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  1. Mulder

    Sudden flame and smoke on ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE setup that worked for 9 months. What could be the cause(s)? Photo included

    this is why i always run an APC , i had hard drives die on me like crazy in the country until i got one, i used to get micro brownouts.
  2. Mulder

    Want to Buy Nothing at the moment

    I am looking for a functioning x58 board i don't care who has one for sale or what's going on i just want the board as my board is becoming flaky.
  3. Mulder

    GTX 570 in 2021?

    i almost pooped myself, i just took like half a car load of 2000-2014 pc parts to a computer recycling place. sry for the necro
  4. Mulder

    Want to Buy Nothing at the moment

    hey i am looking for a cheap but functional x58 mobo , this sabretooth x58 is dyeing and I want to just keep this system going until the next intel tock. so if anyone has as an oldschool x58 board siting around let me know..
  5. Mulder

    Want to Buy triple channel ddr3 set 12gb +

    i live near ottawa
  6. Mulder

    Want to Buy triple channel ddr3 set 12gb +

    I guess maybe a mod should delete this as there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of people out there with triple channel kits. thanks
  7. Mulder

    Want to Buy triple channel ddr3 set 12gb +

    I am looking for a triple channel ddr3 set, i currently have a 6gb set on my board but require a few more gb, new or used as long as its not damaged..
  8. Mulder

    Nvidia Maxwell!

    I don't think you should. most people that purchase low end cards never purchase enthusiast cards for some reason.
  9. Mulder

    Game Development/Gaming Build

    I am not sure that - intel deal is open to everyone there are requirement people have to meet listed on that webpage .
  10. Mulder

    Marvell 9128 Trim

    Does the marvel 9128 support trim? I've been seeing a lot of different views on this and i want to use trim with my samsung 840 pros, I have a 256g and a 128gb drives and have been doing some reading and it seems some people say the marvel controller supports trim some say it does and some say...
  11. Mulder

    What to buy??

    for the person who has everything, this is $129.99 so you will be out shipping, it looks interesting.. Breo IPALM520 Hand Massager
  12. Mulder

    Nvidia Maxwell!

    I've been waiting for 880 to drop for months but i am not expecting much after seeing the leaked specs. it did look wild in the press coverage awhile back though
  13. Mulder

    8-10 channel 30-50watt rheobus or fan control

    is there any place currently selling decent fan controls in Canada ? I don't need to run a water pump or anything crazy off one of the channels on the controller, I am looking for a controller that has no touch screen or crazy disco lights I am just looking for something clean/minimalist...
  14. Mulder

    Who games with headphones?

    I used a pair of audio technica AD900x for gaming and some movies, but i do have klipsche promedia 4.1's and a psb stereo speakers for listening to music
  15. Mulder

    Want to Buy LGA1366 motherboard

    I purchased a motherboard from a member here, thank you to everyone who responded or pmed.
  16. Mulder

    Gigabyte x58a-UD7 Boot Loop

    I know, at least I tried everything i could, i liked this board, the only other board I've lost was a dual cpu p3 vp6.
  17. Mulder

    Gigabyte x58a-UD7 Boot Loop

    I pulled everything off the mainboard today, ra, cpu, everything except the psu and turned it on and it did the exact same thing. I've never tried to turn on a mobo without a cpu installed will it post normally like this?
  18. Mulder

    Want to Buy LGA1366 motherboard

    I am looking for a decent working LGA1366 motherboard to replace my dead gigabyte x58a-UD7, if anyone has one let e know
  19. Mulder

    Gigabyte x58a-UD7 Boot Loop

    I got desperate today and tried this method in thethread below which is bascly shoring the #5 &6 pins on the main bios in an attempt to get the second bios to takeover and it did nothing. I would have thought it would have done something but no nose or anything while doing it. So this is t the...

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