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    Work in progress The 2020 (now streching into 2021) pc migration

    Welp, 2020 has been a crappy year altogether and I decided it was finally time to overhaul the old 3770k build. Little did I know, that was going to be a multi month struggle to get parts but here's a little of what went down. Managed to snag a 10900kf, Z490 aorus master, and 64gb of dominator...
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    Want to Buy Nothing for now

    All done for now :)
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    cellular internet booster / lowering ping

    So.... I have recently (been a few months now -_-) moved into a more rural area and internet here is pretty horrid.... been using cellular internet and as you can imagine WoW / LoL at 200~ ping (spiking over 500 regularly) and 50kb/s speeds kinda suck.... I was looking into buying a signal...
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    Windows 8.1 shutting down but hardware not turning off....

    So i recently reinstalled my computer and got windows 8.1. This is pretty much a clean install and for some reason when i turn off my computer / sleep, the display goes off and the computer seems to have shut off but the my video cards and cpu cooling units are still running as well as all the...
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    Want to Sell wts samsung 840 evo 500 gb wtb 2tb+ hdds

    GTX 780 TI - Reference model MSI 670$ shipped ea (All Sold) http://imageshack.com/a/img545/1308/b531.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img802/2158/w0cw.jpg P.S. also have a BNIB evga 780ti with heatshrink still on as well as a BNIB komodo full cover block which i may part with / trade pm me if...
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    Want to Sell Nothing currently

    So.... I'm downscaling and cancelling a few projects I had lined up due to work / school / planning a wedding which also requires cash... thus pawning off my gear..... Ignore the messy temp bench I have since I'm modding my case ._. .... For Sale: 1x BNIB (still sealed) EVGA gtx 780 SC...
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    Want to Buy WTB 200g+ ssds / mechanical keyboars (backlit) / ddc selling a few things

    Like title says looking for 200g+ ssd (sata 6g) perferably not ocz Cheap Mechanical keyboard (backlit perferred) with whichever switch that isnt too loud Cheap ddc Also looking for an 800d power suply cover panel thing (let me know which site will sell one if you know) and mesh / fan covers...
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    Mayhem Dye with Fesser cooling fluid (Dazmode protector)

    So as title says I purchased the two without thinking about whether it will pose a problem to use Dazmode protector with Mayhem's clear / UV blue dye. If anyone knows (or is using) the combination please let me know :)

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