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  1. djbrad

    The 2400G HTPC, 2018

    The time when you finally replace the good 9 years old (already) Atom 330 htpc. The old one was getting slow, even with and ssd, win7 32 bits and 4gb ram. This new one contains : CPU : AMD - Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Heatsink : Noctua - NH-L9a-AM4 33.8 CFM CPU Cooler...
  2. djbrad

    The 2018 HTPC, goodbye Atom 330.

    Hi everyone, this year, I would like to retire my main HTPC, born around 2009 : APEX MI-008 case with the original 250w psu Zotac IONITX-D-E (Atom 330) Windows 7 x86 4GB Ram Corsair F120 128GB SSD (os) Western Digital 6TB green (multimedia data) It served well, and still do, but time to...

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