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  1. DunF88

    Want to Sell 250GB Portable HardDrive

    Looking to sell;; Transcend 250GB 2.5" Portable Hard Drive - 40$ Located in Vancouver. Shipping anywhere; add 10$ & EMT. Thanks!
  2. DunF88

    Want to Sell SOLD

    All Sold!
  3. DunF88

    Want to Sell Razer Lycosa 40$ !!!!!!!

    Hey HWC ! Razer Lycosa Keyboard Been sitting around my apartment since I bought a new keyboard. Blue backlighting. In pretty decent condition. Only 40$ Locals only -I am living in South Vancouver. Cash or EMT
  4. DunF88

    Want to Sell Razer Soundcard 20$, Razer Lycosa 40$ ..Also WTB 6GB Corsair Dominator i7

    Also looking to buy a set of Dominators 6GB 1600MHz i7 kit to go with mine.. i need 12GB ram ! Razer Lycosa Keyboard. 2nd gen ( not the older one with problems) I removed every key and cleaned it all with cyber clean. So this thing looks pretty new. Some minor key ware but well...
  5. DunF88

    Want to Sell Razer Lachesis (Blue)

    Located in Bracebridge ON P1L1W8 EMT or PayPal Buyer Pays Shipping I Will ship within 24H Razer Lachesis $ 50 SHIPPED $: The feet are a little worn but still got lots of life and the cable likes to tangle up sometimes but other than that its a nice mouse. I went back to the...
  6. DunF88

    Want to Buy Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D DDR3-1600 CL 8-8-8-24

    Corsair XMS3 Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D 6GB DDR3 3X2GB DDR3-1600 CL 8-8-8-24 Core i7 Memory Kit I want another set to go with mine. Anyone selling them? gimme your price please @! Thank you !
  7. DunF88

    Want to Sell Razer Lachesis (Blue)

    Razer Lachesis Blue glow Feels new (comes with original box with everything!) the cable is kind of weird though ... ( it gets tangled up and twisted funny) Feet are also a lil worn. But Ill sell it for 40$ and I think thats a good deal. its in pristine condition. Reason for selling is that I...
  8. DunF88

    Project "Korrax"

    Hey guys.. I been without a desktop for a while now as I've sold off all the parts of my old rig which was composed of : C2D 1.86, 2GB 800Mhz, GeForce 9600GT. So I have been using HP mini 110 which i picked up for college just for bringing around and taking notes and stuff for class... Anyhoot...
  9. DunF88

    Help think of a name for new build

    Hey guys just trying to think of a name for my new build coming in this week.. maybe you guys can help me brainstorm a cool name for the project ? I like to name my projects after some of the components i guess cause that just makes.. my last build was with an NZXT Apollo case and 680i...
  10. DunF88

    Want to Buy Looking For Buy Core i7 920 ASAP.

    Core i7 Buying.. Anyone got one .. how much ?
  11. DunF88

    Help With Possibly Jumping Onto i7

    Ok guys I move out in a week to College and i currently have a netbook with no desktop :(.. Im on a budget kinda but i don't care anymore. Ive picked these parts out and could order them tonight possibly Motherboard: EVGA X58 LE Ram: Corsair XMS3 Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D 6GB 3x2GB 8-8-8-24...
  12. DunF88

    Want to Sell Rogers Razr2 V9 Mobile Phone 3G

    hey guys i don't even know how to sell a phone but this is my old phone it took 3 months to repair so i bought a new phone in that time... it had water damage but they replaced internals and theres just a few light scratches it reads as unregistered sim in menu and this is a rogers phone. heres...
  13. DunF88

    Want to Sell Help get rid of Dunf88's left over parts

    Both Sold To BT! Thanks :thumb:
  14. DunF88

    What to do ??

    hey guys im in a pickle here... Im going to College in like 20 days and sold off parts from my old 775 system to a friend who was using a Pentium 4 with 512 ram.. Now i am on a HP Mini 110 30CA Netbook that i picked up for college to bring around to classes for quick notes and research and...
  15. DunF88

    Want to Sell LG Flatron Wide 19" LCD

    Hey Im new round here, seems like a nice place :) I just got a new monitor and up for grabs is a VERY good condition LG 19" widescreen LCD. DVI + power cable included :) 100$ Shipped Location - Ontario (North of Toronto) Model Number is L194WTX-BF

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