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  1. djbrad

    First upgrade since 2012

    Same comment as Sagat, why the 5600g instead of the 5700g? As you will run vms, 8 cores was a no brainer. Saving some $ with a B550 motherboard and then going 5700g would have been a good plan. The ram should be at least ddr4-3200, but 3600 can be had for almost the same price. Changed my...
  2. djbrad

    anyone with Fido getting disconnect / no service warnings from their phone?

    JD is right, I fixed one iphone at my job for a similar problem. Clean the sim card with 90% iso or that good old pink eraser.
  3. djbrad

    how much of an improvement going from 4690k-i7 7700k?

    As it does not support Windows 11, unless you got a killer used part deal, I would suggest as a minimum a 6 core cpu. You still have to buy mobo / ram, so choose wisely. You may find something in your budget with ryzen 2000+ or intel 8000/9000+ series. EDIT : There is a good deal on a 10600k...
  4. djbrad

    Rants etc.....

    You may need to disable the laptop screen to get dvi + hdmi out (it may not support 3 screens or 1x4k + 1x1080p, etc)
  5. djbrad

    AMD CPU issue *Update*

    I must admit, I had the same doubt with my 5700g recently : had to look a video to double check the right way to install it. In my memories, I had no such hesitation with intel 775 and 1151.
  6. djbrad

    AMD CPU issue *Update*

    Hummm unless you tried to insert it without putting the yellow arrow at the good place, pins could have been bent already. I don't see any other reason. Somebody will surely give you a good advice for the next steps, as I never got this situation.
  7. djbrad

    W10 installs locks on initial boot

    If you unplug everything and only use the keyboard, same results? Could be something overheating (cpu / gpu), are the fans running well? Did you try to remove the gpu and install windows with the igpu ?
  8. djbrad

    (Games are lagging with new setup) EDIT: the issue is the DPC Latency, does anybody have any solution for this?

    At 720p resolution, it's often cpu limited. At least use 1080p and see the results (1920x1080p) at low / medium / high. The system is new, but very low end. Are you running the latest bios available?
  9. djbrad

    RTX 3090 Super rumored...

    4 slot card? You need 4 hands to install it, or 2 hands and a jack to not break the pcie slot.
  10. djbrad

    Server randomly shutting down

    If it's not power related, it could be overheating. A fan or two could have died and heat is rising slowly (but normally, a warning should be displayed at boot).
  11. djbrad

    Server randomly shutting down

    If the ups died, it could send a false shutdown alert. Unplug the usb cable or disable / uninstall the network ups software. If already done, maybe there's instability in the power and something in the server does not like it. Is there another power outlet you can use? Can you bypass or...
  12. djbrad

    Server randomly shutting down

    Is there any ups used on that server ? If so, check the logs there also.
  13. djbrad

    Microsoft adds some clarification to Windows 11 hardware requirements

    I will probably sell the old ones, buy some used ryzen 2+ cpu / parts in the next 4 years. At least, I can upgrade my 2400g to the 5000 series later. I don't care much about Windows 11, it's about the planned obsolescence that Microsoft do like apple.
  14. djbrad

    Microsoft adds some clarification to Windows 11 hardware requirements

    Well, so much 7th intel cpus added :( All my systems are out, even my 3 years old 2400g htpc.
  15. djbrad

    HAHAHA!!! Google still knows how to be funny sometimes!!!

    Aluminium is fine in french. I work in an aluminum smelter, so I am biased. What a great trailer for the hole we all like.
  16. djbrad

    what do you do to relax muscle knots and spasms?

    Did not know such a thing existed. Very interesting! Do you still use it everyday?
  17. djbrad

    Any value in a Lenovo ThinkCenter M73?

    Yes, 150$ would be a good price to sell, as you have wifi + vesa bracket included. Most of them on ebay are not including those.
  18. djbrad

    this is a small uSFF!

    It does h265 8bit and 10bit, so yes. https://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/igpu-amd_radeon_vega_6_graphics-16 https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/ryzen_5/4500u It should be a good emulation station too.
  19. djbrad

    is 3dfx about to rise from the ashes?

    Yep, 3dfx. Had an all in wonder rage pro 128 32mb (opengl) + vodoo 2 12mb (glide). Great time indeed.
  20. djbrad

    Sudden Non Bootable AMD Rig

    I would test with another gpu and one ram stick as suggested by crazyea. I hope you will fix it quickly

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