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  1. ChuckleBrother

    Work in progress Aqua Fortis

    Hello all! Things are finally starting to come in and I figured it's as good a time as any to get my log started. First off my parts-list: Internal Parts: Case: Silverstone TJ07 *new* CPU: Intel i7 920 C0 *reused* Motherboard: eVGA x58 SLI LE *new* Videocard: eVGA 470 *new* HDD: WD...
  2. ChuckleBrother


    Looking for informed opinions backed by experience only please, guesses are nice but I need hard confirmation. I am looking to change the colour of my motherboard heatsinks and anodization appears to be out, is there any sort of powder or standard wet painting method that won't destroy the...
  3. ChuckleBrother

    IP Conflict

    Network has been otherwise entirely fine, and then this. Every once in a while Windows claims to be detecting an IP conflict and every computer on my network drops the connection. It's only temporary but it completely boots me out of any web-based usage I'm currently doing. Now this would have...
  4. ChuckleBrother

    Networking Help Badly Needed

    Alright, the gist is like this: 1) I have a media server PC that streams media around my house 2) I have 2 networks, one is for my Teksavvy net, one for Rogers/local stuff 3) I want my server on BOTH, but only to get internet from the Teksavvy-connected network. I do not at ALL want it trying...
  5. ChuckleBrother

    Weird Video Error

    Fairly simple, when items go fullscreen, poof, my screen goes black and never recovers, no error dialogue, nothing, the machine just freezes absolute solid. It's not always immediate but it always happens, without fail. I can reproduce this error 20 times a day if I was so inclined. Windowed...
  6. ChuckleBrother

    Budget Gaming Build

    Not at all my style but my buddy at work wants a budget, $800 is the rough cap, gaming machine. i5 is an option though it breaks the bank by about $100, so I want a weigh in: is it even worth it or would I be better off setting him up with a higher clocked dual core? On that note, recommend...
  7. ChuckleBrother

    Unlimited Internet In Ottawa

    Can anyone recommend a decent internet service in Ottawa that offers unlimited throughput? My terribly low Rogers cap breaks in the first 2 weeks of the month. Speed doesn't need to be killer, just decent enough for streaming video and decent speed for dling games off Steam.
  8. ChuckleBrother

    Want to Sell iPhone 3G 8GB Black

    SOLD! UPS was kind enough to find me in my bathrobe this morning and give me my new phone so I'm selling my old phone. Used since last August and currently jailbroken(can remove JB if wanted), it does have some cosmetic damage on the back(1/2" crack on the back). Comes with brand-new...
  9. ChuckleBrother

    Anyone care for a drink?

    Hey HWCanuckians, gonna be in Vancouver until Monday the 3rd and wondering if any of you Vancouver residents wanna go out and grab a drink(since all these Ottawa guys keep lazing up for a meetup:blarg:). Lemme know!
  10. ChuckleBrother

    Want to Sell Jaybird JB-200 Wireless Headphones/Headset

    Jaybird JB-200 Wireless Headphones/Headset *Pricedrop* Good sound and comfy, but earbuds still don't like me. Long story short: buy this so I can try again:thumb: I'm asking for $130 shipping NOT included(shipping with CP will be under $10). I will accept pretty well any payment method and am...
  11. ChuckleBrother

    Want to Buy Want to buy/borrow cheap DDR3

    My corsair kit has to go back for an RMA so I'm looking to either buy or borrow some cheap DDR3 ram from someone(Ottawa only please). 4Gb or more please, lets see what HWC's got!
  12. ChuckleBrother

    Good stationary or recumbent bike?

    I need something to do some cardio over the winter and the scary thing that is riding a bike in a city(country boy will not ride a bike in the city!) so I'm looking at some stationary or recumbent exercise bikes. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good unit that I can get, price is not a...
  13. ChuckleBrother

    Weird Crash Issue

    Weird issue has been cropping up lately and I want some input. The Issue: So the machine will run fine from a cold boot and can sometimes run for hours(I folded on the gpu/cpu for 63 hours without a problem) but sometimes randomly crashes on me. Once it does crash and I try to reboot I get...
  14. ChuckleBrother

    Voltage Questions - i7 920

    Running on my i7 920, Foxconn Bloodrage board and overclocking this thing seems to be easy as pie but, I have no idea if my voltages are safe. I hit 3.99Ghz this morning(by mistake) with the following settings: bclk - 190 multi - 21 vcore - 1.392(1.2575 in Bios) vdimm - 1.66(1.65 in Bios) My...
  15. ChuckleBrother

    PSU Dilemma

    So I am considering my i7 upgrade that I've been putting off for a while but I finally decided on my hardware: Newegg.ca - CORSAIR Dominator GT 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Desktop Memory Newegg.ca - Foxconn BloodRage LGA 1366 Intel...
  16. ChuckleBrother

    Powdercoat or Paint?

    :help: I'm having a crisis, in a few months I want to paint the interior of my case to a nice matte black but for a few "accent" details and the watercooling. I can't really decide which will look nicer, just plain old spray painting or powdercoating? If I DO go with a powdercoat, does anyone...
  17. ChuckleBrother

    Project "Unus Multorum" - Rebuilding the Rebuild

    So I had my first WCing baptism a few weeks back at Digital Overload, my motherboard was totally fried. Not to be put off I saw this as an opportunity to upgrade my machine, unfortunately cash was not permitting so instead an incremental upgrade and MORE COOLING! Can never go wrong with more...
  18. ChuckleBrother

    Want to Buy 4870x2 Or GTX2XX

    Want one of these puppies but the majority of those being sold are all EMT or nothing, which my bank won't support. So I am looking for anyone with one looking to sell who will accept local(Ottawa area) or Paypal as payment. For anyone interested I also have a CoolIt Freezone Elite that I can...
  19. ChuckleBrother

    Good LGA1366 Motherboard?

    Need New Mobo *Now Looking for LGA775* Now just a straight up replacement So I went to Digital-Overload this weekend and had a bit of an incident with my motherboard. It is now fried and I am extremely happy. Weird reaction but this means I finally have a reason to upgrade to i7:). I have...
  20. ChuckleBrother

    Rehashed TJ09 - MCR220 and PA120.3

    So I have had my TJ09 watercooled for some time now with a giant PA120.3 hanging off the back. This was fine and my temps were great but I can't stand the looks of it. So I decided to get tricky and am now going to totally redo my whole case(wiring, loop, etc) and put it inside the case. So here...

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