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    HWC Toque spread joys in Montreal..

    Hi, received my Toque about 3 weeks ago. Starting to wear it, people in the bus sometime smile when they see the logo :) Just a tought ;)
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    3D marks 2011 delayed

    I preordered 3D Marks 2011 (yeah yeah.. i love DEMO, old AMIGA 500/1200 user here). Just got an email with a free code to Shattered Horizon for Free on Steam because they are sorry to postpone it. ANyway not bad from them
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    SSD's and network drives

    Hi there, i have a couple of SSD with WIndows 7 on it. The problem is that it's booting up so fast that the DHCP don't even have time to acquire, so each time i have a Popup saying that the Network drive is not connected, but it do like 4 sec after. Is there a way to boost the connection...
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    General use, desktop computer, built

    Hi there, i currently have a laptop as a second computer and it's a POS LOL! I'am not going laptop again since i don't care about portability. My main need are : Internet Browsing, Office works (Word, Excel), 1080p video decoding (h264 either from Youtube or from my HD camera), NO GAMING AT...
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    Want to Sell ATI Powercolor PCS+ 5850 725/1050 **SOLD**

    Got an ATI Powercolor PCS+ for sale. Price include shipping in Canada. Take paypal as payment. Been used 4 month, no overclocking has been done to it. Come as is with original shipping box and Dirt2 Voucher. Price : 240$
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    Want to Sell Gigabyte P55M-UD4 S1166

    Gigabyte P55M-UD4 S1156 Hi, i'am selling my 1 month old P55M-UD4 board. Reason for selling is that i got 2x5850 and the cards are wayyyy to close (about 1mm) so the first overheat. Great for anything or Crossfire WaterCooled video cards (or single slot video cards). This board is a great...
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    Complete Noob need advise

    Hi there, i'am interested to go to Water Cooling with my Rig. I want WC for my I5 750 CPU and both my 5850 (PCS+ Powercolor).. The thing is i don't know where too start 1xCPU Block, 2xGPU BLock, Pump, Reservoir and Tubing suggestion would be greatly appreciated
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    Woot, got my SSD!

    Bought a Retail 80g SSD from Intel (X-25M G2). Installed windows on it, checked the FW, was 02HA, installed 02HD and did a test vs my WD 1TB (green HDD), just wanted to express my joy, somewhere ;)
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    Tax Return : Second 5850 or SSD?

    I'am debating what to get a second 5850 or a SSD. This is extra money so i can do whatever i'am please with, about 350$..
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    My little OC game with Dirt2 and a 5850

    Okay, my goal is to acheive 60fps AVG with 1920x1080, Ultra Setting (DX11), 8xMSAA and 16xaf. I started at 46FPS and i'am at 59.8FPS right now LOL! I have : I5 750 OC at 3.2 (for the moment, stock cooler, waiting for my MUX-120 to come trought mail). Powercolor AX5850 PCS+ (stock 760/1050) OC...
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    Ati Driver 10.3 Preview

    I'am not sure if i can post a link from another site, anyway it's rage3D. there's a link to download the 10.3 Preview drivers (the beta) I tested DIRT2 Got from 46FPS (OC 875/1150) to 56fps (1920x1080, 8xMSAA, 16xAF) on a 5850 OCS
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    Starting to receive parts for my new built

    dedicated gaming machine. I've received the motherboard and ram, already have the Case. The PSU, DVDROM, extra FANS and HDD are in route from NCIX and soon i'll be ordering my 5850 and I7... This is my first PC gaming machine since 2000, when i got into console and now i'am back in PC gaming...
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    My Build has started...

    Since i don't have the money to buy it completly in one shot here's what i ordered MB : Gigabyte P55m-UD4 (for a NZTX Rogue case) RAM : HyperX DDR3 1800 Kingston 2x2GB HDD : 1TB WD Green DVDROM : Generic LG DVD ROM PSU : Antec TruePower Modular 750W FAN : 2 extra Tricool Antec fan In Feb it...
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    Cooler for Socket 1156 I5...

    I'am searching for a cooler for the Socket 1156 (I5, I7). I saw that Thermalright have the Mux-120 but it seem MIA on every single store site. Any other suggestion? It's not for hardcore overclocking but for HTPC in a NZXT Rogue Case... (witch is plenty high enougt)
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    Ryoohki's Build

    Yep another thread ;) Spec Planned CPU : Amd Phenom II X4 955 Mobo : Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT UD2H Ram : 4gb GKill DDR3-1600 HDD : Either 640gb or 1tb WD Green Video : Waiting for new Ati Gen, in case of Fail, XFX 4890 1GB PSU : Corsair HX850W Modular PSU Misc : 2 extra 120mm case fan Case ...
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    Gaming Machine trought a Projector...

    Hi there, long time lurker now in process on selecting parts for a new gaming machine. The machine will be connected to a Denon 3808CI HDMI receiver witch is connected to a AE3000 1080p Projector so i will native 1920x1080p I selected Intel as my CPU and ATI as my GPU. Here's what i got...

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