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    Case Pics

    Nice setups!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Finally 3.6Ghz on air

    BECAUSE air conditioners are for Americans!! We're Canadian and Canadians are..... well Canadian!! Myabe I will build an igloo around my PC.:ph34r:
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    my kingston ssd had arrived :)))))

    its an 80gb M. (intel x-25m) 3 year warranty so thats why I got it over intel + kingston support rocks. ill upload a pic in a bit.... 439 dollars for 2.5" of speedy goodness :biggrin:
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    HW 620

    if amd can pull out some tripple channel goodness and maybe have about 12mb cache on there cpus i would have gone amd in a heart beet
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    Finally 3.6Ghz on air

    for 60 panaflows its about about 60x25 so 1500 bucks worth of fans :)
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    Tri Sli 280's / OC'd I7 n Corsair HX 1kW

    if u like the sound of a small tornado coming out of psu.... have fun...:shok:
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    Finally 3.6Ghz on air

    i might make a case side mode when I mount about 30 panaflows all oveer the side panel. mmmmm airflow/drool
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    Tri Sli 280's / OC'd I7 n Corsair HX 1kW

    NO ONE and I mean NO ONE needs that. That psu could power a turbine...
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    z5500 satellites, broken! what should i do?

    well if you broke it you could make a little wood stand for it, if it was defective call logitech and they will send you a new one :)
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    Tri Sli 280's / OC'd I7 n Corsair HX 1kW

    I did not say get a replacement. I was just saying other good psus for your application both of those are very good psus the corsair is also a very good one.
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    Thunderbird in Windows7 & importing mail

    well ITS A BETA OPERATING SYSTEM. nuff said.
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    Chosing between

    go modular. Ive had both and sheer annoyance of hiding millions of cables is worth the less wattage.
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    Tri Sli 280's / OC'd I7 n Corsair HX 1kW

    yup the hx1000w is more like a 1200w and has every connector in the book for any setup you can dream up. good psu is good! ;) other good well priced psus for your application include: coolermaster ultimate 1100w enermax revolutions 1050w
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    Project: PrometheusCU - Update #1 - Dec 3rd 08

    this is definetly over 9000. Goodjob:thumb:
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    freezone elite question

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    freezone elite question

    im taling about the black faceplate thing that hides the tubes with the light is there on on there
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    freezone elite question

    anyone who has this, is there a plastic protective sheet over the freezone elite faceplate that you peel off. thanks
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    How much would you pay for this system?

    no im not swell9.

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