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  1. hightest

    Did'nt wanna thread crap on van thread

    This is not against all van fans but.So i was osted frum postin in that thread. First off, half are family/freinds live in B.C.And my sister married a Kesler,so i here of what sum of them are like. ... Sais they suport well when there winnin which i tottaly agree,but when there losin they...
  2. hightest

    Ati + physics/1 monitor/works/win7 see inside

    Win 7 physics ati 1 moniter confirmed works. New 191.03 , physics mod 1.01,ati 9.10. Create a virtul vga moniter in the screen rezolution dialog page of windows. One vantage sore i seen jumped 2000 piontson tottal score ...cpu 12701 without...with physics cpu= 20707. Follow this link and...
  3. hightest

    Peter Puck

    Wow that brings back memory's.I did'nt think weed ever see ol peter puck back:thumb:. That reminded me of the hotdog dance in between movies at the drivin when i was a kid.
  4. hightest

    9.10 ati beta drivers

    For me i don't usally see a differnce in i q but i did with this set of drivers. 3do6 mark went up a little over 200 piont., No problums at all with resident evil 5 bench mark.i scored 54.03 fps at 1920 rez all settings at highest,with my cpu at 3.2,single 4870. ATI Catalyst 9.10 Beta...
  5. hightest

    ati 9.9

    so i just downloaded the 9.9 ran resident evil bench mark,area 3 big improvment ave 37 fps on a single 4870. i think i used to get about 15 fps in area 3,total is now 54fps instesd of 34 fps.
  6. hightest

    Refurbished 295 gtx $382;00/and 2 gtx 280 $198;00/links inside

    Refurbished gtx 295/2,gtx's 280/2,4870x2/great price i think Memory Express Computer Products Inc. - Computer Parts & Laptop Computers in Canada Memory Express Computer Products Inc. - Computer Parts & Laptop Computers in Canada Prety good deal if you don't mind refurbished cards. Couple...
  7. hightest

    Funny email

    So do they think folks are stupid or what. I got an email in my junk folder free t.v over 2500 channels,never pay for t.v agian. Just download are softwere with the unlok key #347. The address was 127 shirley str. sumthin or other in the Bahamas. I thought it was funy so i thought i'de...
  8. hightest


    They sure have a great lookin defence core,should help the kipper, keepin most of the shots frum the outside. And 3 30 plus gaol scorers up frunt. And 3 or 4 goal scorers in the 20's A a few the teen's. There all lookin prety big, speedy, looks like a good dump and chase lineup,and they...
  9. hightest

    refreshing H.W.C

    I'm havin an problum with the forum,evertime time i clik the refresh button it logs me out,this has been going on 4 a while now. Anything i can do about that?
  10. hightest

    AMD dx=11 showcase

    Here is a showcase on dx 11. Seems like it will be prety good. YouTube - AMD demonstrating DX11 hardware at QuakeCon 2009
  11. hightest

    asus p55/1156

    Ncix has to asus p55/1156 boards 4 sale,in stok. But no cpu's yet. Kinda risky buyin a board u coold'nt test right away i think .
  12. hightest

    coolit's m-tec

    If any 1 is using the m-tec for a coolit product. There is a new softwere ver 1.55. I have been using it 4 a while now on vista 64 bit/windows 7 64 bit,and have not had any mallfunctions.
  13. hightest

    Bear in my yard

    My sisters family lives on tappin mountion just outside of Salmon Arm. She was in her home office she heard sumthin restlyn in the bush she grabed her camera and took a pic of a black bear They have been commin around lots the last few munths,since both there beluved golden retrievers...
  14. hightest

    Prety hot deal xfx 4870x2 $399;00

    Not as good as the deal chilly has.here is the link. XFX Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB DDR5 PCI-E w/ Dual DVI, HDTV-Out at Memory Express Computers
  15. hightest

    No fuel b.c alberta

    So my mum dad/my kids were on there way home today frum Salmon Arm. Only 1 gas station had fuel in Salmon Arm.They filled up both tanks. They ran out of diesel just outside of Banf.Tow truck brought them a jerry can full.Then in Banf gas stations are all on fumes. They gave them enuff...
  16. hightest


    How can i make my pictures i post only veiwable 2 hwc members?
  17. hightest

    Evermount lcd tv/moniter/26"/40"

    Evermount lcd t.v/moniter mount/26"/40"/max 70lbs. Articulating wall mount for mid-sized lcd's t.v's /moniters Vesa compliant for 75x75,100x100,100x200,200x200mm.26"-40" up to 70lbs. Features both horizontal/vertical adjustments. This unite tilts,swivels,many differant ways and degrees...
  18. hightest

    Vantec xternal 58-1 card reader/writer

    Vantec's portable hi speed usb 2.0 58-1 xternal card reader/writer Well packaged,fast,supports large memory cards,480mbps,very compact,no drivers needed plug/play. Works great with xp-home/vista-64bit iv'e used it with both those o s. I have not timmed it but iv'e transferd a few hundred...
  19. hightest

    dungens dragons online beta

    i was just reading another post d d was mentioned.so i thought id'e let folks no that it can be downloaded at file planet. i tried playin it 4 a couple days it reminded me of warrhammer online. dd makes me way 2 dizzy and i got sick after tryin 2 play it both times. others will probubly...
  20. hightest

    seems pretty hot ocz

    i dont no much about these new fancy drives but this seems like a pretty hot deal Future Shop: Computer Add-Ons: Hard Drives: OCZ SATA II 120GB 2.5" Solid State Hard Drive (OC-SSDA-120G) - Web Only i cant remember who showed me how 2 post links buts thanks agian , i wrote down the...

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