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    Testing NVidia Physics

    Well I seem to have lost some or all of the physics settings in my GTX285. Last week I was playing MW2 and was very impressed by the physics I was seeing. Leaves blowing around, and environment enhancements that I do not see while playing the same game on xbox. I had just replaced my 8800 GTS...
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    :biggrin::biggrin::thumb: A huge thank you and props for BFG Customer support... My BFG GTX 285 recently fried, possibly the driver update that shut down my fan. I was stupid, and failed to register my BFG card when I purchased it almost a year ago. After it fried I called BFG who were...
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    Boot Up problem... Again!!

    Well seems I am plagued lately with problems. Must be the retirement from the CF and not yet havng a new jod to go into. Grrrr.... In amny cast I have a new problem with Rig #1. When I turn on the PC it gives me the normal startup screen and then once it gets to the boot device it does...
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    Bootup Issues?!?!? HELP!!!

    The last couple few days have been very frustrating. When I wake up in the morning I find my system (Rig 1) has crashed. No blue screen. When I try to restart I get a flicker of the startup screen then blackness. I did have a few video driver reports last week so I updated with the most...
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    Mixed GPU Folding

    Ok so I have seen a number of posts with members having difficulty folding with multiple mixed GPUs. Have there been any success stories? If so how did you do it? For example I am wanting to fold with a GTX285 and an 8800GTS 512 on my X38-DQ6. Rig 2 has an 8800gts in it but only has a single...
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    Calling all Home Brewers

    Just wondering if there are an other home brewers out there. I am an avid brewer, dabbling in wine and beer. I pretty much always have a batch or three on the go. For example I just filtered off a South African Cabernet Sauvignon and a New Zealand Merlot. I have a batch of Red Ale in my...
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    Baby has some new Diggs!!! HAF-932

    Well I had 3x8800GTS 512 deals fall through on my in the last 2 weeks. Been aching to increase production folding and was going to add a couple GPUs. Well since I missed out on all the deals... and I hit my 20yr mark in the military today, which makes me pensionable... I just happened to...
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    1680 WUs ?

    I am experiencing something odd with my stats today. Every update has me completing 1 WU with a value of 1600pts. Anyone else getting this?:blarg:
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    March 7th Folding stats???

    WOW, We really took a hit in the last 2 updates for F@H. Looking at Kakao stats we took a hit with the 2200 updates with a whopping 0ppd, I assumed that they were doing an update and it would double up on the 0100 update, but when things were back we were left with a mere 5448ppd. Sure hope...
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    Wanted - Folding Farm Motherboard

    So I am considering putting together a dedicated folding farm. To do that I would like a motherboard that offeres 3-4 PCI-e slots that can house multiple GPUs, Lets say 8800 GTS 512 (3-4 of them). Now the system will be primarily for folding and maybe web access. In any case what mother...
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    Help setting up wireless network

    Hi there, me again I currently have Vista 64 Ultimate on Rig #1 and XP Home 32bit on Rig #2. Rig one is wired to the my wireless rotor and Rig 2 is wireless. I would like to set up a network linking the 2. Primarily to share the printer and also so I can see Rig #2 folding stats on FAHMON on...
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    EVGA Geforce GTX285 Hydro Copper

    EVGA GTX 285 - Now Cooler Than Ever! EVGA is proud to announce the availability of the EVGA Hydro Copper Waterblock for the GTX 285 graphics card. With this product, EVGA continues to innovate and prove that they are the undisputed leader for water cooling...
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    HDTV Media Player - $149.99

    Not quite sure where to post this one but I can definately see it being one of my next purchases. Tired of watching your downloaded media and movies on the computer. Tired of burning DVDs and converting the files to be recognised on your Home theater DVD player... Enter NCIX.com - Buy...
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    PSU to run a GTX285 and 9800 GX2??

    I am currently running with an OCZ 850W Gamer extream. Just wonder if that woulg be sufficient if I slapped a 9800 GX2 in Rig 1 to complement my folding?
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    Folding with SMP Client - Nodda Happening

    Hi All, I recently DL'd the SMP (Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 SMP client console version 6.23 beta for MPICH (32-bit or 64-bit)) I installed it and it appears to have started up but all I get is 3:43:21] Folding@Home Gromacs Core [23:43:21] Version 1.90 (March 8, 2006) [23:43:21] [23:43:21]...
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    My new GTX285 OC

    Just picked up my brand spankin new BFG GTX285 OC for $450.00+tx locally. I am still at work and just itching to get home and install it. Giggidy Giggidy. How sweet it will be.... Question... Should I leave my 8800 gts OC in my main rig along with the 850 or move it to my secondary rig...
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    My 1st GPU cooling Mod, any advise?

    Just picked up a Duorb from Thermaltake for my 8800GTS 512. I have never tried a GPU cooling mod before and I am wondering if there are any tips before I get started. Any advise would be welcome.
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    Best All Purpose Sound Card ??

    Well I managed to snag a set of Z-5500 speakers. I must say I am impressed. Now, I am currently using my x38-DQ6 on board sound and after doing a lot of reading realize I am cheating myself and could have much better sound performance with a stand alone card. So I am now looking to purchase...
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    Google Warnings- "This Site may harm your computer"

    Every time I am doing a search in google today and try to go to a search result I am getting " Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! Suggestions: Return to the previous page and pick another result. Try another search to find what you're looking for. Or you can continue...
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    Absolute best Folding GPU for Folding

    I have been looking around trying to find what is the best folding GPU. So far it appears to be the 9800GX2. Is this stilll the case? Has the 295 GTX taken this crown away? What would be a good price to pay for a 9800GX2 if one was able to find for sale (used)?

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