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  1. matsta31

    Bulding a HTPC - Been out of the loop

    Hi, Its been a while since my last build, no time for gaming does that to you ! I am buying an HDTV soon and I want to build a HTPC but not for Tv recording purposes, I will have a free pvr for that. What I want to be able to do : - Playback physical DVD and blue ray. - Playback media...
  2. matsta31

    Western digital WDEARS 1.5

    With all the problem in the Hard drive business, I see pricing has come up like crazy. I am wondering what should be a fair price for this western digital green 1.5 TB ? NCIX.com - Buy Western Digital WD15EARS Caviar Green 1.5TB SATA 64MB Cache 3.5IN Hard Drive OEM - Western Digital WD -...
  3. matsta31

    Want to Sell Logitech G9 Gaming mouse

    Hi, FOR SALE : gaming mouse Logitech G9. Great mouse, works good, comes with weights and 2 grips. There is a problem with the mouse cable sleeve. as you can see in the pictures, the cable got through the sleeve at two spots. Also, I have only 4 of the 4g weights left. Everything else is...
  4. matsta31

    Want to Sell PWC active DP, Cougar 700w modular

    Selling some stuff I dont use. Everything is + shipping. Local pickup South shore MTL or delivery donwtown Mtl is available. Mcp 655 with EK top and BP kit - SOLD Diamond 6870 OC - SOLD Cougar 700 W modular - 75 $ Powecolor ActiveDisplayport single link - 25 $ and the 3 BenQs 24''...
  5. matsta31

    Gvt, Canada post and its Pension

    I look at their retirement benefits have mixed feelings. I mean getting 70 % to 80 % of your max salary until you die is great for them. But since we are paying for it through our taxes... I am not sure I am ok with this. My RRSP tanked and I made almost no money in the last 5 years...
  6. matsta31

    Road Bike anyone ?

    I just bought myself a great gift in a Road Bike. Got only 3 rides done on it, but I love it. I bought the Trek 1.5, this : 1.5 - Trek There are some sepcials out there, so I did go for it. Anyone else riding ? Got any rides to suggest for the greater Montreal area ? Right now I...
  7. matsta31

    Want to Sell Corsair Ax 1200 - 200 $ + shipping !

    Gotthisgreat Gold certified PSU for sale, this is one of the kings of PSUs with everything you want. current online pricing: Corsair Professional Series Gold AX1200 Fully-Modular 1200 Watt 80 PLUS review from the guru : Corsair AX1200 1200W Review I am asking 200 $ + shipping a steal...
  8. matsta31

    Anandtech says Bulldozer = Late July (sadface)

    I am sure everyone knows who Anand his, but for any of you out there who dont know is website, let just say you should believe him. Taken from his article on ASROCK new AMD mobos : ''AMD originally wanted to launch Bulldozer at Computex but performance issues with its B0 and B1 stepping...
  9. matsta31

    Want to Sell Swiftech XT, EK reservoir + MCP355/350 top, SLI and comp fittings

    hi, Selling some watercooling Gear I overstocked in the last months, I will accept offers : EK Reservoir - 30 $ Ek custom Mcp355/350 top/res combo = 40 $ - Pending 4 compression fittings, still in plastic wrap - 15 $- Pending Sli connector, still in plastic wrap - 12.50 $ Swiftech...
  10. matsta31

    Ip adress, torrents and Law suit in USA

    U.S. Judge Makes Landmark Ruling That an IP Address Does Not Equal a Person | PC Perspective Interesting ruling for the future of torrents and large IP adress based suits.
  11. matsta31

    LGA 2011 Anandtech roadmap article

    Some info on pricing, timing, core numbers for X79 chipset. Not much, but still interesting : Additional Details on Sandy Bridge-E Processors, X79, and LGA2011 - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News
  12. matsta31

    Want to Sell SR-2 + 2 XEON 6 cores - will split + San ACE fans

    Hi, Here is my little story, I took my SR-2 rig down to sell my GTX480 Blocks and 2 weeks later, I have had no time/inclination to build it up again. So, I will see if I can sell it. I am willing to split everything up. For 6 cores 1366 compatible cpus, I am asking 425 $ + shipping...
  13. matsta31

    OCZ Vertex 3 Pro Eng. Review [PcPer]

    Interesting article on a engineering sample of the new Sandforce controller, saturation of sata 6 anyone ? Way out of the price range, but still interesting for things to come. PC Perspective - OCZ Technology Vertex 3 Pro SandForce 2582 200GB SATA 6G SSD Review
  14. matsta31

    Want to Sell X58 Classified Mobo block

    Hi, got this block for sale. 60 $ + shipping ! What you see on the picture, is what you get !
  15. matsta31

    Want to Buy Mountain Mods U2-UFO, Pinnacle 24, Ascension

    Hello, I am looking at buying a mountain mods U2-UFO, Pinnacle 24 or ascension with the end goal of housing my SR-2 and two radiators. If you dont have the mobo tray or the back with 10 PCI slots I don't care since I could buy if from MM anyway. I know its a shot in the dark, but lets see...
  16. matsta31

    Experience with danger den double wide Tower

    Hi, In my semi-permanent search for an SR-2 case with the capacity to hold the SR-2 and my 2 GTX480 + my watercooling gear. It would be, 2 X 360 RAD or 1 X 480 RAD + 1 X 240 RAD. Anyway, the case looks like it would work. Seems like their is place for 2 X 360 RAD, plus some fan controlers...
  17. matsta31

    ASROCK Fatal1ty ?

    Fail website, Once again, I dont want websites to mess with my music. here is a good looking p67 : Altough, there seesm to be a lot of black/red theme around now. ASRock Fatal1ty
  18. matsta31

    Tool to attach 3 pins connectors

    Hi, I need to attach one of the 3 pins adaptor to a bare wire, I tried attaching it to the cable with some long nose plier, but I find it difficult to do. Is there a specific tool that I could use to make the work easier ?
  19. matsta31

    Where can I find 3 pins fans connectore and bare wire in Montreal ?

    Where can I find 3 pins fans connectors and bare wire in Montreal ? I need some to daisy chain.
  20. matsta31

    Sandy available ! .... in Malaysia

    Seems a seller jumped the gun ! Lowyat.NET : Malaysia's Largest Online Community - Intel Sandy Bridge Processors and Mobos Spotted At Local Retailers and pcper article : PC Perspective - The #1 Choice for PC Hardware Reviews and Information They say that they do have the Cpu/mobos in...

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