman passed away yesterday. He was 70. Expos pitcher

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