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  1. justmehereajax

    Want to Buy nothing

  2. justmehereajax

    Portable Air Conditioners? .... recommendations for super quiet?

    I know portable air conditioners are bad... I have experienced them. They are loud and not that efficient. Is there anything new these day in advancements that has made them quiet and more efficient? I see some reviews but I guess I have to see them in person really to know.
  3. justmehereajax

    Milling your own flour

    I saw this product "Wonder Mill". It grinds/mills everything even black beans to a flour. https://www.thewondermill.com/index.php/module/statics/action/view_listing/page/52 I wonder where I can get it. It is old though and looks like it is not sold no more on amazon.ca. What mills do you guys use?
  4. justmehereajax

    TOFU making

    I want to make homemade TOFU. I have a youtube video that uses GDL (Glucono Delta Lactone). I am newbie. Anyone make tofu with this? its a firming agent. Alternatives?
  5. justmehereajax

    Recommend a quality NVME enclosure?

    So far my only one experience buying from Aliexpress went well. I bought some GPU fans for my GB RX570 4GB for 10$ USD. Thus, I bought some small microSD to SD adapter for 2.5$ again to fit in the small sd card slot on my lappy. still waiting I want something cheap again LOL. Looking to get a...
  6. justmehereajax

    Smart thermostat recommendation

    I want to be able to control the heat and cooling of house via google assist ant. What value recommendations do u have?
  7. justmehereajax

    Built a wireless router from pc parts

    https://medium.com/@renaudcerrato/how-to-build-your-own-wireless-router-from-scratch-c06fa7199d95 I would like to build this to use as an access point really. Over the years I been buying routers and use them as access points. Spent hundreds of dollars and they eventually die. I have some...
  8. justmehereajax

    Lose left click on mice.

    I am having this common occasional problem with my laptop... well I seen it happen three (3) times on the laptop in my sig I just happen to connect a Microsoft Wireless keyboard and microsoft dongle and I lose left click on mouse and trackpad. I have to do a CTRL-ALT-DEL. left click twice on...
  9. justmehereajax

    Running low in AS5 thermal compound... what cha got?

    I am building PCs again and my big tube of AS5 is almost done. Should I buy AS5 again? Looking for a large tube of Thermal Compound. Where to buy? What recommendations?
  10. justmehereajax

    Need a AM4 cooler, cheap and easy to install. Is this cooler OK (Aliexpress)?

    Thinking of getting this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000035299135.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.31f33c00TyIlDp&mp=1 What is the dimensions of the clipon fan? 90mm or 80mm? I like this type of cooler as I can easily replace the FAN when it dies. The AMD Spire AM4 cooler can die and I have it in...
  11. justmehereajax

    No USB-C -> Displayport on my Laptop so ... Docking station right?

    I would like to get a docking station at home to expand my connections to my laptop in my sig. Is this the right one? Dell Precision 3510 https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Dell-E-Port-Plus-Port-Replicator-PR03X-PRO3X-08RNJ7-Docking-Station/112654279684?hash=item1a3ab7e404:g:tRgAAOSwuAVW0KaW I like to...
  12. justmehereajax

    ASUS PB238Q - Professional monitor is it??? for $150 with great stand

    I am in need of a good long lasting monitor to use at my brothers house. This is relatively cheap $150. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00906GBBC/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1 Other places are selling for $200++ It is the "B" series of Proart is it??? PB238Q I currently...
  13. justmehereajax

    Replacement fans but from Aliexpress???

    I need replacement fans for my GPU. anyone buying from Aliexpress? it is over 2x cheaper than ebay... $10~ still from china for both fans for my RX570. Give it a go?
  14. justmehereajax

    Precision Tool Kit for opening up tech recommendation

    I am looking for a great tool kit with precision tools to open cell phones and laptops. I use just whatever I have at home and scuff up all my tech :D What do you guys use? All in one kit. Any Amazon Prime offerings?
  15. justmehereajax

    Extender NVME m.2 42 to 80

  16. justmehereajax

    Recommend a "quality" AMD AM4 ITX mobo.

    I got another Ryzen 1600 with stock cooler for cheap. I lost out a day too late for a Asus Matx tuf gaming 450 board from a local seller bnib for $70 lol. oh well... So I am going new for the mobo but ITX. What should I pair this 1600 with? I think integrated Wifi is a must.
  17. justmehereajax

    Want to Buy WANT: Ryzen 1700 or better

    Now I want a Ryzen 1700 with 8 cores/16 threads or newer/better. Some retailer in Quebec was sellig the 1700X for $100 during the holidays .... I should have snagged a new one even though the shipping was like $40 lol...
  18. justmehereajax

    Want to Buy WANT: SODIMM DDR4

    Looking for a matching pair of DDR4 SODIMM LAPTOP at least 2400 MHZ 2x 8GB
  19. justmehereajax

    I should have bought a high end Intel Thinkpad? Now what?

    Already bought the Thinkpad e495. which I think is the lowest end thinkpad. AMD battery life sucks. Overall good performance. but battery eh.... Want to know what POWERBANK usb c to get for it? Any recommendations?
  20. justmehereajax

    What is the DC Plug barrel for USB hubs mostly 5.5mm x 2.1mm?

    What is the DC Plug barrel for USB hubs? 5.5mm x 2.1mm? Normally...

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