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    ASUS - Chassis Intruded FIXED!

    I figure this post might be helpful to someone somewhere. We just got a used Asus Maximus II Formula board cheap. I was testing something out, needed a jumper so I pulled a random one. Turned out to be the Chassis Intrusion Jumper, after it was pulled (even after being reseated) the board was...
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    Boxee Remote

    Anyone else using a Boxee Remote with XBMC? D-Link Boxee Remote for PC & Mac Needs a few changes to keyboard.xml to make it work properly due to the lack of an esc key. Other than that, this is possibly the best remote control for a HTPC available. Works out of the box with Windows 7 and...
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    Case / HD / SSD

    No idea what the used market is these days, around here everyone lowballs on everything so I have to post high or get $20 offers. Trying to figure out what some of this stuff is worth, might be time to part with it. Kingston 64GB SSDnow. Model: SNV425S264GB Seagate 500GB 2.5in 7200rpm...
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    Silverstone Crown CW03

    Our HTPC here is built using a Silverstone Crown with the built in 7inch touch LCD. Anyone else here use one of these? I'm wondering if anyone has been able to put the front screen to good use. I use XBMC as the main software, currently running in Windows 7 and I've used yatse2 with some...

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