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    Rants etc.....

    No problem. I got one too. There's not much else that could possibly be coming from Chatham. :haha:
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    Rants etc.....

    Are you a Teksavvy customer? They're shipping out promotional posters from their offices in Chatham if you did that "which character are you" quiz and they are using Xpresspost. Just a wild guess...
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    Dell Ultrasharp U2713 27” AH-IPS Monitor Review COMMENT THREAD

    Just thought I'd mention the U2713HM is on sale for just $569.99 today as part of their Days of Deals. Dell UltraSharp U2713HM 27-inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor with LED : Computer Components | Dell Canada Probably the lowest I've seen it...in Canada at least.
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    Want to Sell ASUS RT-N56U

    added routers
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    Want to Sell AMD FX-8120 / Intel 2600k + P67 Board

    Added Intel CPU/board combo. Not really looking to sell them separately unless I can find buyers for both parts individually.
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    Want to Sell AMD FX-8120 / Intel 2600k + P67 Board

    Bump! Price drop on the CPU by $10 down to $120. Also, if you're willing to pick up both my CPU and Soullessone21's board, I'm willing to drop it down another $10 to just $110 shipped. Get both your Bulldozer CPU and motherboard for just $200 shipped. Not a bad deal. ;)
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    Want to Sell AMD FX-8120 / Intel 2600k + P67 Board

    Well the board is gone, sorry guys. :haha: Still got the CPU though!
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    Want to Sell AMD FX-8120 / Intel 2600k + P67 Board

    Prices do not include shipping unless specified. For payment, EMT is preferred. PM me with offers. I may be willing to negotiate. :thumb: AMD Bulldozer FX-8120 Processor (with box and heatsink) - $OLD AMD Product Page Intel Core i7 2600k + MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) (all accessories included) COMBO...
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    Directcanada sells used CPU?

    With regards to the video that the OP posted, those marks are perfectly normal. I've seen them on pretty much every single AMD CPU I've ever owned...and believe me there have been plenty. The markings are all around the sides of the IHS and not even the top so I'm not sure why it matters. Aside...
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    6+970 crazy temps

    I imagine he's using thermal pads for the VRAM and TIM for the GPU itself.
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    Want to Sell ASUS RT-N56U

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    Want to Sell ASUS RT-N56U

    new stuff, bumpity
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    GTX 480 EVGA 015-P3-1480-KR $244.99

    Do it. ;) Resistance is futile.
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    Mechanical Keyboards

    Blank keycaps ftw. :thumb:
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    Fanmade Left 4 Dead movie with a sad twist

    I c wut they did thar.
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    Want to Sell ASUS RT-N56U

    Bumpity. Added new stuff.
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    Pcblowout.ca auction

    Guess who owns the domain. Same guy who owns the NCIX.com domain. Conspiracy?
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    Want to Sell ASUS RT-N56U

    Well, it's a reference air cooler so I would imagine most reviews using the same cooler would provide the same result. :haha: Never really watched temps much, just kind of threw it in and played. I imagine it probably goes around 75C or so while gaming...maybe into the 80s on a hot day in my...
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    Want to Sell ASUS RT-N56U

    6950 posted :thumb: Might have another one in the near future to sell but we'll see.
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    power supply bottleneck

    Well, what needs to be said has already been said. Your power supply currently seems like some generic garbage unit that will probably die if put under any sort of load. The power requirements for your system aren't very high so you can easily get by on a lower power unit (maybe 500W) without...

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