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  1. J

    upgarde video card

    Looking for a card to replace my 4850.. budget is $250 max.. Looking at the 4890 or GTX 275???:biggrin: Any thoughts?
  2. J

    Real Temp or Core Temp or Ai Suite

    Just built my i7 920 System cooling the i7 with Corsair H50 water.. Now Real Temp and Core Temp show a max temp of 55-56 Degrees Primeing for hours.. Asus AI Suite shows a max temp of 65-66 Degrees primeing for hours.. Which one is correct, all programs are default settings no touching tjmax or...
  3. J

    will this work

    Hello...............:biggrin: I have an eVGA 750i motherboard.. I have since bought a ATI 4850 Videocard.. I am going to buy another one. Now Can I just start the setup of the chipset driver install, then It will ask which to install or uncheck to not install will unchecking all the drivers...
  4. J

    HR-03 on Sapphire 4850

    I have an HR-03 cooler that I used on my 8800GTX.. Can I use this on my new 4850? If not what are the differences between the HR-03 and GT versions?? I looks like it might fit..?" :haha:
  5. J

    Stuck in Memory Diagnostics loop

    I went into Admin tools and selected Memory Diagnostics tool, where it scans your memory for errors on a reboot.. Only it's stuck in some kind of loop, I have tried to turn it off, won't shut down, reset bios, set it to do the bare minimum of testsing still takes hours and then resets and does...
  6. J

    won't boot up

    A friend of mine gave me there computer to fix.. When I power it up it just reboots when the Windows XP logo comes on.. So I tried to boot in safe mode same thing.. I pulled the bios jumper and now it does not even show motherboard logo screen.. It just show this.. R430 X800 XL bios Boot Block...
  7. J

    raid help

    My buddy has an older computer AMD xp2500 on an Asus A78NX mobo.. He has 2 40G drives in Raid 0 now, the computer does not boot up.. All it says in keyboard error I have replaced the keyboard, with usb board and ps/2 keyboard and mouse same issue.. So I think it's his board, gone bye bye.. But...
  8. J

    reboot issues

    I've been having this issue the last couple of weeks.. whenever I reboot vista it hangs on the loading screen the little bars that load just stop then go very very slow.. I've waited 10min still no boot. I have to turn power switch off on PS then on again and it will boot. Now I've unplugged...

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